Lindsay Lohan’s mother is still an idiot

Lindsay Lohan’s mom is being sued by a record company who says she signed Lindsay up for a record deal but broke the contract after a larger label picked her up.

According to Almeida and Chait, they worked with the actress to complete half the tracks on an album with Estefan in 2002-03. Then in 2004, a major record label came calling and Lohan was signed to a long-term recording contract with Tommy Mottola’s Casablanca Records, where she subsequently released her debut album, Speak, and its follow-up, A Little More Personal (Raw). However, the starlet’s move to Casablanca did not please Almeida and Chait, who allege they were left on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars, leading them to file suit against Dina Lohan (or, as she’s called in their suit, “Dinah”) in May. As a result, Lohan (or “Lindsey,” per court documents) has been requested to put in an appearance at a Los Angeles law office on Aug. 29 to discuss the history of her musical career and the role her mother has played in it.

Tens of thousands of dollars? If you’re going after Lindsay Lohan set your sights a little higher. A few million. Her house. Anything. They might as well be asking for lunch money and a pony. Which they can later sell for a spell checker. “Lindsey” and “Dinah” Lohan? It’s like they picked up their lawyers from the local kindergarten.