Lindsay Lohan’s dad is ignorant

llohan_stressweight.jpgLindsay Lohan’s father – who’s currently imprisoned in New York State on charges of drunk driving and assaulting his brother-in-law at a family party – is claiming that Lindsay Lohan lost all her weight due to the stress of her parents’ breakup.

“People wonder why Lindsay’s so thin. It’s because of all this garbage between her mother and me. She’s beaten up inside. It’s ripped our whole family apart.”

As much sense as that makes, I can’t help but feel that her out of control cocaine addiction has something to do with the weight loss as well. All my supermodel friends do cocaine and they’re always going on and on about all the weight they’ve lost because of it. Then sometimes they’ll go on a little too long and I have to smack them across the face. You’re pretty hot, Dominique, but sometimes you need to learn to shut up.