Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot

July 24th, 2007 // 205 Comments

The L.A. County Sheriffs Department just released Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot taken after her arrest this morning. I don’t know about you, but that’s the face of an innocent woman. There’s no way such a dignified looking person would ever touch drugs or alcohol. She looks like a princess.


  1. naomi

    oh dear

  2. YoDog


  3. wedgeone


    I just hurled.

  4. shani

    HAHA SHE LOOKS LIKE CRAP. is she in the middle of talking?!

  5. Kelly


  6. Anthony

    High as a kite….she stays high ALL the time. Geez!!!

  7. Sheva

    She’s the best Lowhore in the whole world. We love you Lindzer. You never let down the waste products on Long Island.

  8. Woodie

    So is she going to get some jail time or what…. Paris got of easy, but Coke in the pocket should get her some time.

  9. Elizabeth

    She looks just like her mom in this pic. Guess your a product of your enviroment. Rock on.

  10. Cynthia

    To all you “Linsday is a changed woman, she’s totally clean and sober” people, and you know who you are….

    EAT IT!!!

  11. Are you sure that’s not her mom standing in for her?
    I mean her mom does everything else for her, I’m sure
    she would be happy to do Lilo’s jail time so her partying
    wont be interupted! What a good mom!

  12. eagle

    Damn—I didn’t get “first”, I was asleep at the wheel! She looks like I looked after I was done with Fish (that’s right–our tryst was the real reason the site was ready).

  13. Paul

    Fuckin lesbian junkie slut, hope she rots in prison.

  14. Kristi

    Nice coke nose!

    Dina must be proud.

  15. deaconjones

    God, I would so love to face fuck her.
    Shes going for the Austin Powers / 60s nightclub look, classy!

  16. corey

    She looks beautiful! So beautiful, i just cant get my eyes around it this is the most sophisticated gorgeous women ive ever seen in my life. Im going to print out this picture and show all the super models that this is what beautiful is bitches.

  17. Jimbo

    I’d so hit it… and the bust on Veggi’s stomach.

  18. BITCH IS GOING TO JAIL!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe that way she’ll come clean…. or can you get cocaine in jail?

  19. Max

    Wipe out a bible, fake claustrofobia or a depression and booze on at home doing time under house arrest!

  20. Dizzybenny

    i rate this pic high with the ones from Nick Nolte mug shots!!
    at least Mel Gibson fixed his hair before the pic was taken.
    like Buggs Bunny would say “what a maroon”!

  21. her eyez R fallin outta her fuckin head
    we all knew that it would only be
    a couple dayz B 4 thiz fuckup fucked up
    alcohol..coke…oxi=z..great combo
    for fucking up…what next…she’ll OD or
    kill herzelf ?

  22. Shocking!!! Surprising!!!! who woulda thought???

  23. Robin

    This just made my day!

  24. Mearl

    she’ll be getting her jail on. tee hee. dumb cunt.

  25. Muffin is a coke whore

    Elizabeth – that was the first thing I thought when I saw the pic. She looks JUST like her trashy mother .

  26. lulu


  27. #1hater

    there’s always work at the post office………..or porn……whichever

  28. Mr. Black

    I love white women. I can’t wait til she kicks the coke and her ass blows up like that persian bitch.

  29. treeka

    Lindsay looks a lot like her mom in this pic.
    She’s only 21 and already looking pretty weathered.

    She’s gonna have a super hard time getting a job after all this,
    …but she WOULD be perfect for the Surreal Life.

  30. Where the fuck waz her fuckin parentz at?
    Yea, her dad iz really helping people
    He can’t even help hiz own daughter…
    Everyone knowz that when zomeone like
    her hooked on every fuckin thing getz outta
    rehab…zomeone zhould be watchin her
    like a hawk..zhe haz the worzt family in the
    world..they were probably at home drinking
    while zhe’z out there trying to kill zomeone
    on the road…ztupid fuckz…if zhe doezn’t go to
    jail for thiz one..the law iz fucked up..royal?

  31. my comment

    Today is the greatest day, ever!

    Who knew it would come so soon?

    Those film producers were right to cancel that movie.


  32. havoc

    I don’t know…..

    I kinda find the whole dilated eyes, mouth breather, tweaked expression a little sexy.

    No wait, I don’t. Nevermind.


  33. I’m shocked, shocked! Who would have thought this would happen…

  34. elizabitch

    her pupils say it all.

  35. Jess

    She looks like she’s been doin some cryin. Her spin control almost had me fooled yesterday with her bein a changed women. But not anymore. This couldn’t have come at a better time. These girls have no remorse.

  36. christinamigs

    Seriously now, with all the money this bitch has, why doesnt she get a driver to drive her ass around!!!!!!!!

  37. LayDeeBug

    She’s probably mouthing off to the police photographer like the Long Island trash that she is. Anyone from Queens will agree with me.

    Show of hands????

    (looks around the room….)

  38. no1justminda

    She looks like she’s been crying…what, like she was surprised? Stupid girl.

  39. K

    How sad. This girl has a serious problem that she has been able to ignore because she has enough money and status to buy her freedom. No judge wants to be the one to put her away and she will be given preferrential treatment no matter what rehab facility she goes to. I hope she gets some real help before we see her obituary posted up here.

  40. Anon

    “Crack cocaine is the only drug for which the first offense of simple possession can trigger a federal mandatory minimum sentence. Possession of 5 grams of crack will trigger a 5 year mandatory minimum sentence. “Simple possession of any quantity of any other substance by a first-time offender-including powder cocaine-is a misdemeanor offense punishable by a maximum of one year in prison.” (21 U.S.C. 844.)”

    5 years – yo.
    Let’s see if the legal system comes through.

  41. miss oblivious

    I can just hear her groovely voice crying “But it was’t meeee, it was my decooyyy” in this picture. Loser.

  42. nikki84

    Seriously, there is NO reason she should be in this mess. I mean if you’re going to snort coke and drink until you are completely sh*tfaced, that’s fine – I have no problem with that. But don’t drive – it’s that simple! She has all the money in the world, she can hire a driver or take a cab, or God forbid, stay home when she feels the need to do a line. Why risk killing herself or someone else? And now she’s screwed. No one is going to take her word seriously after this, especially since many didn’t take her “rehab” seriously to begin with. They need to put her away for awhile for her own good. And it’s so sad, because she has great boobs. Not sure what that last part has to do with anything, but I thought I’d say it anyway.

  43. my comment

    #37 laydeebug
    I’m from NYC and I’m raising my hand!

  44. Lo=ho…U need to hid in a fuckin houze
    if U muzt have dick or puzzy….have
    it brought in for U…if Umuzt ztill do drugz
    do them, but borrow zomeonez babypee
    to be tezted with…but ztay in the fuckin houze
    zo U don’t kill zomeone and get a murder
    wrap…U ztupidfuck..zhit, wtf iz your problem?
    DO u REALLY think THAT your ABOVE the LAW??/??/?

  45. ssdd

    Trashy bitch… can’t wait til we read your name in the same sentence with Dana Plato.

  46. Pepsi

    So that is what lurks beneath the makeup. She is aging unnaturally fast.

  47. Anon ur an idiot

    5 years for CRACk. 1 year max for coke. you wrote it urself u dipshit. yo.

  48. Bethany

    She needs supervision if you ask me, she doesn’t know how to live or something. If she goes back to rehab I will laugh. Rehab is such a joke for these celebrities. And I read that her dad opened a Rehab of his own. Maybe she will go visit Daddy now.

  49. DK

    Wow. She looks a lot like her mom…

  50. Poesje

    we’re not just talking coke nose here, look at her eyes!

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