Lindsay Lohan’s house ransacked. But not really.

Seen here in Paris this morning, Lindsay Lohan’s house was broken into on Monday, according to TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us at around 3 PM PT yesterday, the alarm company that services the house notified cops that the alarm had been tripped. When police arrived, there was evidence of a break-in. There were pry marks on the back door and tampering with the back window. It appears nothing was taken but the house was ransacked, at least that’s what responding officers thought.
Now one law enforcement source tells us … it doesn’t look like the house was ransacked after all … “It was just messy.”

It says something when seasoned police officers come into your home and immediately think a burglary took place. I’d expect something like this from Britney Spears, but Lindsay Lohan? You were raised bett– PFFFT! Ha! I tried. I really did.

Photos: Splash News