Lindsay Lohan’s Slutty Photos: The Movie

December 9th, 2009 // 155 Comments

Apparently this is the photo shoot that keeps on giving because now there’s a video to accompany Lindsay Lohan’s “artistic rendition” of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp’s romance in Muse magazine. Unfortunately this thing would’ve been more erotic if you couldn’t smell the ashtray and skeez between glimpses of Lindsay’s liver spots. Only 23 but with the hands of an 80-year-old gin fiend. I’m tantalized.


Video: Muse

  1. Will


  2. Jamal winfrey

    in b4 a million jealous ugly girls call her ugly/gross/slut/etc

  3. havoc



  4. Eric

    Lindsay and Dina can be cougars together now.

  5. B

    I see no nipple, only gay guy fingernail.

  6. cmurda

    WHat the fuck?

  7. Evil

    Just make full porn already, I’m beginning to lose interest and these dirty baby steps are degrading the novelty factor.

  8. Is it Halloween again so soon?

    I’m disturbed from that. At first I thought it was gonna be just your regular bad art film, but then it just ended up making me feel bad.

    Definitely disturbed.

  9. mel gibson

    nice star in pic #1 what the fuck fish?? why are f—– fingers nsfw

  10. Eric

    I thought cigarette commercials were banned.

  11. bluemanda

    Dear Superficial Writer:

    I am a daily reader, but if you continue to show eye damaging photos/videos of HoHan sandwiched with the latest Tiger “update” I am going to check the F out!
    Thanks a million.

  12. A) boring
    B) boring music
    C) smoking a cigarette does not make it ‘edgy’

    grade: F

  13. You’ve got a point, Evil, but I’ve already lost interest. Girl ain’t got no alibi, that’s for sure.

    If there’s any novelty left to lose, I can’t find it.

  14. Donnie Brassballs

    When is the sextape with Tiger Woods and LiLo coming out?

  15. Danklin24

    Yup, here comes the vomit. Ugh gin tastes bad coming back up. Thanks Hohan.

  16. donnie douche

    i’d still fuck.

  17. Eric

    Lindsay first tentative steps into the world of porn

  18. Taz

    how is this good for her.

  19. Karl

    I bet her pussy even tastes like smoke. Yuck. That is the opposite of erotic.

  20. Gia

    You know how i know this isnt an actual Lindsay Lohan party? The abscense of heroin needles and mirrors and razor blades and those all important rolled up 100 dollar bills.

  21. Eric

    Lindsay first tentative steps into the world of porn

  22. MMmMmMmm yummmmyy im wearing a diaper

  23. N

    she looks like Brigitte Nielsen in her current state.

  24. Papahotnuts

    Now my computer smells like second-hand smoke.

    And has crabs.

  25. Eric

    When Lindsay finally turns to porn, should she keep her name or change it to something more porn-like?

  26. ss

    God, she looks old to be 23. Very very very sad. And I hope there are no little girls out there thinking this is in ANY WAY hot……whatever you do……DON”T take that road.!! Ridden hard, put up wet.

  27. ss

    Oh and I’m cracking up about Karl’s comment about her pussy smelling like smoke…..because I’m sure it does…lol.

  28. dude

    I wonder how long before Michael Lohan is on here complaining he can only see red stars.

  29. what

    since when is smoking a cigarette edgy and toeing the line?

  30. Veenus Envy

    Was this a cigarette commercial?

  31. sunshine

    Somewhere, a VW Bug is turning to rust from crying his little headlights out.

  32. Jimmy

    I never thought that a skanky tramp like this could make Britney Spears seem angelic by comparison.

  33. GladtoSay

    I felt as if they were waiting on a pregnancy test for half the film and the other parts were the them fucking around part before they were figured she was late.

  34. frank rizzo

    Watching the video is like finding out the hot girl from high school is now a strung out street walker. 5 years ago I would have chopped off my balls to see her naked, writhing around with several other people. Now I feel like I might get VD from just looking at her.
    Also, what I got from that movie is that LiLo’s “Private Parties” involve chain-smoking, laying about lethargically, and joyless and boring group sex. I’m gonna RSVP maybe…

  35. chris

    so this is life of a famous child star. I wonder what the %’s are of child stars burn outs vs ones who have normal life?

  36. Natalie

    Stop posting this shit. No one cares.

  37. i think he’s listening for a heartbeat. must have taken a lot of coke.

  38. Solaera

    Ugh. Strung out, dirty people are not sexy.

  39. Michael Lohan




  40. abel

    What the hell is this? Seriously, how broke is she?

  41. L

    I really didn’t think Lindsay could look any more strung out than she already does…and then I see this video.

  42. Y would I NOT be surprised if Tiger has slept with her too..

  43. Anonymous

    Jesus…….one haggard skank. This is what hard drugs does to you, kiddies. Take note.

  44. Matrim

    Trashy-hot…I actually like the video.

  45. dude

    They should show this in high schools to promote abstinence. It would be extremely effective.

  46. kingofbeer

    worst smoking add of all time….oh and the gay dude isn’t fooling anyone….

  47. oneill

    it’s like a really really bad version of “Justify My Love”

  48. Lance

    Lilo is still fine as hell… bunch of haters.

  49. gil

    I like the new lindsay.

    More T&A is ok by me.

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