Lindsay Lohan’s dad wants that conservatorship

April 26th, 2010 // 34 Comments

Michael Lohan is apparently following through on his threat to pursue a conservatorship over Lindsay Lohan because Jamie Spears isn’t better than him. But in the meantime, Lindsay and her sister Ali are filing restraining orders against Michael if you consider Dina Lohan a reliable source. Us Magazine reports:

“We will be getting restraining orders… It will happen imminently,” Dina says. “My children are petrified of him.”
Michael said his 23-year-old daughter had “pale and bloodshot eyes” and that he was “shocked” at the state of her home.
Says Dina, “He’s breaking in, saying all this stuff about her apartment. He’s an absolute liar! He wasn’t even allowed in there.”
Dina calls Michael’s actions “disgusting.”
“All my kids… he’s never been there. He’s been in and out of jail for 10 years,” says Lohan. “This guy has to be stopped. He’s dangerous!”

Of course nobody’s going to do anything because let’s be realistic, this shit’s all about press. Michael Lohan probably pretended to walk to the courthouse only to duck into a Starbucks at the last minute until Harvey Levin shows up. While Lindsay already forgot her name and spent the morning doodling Samantha Ronson with a bottle of Absolut for a penis. It’s a vicious cycle.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. first


  2. misterfister

    He’s going to have control of no money, used dildos, and empty cigarrette packs, coke, and $600,000 in debt. I say give it to him. He’ll end up paying for her funeral soon anyway.

  3. farty mcshitface

    good lord- she is looking really haggard and old in that picture.
    i heard that she got banned from another club how many is that now?

  4. And my friends wonder why I prefer a little gayness when I jerk off.

    One look at a 23 year old Lindsey Lohan will answer the question clearly. I could never nut to that thing. She looks like she 50 fucking years old.



  5. Matthew

    no one beleves party mom Dina! Dina is a liar

  6. Cougar

    Hey Mitch, what’s wrong with being 50? I still have a hot enough body at 53 to wear a thong and get attention so fuck you. You don’t know what your missing Ahole. I have tons of young lovers at the Apt. complex I live at!!!!!!!


    ;) to all the young studs out there

  7. pimp

    this bitch is disgusting…

  8. Valentina

    OMG Cougar? Please stop kiding yourself…NOBODY wants to see your old geriatric ass in a thong. Yeah, I can just imagine what the ‘tons of young lovers’ that you claim to be fucking look like (excuse me while I go vomit). On the other hand, it’s kinda cute when old broads have gotten dementia/alzheimers and they can’t actually see how ridiculous and desperate they are and that others are only laughing at them.

  9. salsa

    If only I could get *that* conservatorship… I’d most definitely would… wait for it… HIT IT!!!

  10. Mr Mackey

    Drugs are bad………………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmkay?

  11. Truth

    Can’t blame him, he used to have full access to that piece of cunt. Must have been fun.

  12. They all need to die

    1) Daddy lohan is a famewhore who would have tmz taking pics of him taking a dump if it got him publicity. I don’t know if his concern about his daughter is real or just a publicity stunt, but at least he is saying out loud what a dire situation his daughter is in & how dangerous she is to herself & others.

    2) Dina lohan is an enabling famewhore who likes seeing her name in print & pics of herself on the internet. She’s as pathetic as daddy lohan, except she’s totally in denial regarding her daughter. Everytime people ask her about what’s being done to help her obviously drunk/drugged daughter, the only thing the bitch can say is “Lindsay is fine”. Also, her ex-husband is supposedly “petrifying” her kids & all she does is issue press statements? Stupid whore.

    3) Lindsay lohan is a complete & total loser. Her acting career is down the crapper (no one will hire her), her music career is over, she’s going broke & doesn’t seem to care. And, she’s got the sickness of being publicity addicted; she’s so sick that she actually enjoys all the negative press that surrounds her. Unfortunately, she’s also so coked up that she doesn’t realize that her life is heading towards it’s end; she’s going to die very soon unless she gets help.

    Personally, I hope all of them die in a fiery car crash soon. They’re all a waste of skin & need to disappear from this earth…

  13. amy

    Other than the car crash part (which really isn’t nice), # 13′s comments sum it up perfectly.

  14. LJ

    The woman looks like she’s in her mid 30s, but is only 23 years of age.
    She’s turned into nothing more than one sad drunk.

  15. is there any lohan fortune to be conservatorship for? any money left? she isn’t workin.

  16. man saying that Lindsay is ugly could be a improvement, she just seems so hideous almost like she fell from a ugly tree and hit ever single branch on the way down.

  17. Michael Lohan appeared on the Kidd Kraddick exhibit where he addicted to the host he was meeting with his lawyer to communicate a sentencing judge to force playwright into a rehabilitation centre or give him control over his daughter’s finances and many of her decisions.

  18. elephantman

    total friggin mess

  19. I can see this year that Lindsay Lohan will climb again uphill to fame, she seemed to be well disciplined nowadays that the past few years. I also saw that her co-socialite, Paris Hilton was seen with her sister Nicky Hilton and Eric Schiffer at the VIP viewing of ‘Hedwig And The Angry Inch The Musical Live Uncut’ in West Hollywood, California

  20. White oprah needs to die immediately

    Michael said his 23-year-old daughter had “pale and bloodshot eyes” and that he was “shocked” at the state of her home. Says Dina, “He’s breaking in, saying all this stuff about her apartment. He’s an absolute liar! He wasn’t even allowed in there.” Dina calls Michael’s actions “disgusting.” “All my kids… he’s never been there. He’s been in and out of jail for 10 years,” says Lohan. “This guy has to be stopped. He’s dangerous!”

    White oprah’s focus should be on her obviously drunk and/or coked out daughter & how she’s spiralling down in front of everyone; she’s headed for the grave at full speed. Instead, she focuses on her idiotic ex & his famewhoring. There’s only one possible solution to blowhan & her out of control drinking/drugging: involuntary commitment. She’s a danger to herself & everyone around her. If she isn’t locked up soon, she’ll kill herself, and potentially take someone with her…

  21. Nero

    Obviously,since she’s an actress, she knows how to act like it’s a sunny day.

  22. Rhialto

    Judging from these pics,she’s a better actress than Mischa Barton.

  23. cellphone


    Mischa Barton still has some real estate for sale.Does LiLo own any real estate property?

  24. captain america

    I think it would be better to arrange a funeral already.

  25. Darth

    She doesn’t care about the opinions of others.But don’t ever touch her crack pipe.

  26. heath

    I feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan. With 2 parents who obviously are nuts and don’t give a shit about her, is it any wonder she’s fucked up?

  27. Looks like my 70 year old neighbor. No joke.
    Tell you a story, used to have mountains, hills have temple, the temple has a monk. . .

  28. E

    I’m not sure what’s more sad, the fact that this very ill young lady is on the verge of death, or the fact that so many of us on here are judgmental and insensitive to the severity of her situation.

    Yes, she’s made stupid mistakes and yes, on many levels can’t live without the attention, but she, openly, doesn’t care if the attention is good or bad, and THAT is what is sad. That we sit here and watch it all unfold and call it entertainment, but this is someone’s life. And yes, she may have money, and yes, she may have mindlessly squashed opportunities that we could only dream of having, but at the heart of it all, this little girl lives like she is dead. and we shouldn’t be laughing or judging.

  29. thanks for the share

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