Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer thinks she’s going to jail

May 18th, 2010 // 47 Comments

The judge in Lindsay Lohan’s probation case has finally had enough and ordered Lindsay to personally appear on court in Thursday, the deadline for completing her alcohol education classes. Except Lindsay took off for Cannes over the weekend and now even her own lawyer thinks she’s going to jail, according to TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley is in chambers with the judge in Lindsay Lohan’s DUI probation case … and on her way in Holley clearly telegraphed that Lindsay needs a little mercy if she’s going to avoid jail.
Holley said it’s up to the judge to decide if Lohan will go to jail. It’s the best Holley — a highly-accomplished lawyer — can really say, since Lindsay has not completed the required number of alcohol ed classes.

I wonder what could of pissed the judge off. It’s not like there’s some sort of global information network solely used to deliver images of drunken celebrities flashing their private parts that she could’ve looked at. Or did I just describe the telegraph again? Which one uses a pony?

Photos: Fame, WENN

  1. Captain_Insano

    What a useless cunt.

  2. KumaTenshi

    Toss her stupid ass in already!!! PLEASE!!!

  3. rob frost

    “I wonder what could *HAVE* pissed the judge off.” Grammar Fish, grammar.

  4. misterfister

    I hope she goes to jail and someone rapes her with a dirty spoon

  5. Jen

    she is a pretty girl and has so much potential. too bad she’s such a skeez. look at the cuts and bruises on her legs. take care of yourself, you fucking retard!

  6. OJ's Mom

    Her Herp has gotten so bad it actually ate the hem off of that dress. Poor dress, I can only imagine the stench lofting off of that unwashed, untrimmed, bacteria-ridden mound.


  7. Deacon Jones

    Yeah yeah
    Rat-tailed Jimmy is a second hand hood
    Deals out in Hollywood
    Got a ’65 Chevy, primered flames
    Traded for some powdered goods
    Jigsaw Jimmy he’s the one in the game
    But I hear he’s doin’ o.k.
    Got a cozy little job selling the Mexican mob
    Packages the candycaine

    He’s the one they call Dr. Feel good
    He’s the one that makes ya feel all right
    He’s the one they call Dr. Feel good

  8. Eric

    Actually she looks pretty good for a 45 year old woman.

  9. Bye Bye, BLOWhan

    Say Bye Bye to BLOWhan. I actually feel sorry for her attorney. Yes, she’s an attorney (boo hiss) and is being paid for this, but no one wants to run around cleaning up other people’s messes. And that’s about all BLOWhan is capable of right now; creating messes. I put the odds that BLOWhan shows up for the court appearance at 20-1…

  10. jumpin_j

    Favorite line: “Lindsay needs a little mercy if she’s going to avoid jail.”

  11. ROUGH never sleeps

    If Lilo had the body of work comparable to a young meryl streep, I would’ve suggest she bow out early. I mean look at James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and such, they are perpetually beautiful and young in our memories. Hopefully, I will not have start this ugly campaign, pull it together…

  12. ulgy thing

    Linds is part of the “Glorious Industry” and should be heralded as chosen herself. Certain types of people are apparantly above the law. The laws are there to protect the better people (rich) from the worse (average scumbag).
    Go Linds!

  13. Snip Snip

    Is it just me, or did she cut her own dress shorter? I guess now she can claim she designed the dress and didn’t actually steal it.

  14. SO RIGHT

    I think Lindsay is so afraid of becoming irrelevant, she feels the need to be at all bars, all fashion shows, and all events, regardless of how it messes up her life. Her issue in a nutshell is her total desperation to remain relevant, and everyone sees it but her. Again, Lindsay needs to stay home, stay out of the spotlight and re-evaluate her life. There are a million other satisfying careers out there other than Hollywood stardom.

  15. RoboZombie

    Maybe she can just make on of those “Womens Prison” movies…you know….just sayin’

  16. Neorules2112

    @ #4 LOL … I was thinking the same thing , but hopefully with a dirty infested Shank in her taint …

  17. Lindsey Lohan deserves to spend some time in jail and maybe she can room with Alexis Neiers.

    Now that would be a good show – hidden cameras in a jail cell shared by the burglar and the one she stole from. Add in some desperate lesbianism, a bit of potent Pruno and torn clothes from the fights and you’ve got TV gold.

    E! – you can reach me at my blog for more details. I am so good.



  18. Taz

    I love hot chicks with big tits

  19. big fat bob

    she needs to release a porno … this would definately help her image.

  20. HUH?

    Did you even write this? What’s with all the spelling and grammar mistakes?

  21. a gentleman's fancy

    @4 and @16. sirs, how i think we all would eat our suppers with that spoon and shank, and gently wipe our sated mouths with her moistened panties of yesterday’s post!! oh, the pungent musk of her feted loins!! here, here!!

  22. tromba

    Why should she care? She’ll spend a few hours in a local jail and then go on about her way. I wouldn’t give a shit either.

  23. VD

    Look at the ragged hem on that dress!!

  24. Lonh

    I’d still do her.

  25. C

    If I had a million dollars I would buy her. She’s fucking super hot.

  26. Tek

    Who are we kidding? She’ll be out in less than 24 hours, and that’s IF she goes to jail.

  27. A bruised knee… big surprise there.

  28. FrankNEarnest

    She could stand to lose a few pounds in jail.

  29. Lenny

    I would love to see her red pussy.

  30. Badger Bob

    Please god let the jail sentence be such that she gets booted from that Linda Lovelace movie.

  31. I wouldn’t give a shit either.

  32. Court case probation Lindsay Lohan has finally had enough and says Lindsay personally in court on Thursday, the deadline for completing its alcohol education classes.

  33. Court case probation Lindsay Lohan has finally had enough and says Lindsay personally in court on Thursday, the deadline for completing its alcohol education classes.

  34. Wow, I think she needs to go to jail to get off drugs and have time to rethink her life before she ends up dead.

  35. kelsey

    I’m so tired of this nutjob. Can’t they just save California the tax dollars and take her out back and stone her?

  36. the pungent musk of her feted loins!

  37. What has she done that will land her up in jail?

  38. bmose

    She’s NOT going to jail. Hollywood judges

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  40. Paula Suasa

    Going to Jail????/ I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  43. Amber tims
    Commented on this photo:

    Your sooo freaken pretty………… I hope you don’t go to jail!!!! I’m such a big fan!!!! Take care

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