Lindsay Lohan’s dad totally wants her

August 18th, 2009 // 55 Comments

Seen here for no logical reason whatsoever at the New York premiere of Inglourious Basterds, Lindsay Lohan’s dad was apparently all over her freckled shit this weekend at a charity event. Page Six reports:

While she was trying to talk to Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Kim Cattrall and Andrew Balazs, he talked into her ear, almost ignoring her younger brother, Michael. As soon as the elder Michael backed off, a bodyguard stood near Lindsay, prompting one spy to note, “It looks like he’s stalking her.”
The next day, Lohan Sr. bumped into Hampton Sheet publisher Joan Jedell at 75 Main in Southampton and reversed his criticism of Lindsay’s gal pal Samantha Ronson: “I was misled by people who had their own agenda . . . I was wrong and I’m very sorry. I wish the best for them.”

Psst. Hey. Hey, Mike. I hear she likes coke.

My work here is done.

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  1. JOhn


  2. FkMaster

    She needs a sex tape now…

  3. my name

    who cares?

  4. Theo

    She looks like a gremlin.

  5. arealcad

    I would tinker with her sphincter.

  6. Elisa

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
    in pic #5 her armpit is orange!

  7. Elisa

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
    in pic #5 her armpit is orange!

  8. dietrying

    Now that SaMANtha is out of the picture, he can try and get at that slimy cooter.

  9. Randal

    I love this fresh summer ensemble, even though it is so different than the usual red carpet Lohan we are used to seeing. Over-the-top couture isn’t necessary for every event and it wasn’t really necessary for a casual outdoor Inglourious Basterds bash either. Lindsay looks so summer cute and I love the way she has added a bit of funk to the conservative ensemble with the deep black pumps and that interesting watch!


  10. joe m

    Why are some sickos staring at her armpits?
    These perverts should find something to do.

  11. Elisa

    Yes, Joe and I am sure you are one of them…pervert sicko!

  12. Elisa

    Yes, Joe and I am sure you are one of them…pervert sicko!

  13. On A Clear Day

    Jeez this guy really has a thing for the skanks.

  14. Deacon Jones


    Yeah, well, so do I considering I haven’t jerked off in two days. I’d hit it still.

    And you can bet your ass Lindsay sucks cock like a hungry Ethiopian

  15. kels

    this nasty skank has an eating disorder b/c her weight just yo-yo’s up and down every week. she’s friggin disgusting. look at her face, she’s aging like a meth addict and she’s only in her early twenties?? i’m already in my thirties and don’t have any wrinkles on my forehead and i’m pale. she just wants attn.

  16. Dicken Jones

    “this guy” refers to her dad.

  17. Dicken Jones

    @ Deacon Jones “this guy” refers to her dad.

  18. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    She looks good when dressed but how can I get to those mammoth boobs if they are covered up?

  19. Nameless

    If she is going for the coked out, pornstar look to this fashion shingdig, LL is a winner.

  20. Clam Dip

    Clam Dip’s The Superficial Hottie of The Month for August 2009 is still Christina Ricci.

  21. @2, Yes she does with her dad….

  22. Jail

    She’s looks as damp, dirty and smelly as a gym sock. A 45 year-old bar-loving gym sock.

  23. redsonja1313

    OK SERIOUSLY…. How is it her self tanner looks so fucking shitty. Doesn’t she own a line of it. Whow the fuck would buy her overpriced shit with her as a billboard. She is blotchy and orange !!

  24. chris

    what a shame, she looks bad

  25. yuki

    dad knows where the money is.

  26. Nate

    Um… Confirmed? Lindsay and Sam back together again! According to Lindsay’s fucked in the head father.

  27. titsonsnack

    She looked so much better way back when.

  28. cherry

    fakest hair god it’s terrible

  29. kris

    GROSS!! Look at her stupid shoes again!

  30. Tom K

    She looks horrible! I mean really, really, really, really, really, really fucking bad. Wow! What’s her excuse huh? “Oh she’s older now”, riiiiiiiiiiiight lol I’m waiting for the same people that defend Britney to defend this bitch.

  31. Duke Steele

    They say that people and their dogs grow to look like each other. See where I’m going with this?

  32. Delgo

    At least somebody wants her

  33. POOPIE

    Gross armpits.

  34. kate

    Her looks, especially in her face, have went down hill so fast this year. I don’t know what she’s doing, but she needs to stop. She looks like she’s going on 40 years old. She use to be really cute and now she just looks like she snorts coke for dinner and slathers on self tanner at every chance. If she put on 10 lbs, she’d start looking normal again. I kinda feel bad for her…almost.

  35. EK

    Cheeto-crazy now with a side of peroxide.

  36. datroof

    She is looking rough around the edges. Real rough…

  37. Joe Fonebone

    She used to be really HOT!, now she looks ropey.

  38. Shanty Irish/Italian Catholic mix, so typical of Long Island.

  39. Freddo

    She’s so hot she should come with a warning label. I’ll never give up on you Lindsay!

  40. zil

    She’s going to look EXACTLY like Courntey Love in about a year and half.

  41. clpierced

    Its sad because she used to be one of my idols. I took pole dancing classes because of her scene from “i know who killed me”. poor lindsay :(

  42. lola

    She doesn’t look bad, she just doesn’t look incredibly healthy. The freckles make her skin look sallow, but the low body fat percentage s what causes more pronounced wrinkles. Small amounts of fat usually fill in small lines on the face.

  43. @ 15″”has an eating disorder b/c her weight just yo-yo’s up and down every week. she’s friggin disgusting. look at her face, she’s aging like a meth addict and she’s only in her early twenties?”"

    I KNOW!!! one week shes a liiiiittle boney, ( im a recovering ana but still 85 % underweight so i wouldnt call her “skinny days” very “anorexic” at all, just NOT bloated and prob been snorting some coke or chewing ADD meds) and then the next shes got chubby legs and just fatty/gloopeyish

    and her face is a mess, seriously, ew. i hope when i am 23 or however old she is, i dont look like im 35 going on 40. nasty

    and @30….
    No…no one will defend her lol

  44. hater

    that last comment sounded so stupid fomg “AYM SO MOR ANEREXIC THEN YEEEWW!!”

  45. hater

    p.s. i like the crackwhore look but i have issues *shrugs* she’s just a bit too freckley for my taste

  46. Rancid

    #4 – Yep.

    She’s trying to give us a coy, “impish” look. But it’s not “imp” – it’s GREMLIN. She looks like she should be tearing out the insides of a jet engine as William Shatner looks on in horror.

  47. Gando

    I’ve the impression that she’s kinda back on track!?

  48. Boogeyman King Dong

    Huh? Back on crack?

  49. Galtacticus

    Luckily,for now,she doesn’t look that crack-thin anymore!

  50. spicy

    Wow I remember like 4 years ago I thought she was so hot and she was one of my idols….

    ….now she is so fucking disgusting, shes so fucked up all the time, always has coke lip and her eyes always look DEAD

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