Lindsay Lohan’s life is awesome

While her dad is threatening conversatorships or whatever the hell he has to say to keep him and his starfucker fiance mugging for the cameras, Lindsay Lohan is now being named as a suspect in the theft of a $35,000 Rolex. TMZ reports:

We’re told the watch belongs to one of Lindsay’s “friends,” who accidentally left it at Lindsay’s house earlier this year — and never got it back.
But sources tell us that cops have photographic evidence which could prove Lindsay knows exactly where the Rolex went. We’re told cops rolled over to Lohan’s pad Wednesday to question the actress about the Rolex — but Lindsay denied any involvement in the theft.

Of course she denied involvement in the theft. Every time the cops go over to her house she probably denies she’s even Lindsay Lohan then starts drinking milk out of a saucer and meowing.

COPS: Ms. Lohan, if we could just ask you a few-
LINDSAY: Cats don’t speak English. *lap-lap-lap-lap*

Photos: Fame, INFdaily