Lindsay Lohan’s latest film goes straight to TV

Lindsay Lohan’s career just took another hit. Her latest movie Labor Pains will not be seen in theaters and, instead, is going straight to cable. Us Magazine reports:

The film’s production company, Nu Image/Millennium Films, has confirmed that the comedy will premiere on ABC Family in July 2009. It will be released on DVD a month later.
t is the latest film dud for the star, whose last movie efforts include the critically-panned indie Chapter 27 and I Know Who Killed Me. She briefly appeared on ABC’s Ugly Betty.

I almost feel bad for Lindsay. Until I remember she blamed all of us for her problems then I just started laughing. Not real hard, mind you. But sort of an evil, wicked chuckle where I tilt my head back and a bolt of lightning streaks across the sky because I’m sensitive that way.

Photos: Splash News