Lindsay Lohan’s dad seems like a really nice guy

Michael Lohan has foregone taking responsibility for dropping a holiday bomb that he fathered a love child and opted to blame Samantha Ronson for writing Lindsay’s Christmas Eve blog where she lamented about her dad’s wayward wang. Page Six reports:

Michael told he believes there’s a “99 percent chance” the missive was actually penned by Lindsay’s girl friend. Ronson laughed yesterday about Michael’s allegation. “Ha! That’s funny, but I don’t ghost-write My Space blogs,” the Sapphic record-spinner told Page Six. “Good thing he left that 1 percent window open so he wasn’t 100 percent wrong for once.

Wait, people ghost-write blogs? Take it away, Stephen King:

No one bothered to tell Lindsay and her lover Samantha that lesbians weren’t allowed in the pet cemetery that night. But Old Caretaker Rick Capshaw knew as he watched precariously from his kitchen window that, let’s assume, is in Maine. (Surprise, I live there!) What happened next would rattle his neighbors to their very co – Hey, is that a van? Not again. Oh noes!

The master of horror, folks.

Photos: Splash News, WENN