Lindsay Lohan’s friends: ‘She’ll get back with Sam’

Seen here confirming her undying love of Coke, Lindsay Lohan may be getting back together with Samantha Ronson soon, according to People:

“It changes every five seconds,” a friend of Lohan’s tells PEOPLE. “It is up in the air with them. You never know”
The friend, who spoke to Lohan this week, says, “She’s in pain and she’s alone and feels like the world is against her. She doesn’t live an easy life. She has always been in the spotlight. She doesn’t know how to live without it but it would be nice if she did for a little.”
Lohan’s father Michael Lohan, 48, tells PEOPLE his daughter is coping with the breakup by spending time with her mother and sister in Los Angeles. “Dina and Ali are out there with her,” says Lohan.

Oh, good, Lindsay’s mom’s with her. Because she’s not the source of the problem or anything. Hopefully, they’ll get in some healing mother/daughter time then teach Ali how to make love to a movie producer on even the tiniest of couches. You know, family shit.