Lindsay Lohan’s dad won’t see photos (Riiight)

February 20th, 2008 // 85 Comments

While Dina Lohan thinks Lindsay’s nude photos are the second coming of Christ, Michael Lohan has yet to see the topless shots of Lindsay as Marilyn Monroe, according to Us Magazine:

“I’m not going to look at the photos — that’s my daughter!” he told in a telephone interview this morning.
“Lindsay is an adult, and she knows the direction she wants to take her career,” he said. “It’s her decision.”

Michael Lohan hung up the phone then looked down at the coffee table. There, almost tauntingly, sat Lindsay’s issue of New York magazine. And then it spoke: “Michael, dude, seriously.” Michael Lohan shrugged his shoulders and said “Shit, I can’t argue with that… Eww. Why are they sagging like that? Gross!” Michael Lohan walked away and went looking for the Sears catalog.

Photos: New York Magazine, Splash News

  1. #49 – I’ve never confused imaginary life with real life. Not even close. I’m not worried by confusing THIS with real life, either. Why would I be? Why would you?

  2. What the fuck is up with all of the trolling today?? Why don’t you asshole get a life..

  3. Auntie Kryst

    Eeegads, that horrible horrible nouveau riche Hollywood trollop is gracing the cover of the New Yorker. All I can say is “eewwww”. My blue blood is simply boiling. All those freckles, I think she may be of Irish heritage. Dear God what if she wants to vacation in the Hamptons this season, such horror. What next a center spread in the Atlantic Monthly? Oh how droll.

  4. Tapeworm

    Michael Lohan:

    I’m not…
    going to look…
    at any of those….
    nude photos…..

  5. misery bunny

    and why was her sister there anyway? if someone said “hey, wanna go watch your older brother do nude marilyn photos?” i think i’d prefer to stay home pick lint out of my ass cleavage.

  6. Grace

    What’s sad is that she looks older than Marilyn Monroe ever did, and when Marilyn posed for playboy, she was older than Lindsay Lohan is in these pictures.

  7. Big Daddy

    By far the tastiest meat is daughter.

  8. Mokina

    She really looks bad in these photos….really bad. She looks like a mad with a wig on. She’s pretty…she should have modeled something else.

  9. Why is she showing the world wat the world has already seen!!!! its hardly a shocker , Jenna Jameson telling me she is about to convert to be a nun now thats shocking ….Lohan’s nipple is about as shocking as Elton John announcing he is gay! …still would tho ….Lohan not the john

  10. June Cleaver

    These don’t look good, they really don’t look professional, there are bags under her eyes. This isn’t really going to help her out of the hole she has put herself in.

  11. LiLo has 3 things Marilyn Monroe didn’t have: freckles, tattoos and a shaved bush. Yuck! :-(

  12. Yes, she is interested in nudism. I saw her profile with nude photos on Maybe she is dating with some nudist guy.

  13. a poor attempt at a comeback

    i feel very bad for this girl. oh wait, i don’t. she has taken every opportunity to flash some of her private bits. it’s totally pathetic. she looks bad in these pics. i mean, she has the perfect lighting and a professional photographer and photoshop and this is how the pics turn out? this is NOT ART but is rather, a slutty girl’s EXCUSE for showing her saggy ass FAKE tits and nasty curveless, freckeled body. Gross. at least some nasty perv can whack off to it cuz they serve no use for normal people.

  14. really i think her dad will be the first one to look at the pics.

  15. i’ve modeled in NY magazine as well.

  16. lambman

    those photos are terrible, the photographer did a really bad job on them. Lindsay is an extremly photogenic girl and takes great photos.

    Check out the pic of Lindsay recreating an Elizabeth Taylor look, way hot!\

  17. me

    THat cover only looks decent because they airbrushed and or makeup’d over that filthy ginger’s shitspeckles.

  18. La Frascatana

    If she thinks that wearing a dead animal on her head and calling herself “Marilyn Monroe” means that showing her tits is art, she ain’t no adult. Only 5-year olds, or those stuck at the 5-year old level, worship Marilyn Monroe.

    This guy redefines oblivious. Not since Laura and Leland Palmer has there been a father-daughter relationship like this.

  19. Tinfoil Raccoon

    Lindsay’s skin is too tan and her face looks too rough and hard edged to pull off being a copy of the Monroe pics. Marilyn was fresh faced and her eyes sparkled, she came across as this girly innocent sex symbol, which is exactly why she became iconic. Linday’s partied too much, tanned too much, and is too hard looking by this point. Five years ago it would have been a different story.

  20. Doc

    I still cant believe this actually happened… the power of positive thinking… now imagine lindsay lohan naked doing a backwards crabwalk… haha

  21. Clee Clee

    several personality disorders come to mind, along with the sense that her career is in the shitter

  22. Io

    She is one ugly bitch who I’d be willing to bet had freckles up in her cooter. There is NO way she could ever even remotely come close to being like Marilyn. These photos come off looking cheap and Lord only knows how, making her look even uglier. The photographer should be shot dead.

  23. her body is so perfext, and gals at love her very much… and u can ciew more videos of her there..

  24. dutch girl

    Oh my god wat an assault on Marilyn Monroe´s name.
    I really dont see wat all you american guys se in her (i know also by far not all marican guys).
    She is so ugly on these pictures and not ever close to marilyn Monroe.
    I saw so many more beautiful pictures of her (with clothes on’.

    She has no waisline what so ever, i think that is the most ugly part of her body. Without the tits no one could tell she is a boy or a girl. And ok the tits are huge, but that is all. Her legs are firmless and her head is just ugly in those pictures with the fake wimpers

  25. lucky7

    Nice titties.

    But not even in the same league as Marilyn. It’s amazing what she’ll do for attention.

  26. #52 – I was fooled by a troll? Great, now the terrorists have officially won…

  27. Jason

    Why would that jackass photographer pick this Daywalker?

  28. Thomas

    As far as being a Marilyn Monroe? /fail

    In the color photos through gauze? /yum

    B/W inmage at the end where the looks like Granny Lohan? /puke

    I think that if she were scrubbed down, put in normal clothing and sat in a coffee shop, 99% of the male visitors here would chat her up. She’s no raving Hollywood beauty, but she’s the sort of girl guys would want to meet in real life.

  29. Miss Fit

    You know how when you go to a theme park or Las Vegas and they have those photo kiosks that let you put your face on Rambo or Marilyn Monroe’s body, well that is exactly what these photos look like.

    Marilyn Monroe was beautiful and Lindsay, as we can see from theses photos, is the other thing.

    Also, wasn’t Marilyn about 15 years older in her photos than Lindsay, well then I don’t understand why Lindsay looks 15 years older than Marilyn did in the original photos. And, why are Lindsay’s boob so saggy.

  30. Jeremiah

    Everything you ever write stays online for eternity.

    For you sick fucks, I hope it provides the ammo to get your incestous pedo asses thrown away forever.

  31. Jeremiah my darling about last night

    I really liked our hookup and all, even though the prolbem with your E.D. was a bit unsettling. You were very anxious and sweet for an old guy with withered buttocks. As for the fascism – this is America. The crooks can go to Hell. They are the perverts you cowering little slut-boy!
    I would love to see a bitch like you in the heat of battle.
    I personally was indoctrinated that this is a free country and we have civil liberties such as freedom of speech. For those that do not respect this I suggest they go elsewhere.
    Go Oligarchs and Kleptocrats, on scumbag and psycho and douchebags and syphlitics!

  32. Mellow

    I don’t know who the biggest attention whore is? Lindsay or Paris? Both dirty fire-crotches!

  33. T-Bone

    Why would anyone want to look at this chick naked? She is just a freckled freak of nature with the ugliest body I have seen on such a young person! Absolutely disgusting! She’s so pasty white….she looks savage!

    Usually when you are 20ish you are hot…but this one looks like she has already started to be over the hill! Fugly old loser!

    Lohan needs to go away forever!

  34. Wow, it’s amazing how much your boobs grow when you like, start eating again. That bitch.

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