Dina Lohan: ‘Lindsay’s going to die soon’

Seen here doing what she does best last night, Lindsay Lohan is probably going going to die soon, according to the latest released phone call between Dina and Michael Lohan. RadarOnline reports:

In the phone call, which was recorded in New York, Dina tells her ex-husband and Lindsay’s father, Michael that, “time is running out with this kid. I know, I’m her mother and I feel it and I’m scared.”
She continues: “She’ll open up to you but it’s nothing compared to what’s going on with this kid. And don’t tell her I told you anything or try to weasel s–t out of her… she’ll tell you when she’s ready to talk about s–t. Right now all I know is she’s starting to drink and that’s bad.”

Anyone else starting to feel like these tapes are becoming increasingly anti-climactic? It went from Lindsay dating Heath Ledger when he died to she’s a cutter to she’s going to drink herself to death. Not exactly a mind-blowing revelation there. If an alien with absolutely zero knowledge of pop culture landed on Earth and saw a picture of Lindsay, I guarantee its first reaction would be “Wow, that bitch is gonna die.” Or if it’s an awesome alien, it’d express immediate concern for the world’s liquor supply. “Graknar computes depletion is imminent. To the space brewery!”