Lindsay Lohan’s new boyfriend is Prince Charming


Lindsay Lohan’s new boyfriend snowboarder Riley Giles was apparently engaged when he started dating Lindsay. So how did Riley break things off with his fiancee? Simple, he didn’t. Nice, I love that approach. Keeps things mysterious. For her anyway, while you do other chicks. Of course it helps to pick one that’s not, I dunno, constantly photographed by the paparazzi. NY Daily News reports:

And poor Bree Tierney of Murray, Utah, found out he’d moved on from the tabloids.

“Riley just stopped calling Bree and never told her about Lindsay,” her mom, Tess, told Us Weekly. “She found out by seeing photos. It destroyed her.”

But, besides lacking a pair of balls, Riley is respectful towards Lindsay’s alcoholism:

“They did meet once and had sodas at a hotel bar, but they quickly realized it was not the right place to be,” a friend tells us. “Lindsay is sticking to the program.”

I see nothing out of the ordinary here. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl gets engaged. Boy meets another girl with large breasts, drug and alcohol problems and Daddy issues. Boy realizes he can do lots of naked stuff with new girl. Boy abandons fiancee by never calling her again. Boy and new girl get photographed 24/7. Same old tune, just different characters. It’s about as American as apple pie.

Photos: Splash News