Lindsay Lohan’s dad really doesn’t like Samantha Ronson

September 24th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Lindsay Lohan (seen above on a photo shoot last night) is sparring with her dad in the press again. Page Six has obtained an e-mail from Michael Lohan which he sent to x17online. In it, he criticizes Samantha Ronson and thinks she’s the one behind Lindsay’s latest blog entries. Also he insults her ability to adequately obtain toiletries. I don’t even know:

I don’t believe that the recent blogs posted by ‘Lindsay’ were written by her” and touted, “There is a lot more to Samantha than meets the eye. Not that what we see is so pleasing anyway . . . what’s with this ‘person?’ Look at the way she ‘dresses.’
Once more, she uses her middle finger more than she uses words. Have you ever seen her apartment? For God’s sake, when she runs out of toilet paper she tells people to use the cardboard roll. (I was told this firsthand).

Lindsay, or possibly Sam, fired off an e-mail to Page Six addressing Michael’s mood swings:

My father obviously needs to be on medication to control his moods. He is out of line and his words show how much anger he has, and it’s dangerous and scary as it reminds me of how he treated my mother and I my whole childhood. He needs to be stopped. This is yet another reason why we aren’t speaking.
I am in a great place in life. I have overcome a lot and have been able to learn how to enjoy and appreciate my life in every way possible. I’m proud of myself for being able to make a change in the past year and a half.
My past is behind me, and that’s final. There’s nothing more to be said. All the false accusations that people try to make are simply because there’s no story when things are calm and good.
But they might as well let it go because their lies don’t affect me anymore. Samantha is not evil, I care for her very much and she’s a wonderful girl.
She loves me, as I do her.

I think I speak for all of us when I say to Lindsay and Michael: GET A ROOM! Seriously, quit dragging this thing out and get it over with already. Goddamn…


  1. ph7

    Lindsay’s lesbianism is really bringing out the best in her breasts.

  2. Dr. Jack

    I don’t care what anyone says, I look at Lindsay Lohan and I see one of the hottest fucking girls I have ever seen. She is so sexy that she stinks of it, the aroma wafts off of her even in grainy telephoto shots. I don’t know her, and I don’t know anyone who knows her, but I have heard rumors that she is, hands down, one of the greatest fucks of all-time, legendary in bed. I think she fucked so many guys that she just got bored. She’ll go back to the dick. And the first guy she fucks better be in shape, or she’s going to fuck them to death. Oh god I love her. I want to lift up that skirt and eat her pussy. She is a bad ass motherfucker. Dig the heels. The red heels. That tells me that she is one serious bitch.

  3. what is she now… as street walker? never seen a hooker dressed that way, but she’s got the pose down.

  4. Susan

    He’s a complete fuckup, but I understand why her dad is trying to break them up. It’s not just that the relationship is lesbian, it’s that Ronson is a freak on a mission that obviously involves Lindsay. What parent wouldn’t be worried? Look at Sarah Palin – when her daughter Bristol started seeing that self-professed “redneck” guy, Sarah got worried and upset and said “I told you NOT to go out. How irresponsible are you??!! Somebody has to take care of the kids!”

  5. I guess daddy has competition on that exit hatch

  6. Dixie

    I will never understand how a chick can do oral on another chick. Every pussy has their own scent, including mine. I always make sure I am freshly showered before oral, but I still have my own pussy scent that my boyfriend says he is addicted to. I like my boyfriend to wipe his face before kissing me because I would rather smell his scent than my pussy scent.

  7. norton

    The absolute class and sophistication with which these people air their dirty laundry is awe inspiring.

  8. Props to LiLo

    Despite all the bashing, and all of her own stupidity, she has still succeeded in looking pretty hot here.

    Props to Lindsay . . . and no, I’m not Randal . . .

  9. Nugaloopagus

    All her political comments and she is not even registered to vote! What a hack. What a hypocrite. What a typical Hollywood buffoon! What a Matt Damon asshat!

  10. #8 weird…but I agree and good point

  11. drew

    Dixie…Girls like other girls, deal with it. And, please feel free to never again offer your overly detailed description of oral lovemaking, and liberal use of the term “pussy scent.”

  12. HankTheDwarf

    This bitch Lohan is already starting to sag a lot. Her skin is too fair and freckle-y and she will be worthless lookswise by 28. These fair skin bitches peak at 19.

  13. drew's mom

    Son, let me tell ya about that time I licked your auntie’s stank hole…

  14. I’m waiting for Randal. He always makes my day. That and a vodka martini.

  15. #16!!!!! Iwill have one withyou!!!!!

  16. Pixie

    Hey drew, did you notice how Lindsay’s face is glistening? She must not have wiped her face after licking Ronson’s pussy to get more of that pussy scent she’s addicted to. I bet her face smells of Ronson’s pussy scent, in a very pussy scenty way. In fact I bet the whole area around her smells of Ronson’s pussy scent. And you just know Ronson’s pussy scent is very pungent.
    pussy scent

  17. Melissa

    I don’t know… I’m love my husband and am satisfied with our fanfuckintastic sex life. But, from time to time, I just crave muff. And one of my biggest turn-ons is when my hubby kisses me right after oral when I’m still on his tongue. Shit drives me wild…

    Now, about the broad this topic is actually about: They may be in love. Fine. But I’m sick and fucking tired of hearing about them. They aren’t any better than anyone else. They’re milking this bullshit, and it’s so painfully obvious. Lindsay went and fucked up her career when she went buck wild and didn’t give a fuck about anybody or anything. Now that she’s standing in the smoldering ashes of said career, she realizes the media goldmine she’s been fingerfucking, and will ride this shit out as long as humanly possible. Get over yourselves, Butch and Bitch. There’s only so much GIVEAFUCK people have in their systems. When it’s gone, you will be too.

  18. Tim

    Melissa you’re a fucked up fat pig.

  19. Dance Girl

    what the fcuk is she wearing???

  20. i like em big

    #16 why don’t you take lindsay for a ride over a bridge?

  21. Sam

    What’s there to like about Samantha? She looks like a dude and needs to go on the TV show “What not to Wear” She’s awful and one day Lindsey will wake up and leave her.

  22. Wendy

    I’d rather suck Travis Barker’s mottled peeling dick than lick Ronson’s fetid pussy.

  23. Micheal Lohan has some good point but no credibility. Everyone’s upset no dyke should look like this…and pinning for the days till she comes back to the hard and stiff….

  24. ramona putz

    Note to Lindsay: DO NOT, DO NOT respond to anything your slime bucket of a father says. He is looking for a reaction and you are giving him one.
    The best response is no response, and trust me ,THAT will really burn his ass.

  25. Michael

    Lindsay: don’t listen to ramona. Suck your daddy’s cock. Father knows best.

  26. 1 MILF Hunter

    #19 Shit drives you wild?? Tell hubby not to take so big a bite.

  27. Kim

    Piss drives me wild.

  28. Joe Cat

    Lindsay Lohan needs my penis to remind her the value of the male anatomy.

  29. Suck it, Lohan, your girl’s in love!

  30. Peanut

    What’s wrong with using the cardboard roll?

  31. jay

    The Lohans, look up ‘dysfunctional family’ in the dictionary and you’ll find their last family portrait. What’s Lindsay famous for again? Other than Samantha Ronsonator?.

  32. Genny


    I love penis and muff too. Call me at 86753099. Maybe we can do a three some with your hubby. I love pussy scent and it is really strong after a long day at work and no shower.

  33. nastyjay

    I love Lindsey’s tits

  34. HankTheDwarf

    #35, do you also like the sweaty cheese that has to be under her tits?

    That part of her skin doesn’t get any air throughout the day since the tits stay constantly flopped forward like a flimsy sack of sand.

  35. herbiefrog

    don’t tell me we actualy are supposed to send a response ?


    go fuck yourself michael

    with all ten fingures
    and all ten toes

    …and dont [shhhhhhhhhh...]

    ok [ok [it’#s ok p[p

    did ya like it in prison ? : )
    hmmmm : ) ?

    wanna talk about your experiences there ?

    cos we could…

    so… perhaps fill your mouth with cock or whatever you can find to stop it spouting

    cos we are tired of hearing your spoutings

    bye bye daddie : ) bye bye : ) ) )

  36. Fred

    #36 When my girlfriend goes braless, I love to lick the sweat from under her big juicy tits. I have not found any cheese under her breasts because she showers daily.

  37. ummm...yeah

    First of all…this thread makes me want to puke.
    Who the fuck cares about this skanky whore and whomever she’s fucking?(at the moment)
    Her father is just pissed off cause he can no longer fuck her.
    Don’t worry Daddy…she’ll be back. This whore can’t help but fuck anything and everything that breathes…she just wants to make you suffer alittle more since the last time you fucked her , you missed her pussy and fucked her ass…
    Fuck you Randal, wherever you are, prick!!

  38. Chenush

    Where is Randal????????
    After all this nasty comments…

  39. HankTheDwarf


    You like fat chicks huh? Too late to deny it. Busted.

  40. Guess Daddy Lohan wants some Ronson Pussy 2

    ROFL !!!


  41. Pete W.

    Hey, the straightest man in the world says it’s okay to be gay…

  42. LohanFanForever

    It is horrible that Lindsay cannot trust her father, the very flesh and blood she is made of. I think your statement about how Lindsay Lohan and her father should “get a room” because of this ongoing arguement is absurd. If your father intentionally, on an everyday basis tried to sabotage your career and all of your relationships, wouldn’t you feel horrible and deeply betrayed to your core? I think Lindsay Lohan has every right to respond to her father’s accusations and comments. No other person who has a blog online complaining about their life gets the flack that Lohan gets. Just because she is a celebrity, does not mean she does not have a right to the 1st Ammendment. One blogger to another should understand that…

  43. Hez

    You can only use the toilet paper roll 12 or 13 times before it starts to get all mushy. Once it starts to fall apart that goo is totally hard to pick out of the twat. Teach her a lesson Lindsey, wipe from back to front from now on.

  44. be honest…………………………………………………..WHO DOES?

  45. meridian

    “use the cardboard roll!”

    haahaaaaa! she might actually have a sense of humor.

  46. wendy

    go away. big deal she is gay, big deal she fights with daddy. Lets here something interesting about her for once.

  47. wendy

    go away. big deal she is gay, big deal she fights with daddy. Lets here something interesting about her for once.

  48. Mal Gusto

    Michael says:
    “There is a lot more to Samantha than meets the eye.’
    She has a penis.

    Lindsay says:
    “I …have been able to learn how to enjoy and appreciate my life in every way possible.”
    She means fisting.

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