Lindsay Lohan’s friends: ‘She’ll never quit the penis’

August 15th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Lindsay Lohan has an undying love of the cock. Or at least that’s what her friends are telling OK! Magazine. Sure, maybe they didn’t use those exact words, but I dare you to draw a different conclusion. No, scratch that. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!:

Apparently LiLo has already been flirting with guys, and cracks seem to be appearing in the relationship. On August 5 at the Delano Hotel’s Florida Room, Lindsay, 22, cozied up to other men whenever Sam left her side.
“Lindsay was laughing and giggling with these guys,” an eyewitness tells OK!.
“Lindsay is the aggressive one in the relationship,” an insider tells OK!. “Sam tries to focus on Lindsay, but it’s never enough.” Another friend adds, “Lindsay has to be the center of attention, or she’ll flirt with other guys to make Sam jealous.”
Lindsay’s friend says, “She’ll be with the next guy who catches her eye — she can’t help it!”

Oh yeah, Lindsay Lohan’s playing this one real smart by flirting with other guys. Because Samantha Ronson doesn’t look at all like the jealous Single White Female-type who will stab you in your sleep. She wears a fedora, people!


  1. who cares…their lives are better thsn yours

  2. sleepapnea

    Samantha kind of looks like a rather thin Pete Doherty or Sid Vicious or something. That being said, I strangely like her boots here.

    Does anyone really believe Lindsay’s a lesbot anyway?

  3. I will gladly admit her for penis rehab at my clinic.

  4. kevtha


  5. lindsay

    Surprise, surprise, Lindsay Lohan’s personal ad with many photos are found at a celebrity site . Is she dating?

  6. TeamRonson

    Okay so

  7. wow..just wow...

    She is one pathetic human being. I have never seen anyone so desperate for attention.

  8. ummmm...

    Name calling (a.k.a) “breeders” is supposed to get your point across? Your just as sad and bigoted as the homophobes who claim otherwise.

  9. Alan Greenspan

    That’s not a fedora, numb nuts. A fedora is what Indiana Jones wears. And mobsters. That thing on Sam’s head, whatever the hell it’s called, is more like what Mr. Magoo wears.

  10. Once an HOOKER, always one!!

  11. ??

    wait, your telling me that guy with the vest and hat is a girl?

  12. who

    #47 is the funniest

  13. board at work

    The hat he/she is wearing is commonly known as a Pork Pie hat. It’s primarily a British thing, though not as much as a Bolo.

  14. Me One


  15. Breeders are second class

    It’s true you Heteroes are only here to make more of us Gay Folk. Live with it.

  16. Breeders don't get assfucked

    It’s true us Heteroes are only here to make fun of you Gay Fucks. Live with it.

  17. arroyo

    Bi is the new straight.

  18. I never realised that Samantha was Mark Ronson’t sister up until a couple of weeks ago, that kind of gives her some cool points by default but she’s not pretty and dressed appalling. I think they kind of make a cute couple, Lindsay looks well but no matter what a woman had to offer most girls need a good cocking once in a while, hehe, and strap ons don’t count.

  19. veggi

    White people rock! Down with the negros!!!

  20. xLilx

    @ #7 — No girl in her right mind would go near a penis in the first place.

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