Lindsay Lohan’s dad fires back at Barack Obama

September 18th, 2008 // 81 Comments

Michael Lohan called out the Barack Obama campaign after they passed on Lindsay Lohan’s offer to host events for young voters. A source in the Democratic candidate’s camp told the Chicago Sun-Times that Lindsay “”is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us.” Michael had the following to say to TMZ:

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion and so is Obama and his staff. Then again, you know what they say about opinions. Unfortunately, for them, to make such a comment about my daughter was a big mistake … Look at Angelina Jolie and the wonderful things she has done in her life, and now watch how Lindsay does the same.”

There’s only two logical conclusions I can draw from Michael Lohan’s statement: 1.) Barack Obama is a secret asshole. And 2.) Lindsay Lohan is pregnant with no less than fifty children. (I could’ve said Lindsay is about to become a respected actress but HA HA HA…)


  1. Barack Oreobama

    Barack needs to take his own “change change change” advice and change his tired empty slogan. He’s been banging that drum almost as long as he’s been running for president (since 2004).

    It’s easy for him to pin smack on McCain because Obama hasn’t actually DONE / accomplished anything [cue snarky Blackberry responses], but just goes all Tony Robbins all over CNN. Obama’s a career campaigner, the only thing worse than a career politician.

    Everytime a celebrity opens its mouth, a Republican is born.

  2. burungik

    #7- makes me laugh when crazy ‘anti-Obama’ people rant and rave and can’t even spell the easiest words. It’s really hard to take anything you say seriously when you don’t have even a basic grasp of the English language.

    As for Lindsay and Sam, I think they’re cute but, of course, Lindsay is not gay and will end up breaking Sam’s heart. Sad but true.

  3. Ew

    What’s wrong with her head? It looks like it inhaled helium!?!?!

  4. lloyd johnson

    no her body inhaled a metric ton of cocaine.

  5. Volmit

    Vol – September 18, 2008 4:03 PM

    Racist or not, #44…doesn’t change the fact that the Dems are running a Muslim porch monkey for President. Facts is facts…

    Real classy. You are an incredible loser. Your mother must be proud.

  6. Mo (multiple orgasms)

    Dear Diary:
    My boyfriend wanted me to sit on his face, but I was worried about him
    getting enough air, so I put all my weight on my knees, but he kept on
    pulling me closer to his mouth and forcing me to have intense
    incredible orgasms. It’s great to be alive!

  7. Yeah…valid comparison. Lindsay in the new Angelina. What a fucktard.

  8. Michael Lohan's Penis

    Dear Michael Lohan: STFU

  9. Vol

    Volmit: You’re backing the schwoogie, and I’m the loser??
    My mom is proud of me…she refuses to vote for boons too.

  10. jesus

    obama is a muslim nigger. can’t think of anything worse except maybe a clinton.

  11. Vol

    Thank you, Jesus!!
    Always wanted to say that!!

  12. sva1994

    God, Michael Lohan’s a moron. Between this and his response months ago to Anderson Cooper’s criticism of “Living Lohan”, the guy is an inarticulate moron who couldn’t string together a coherent thought with a map, a slide rule and a flashlight.

  13. Ken

    HEY WHITE SUPREMACISTS! Here are some easy instructions EVEN YOU should be able to understand. A) Cut off your balls to stop reproduction of your own kind. B) If you already have children, please do the right thing and smother them while they sleep. Obama WILL be our next president. Get used to it. There aren’t enough of you evil retards to fix the election this time!

  14. There is Pain in the truth....

    Obama is done.
    It was a nice effort but all in waste.
    No democrat has EVER won the electoral vote with the polls this close this late in the game (its called historical data). His influence on the uninformed can make no difference at this point. He will win the popular vote but will still come up short. I repeat, the white house will not be painted black this time and historical data proves it. Get used to hearing that squeaky ass vp voice because you will be hearing a lot of it for the next four years.

    This country would be absolute toast with either party running congress and the white house concurrently.This institution we call government is so fat and over bloated they cant get out of their own way. We the tax payers will pay through the fucking nose no matter which fucktard ends up with the “nod”.

    All arguments as to which asshole is better to vote for at this point are moot.

    A third party is definitely in order now to keep the other two in check.

    On an interesting side note Mia @ # 11 has the right idea for this post….

  15. Dee

    She is so fcking disgusting looking. Is it the drugs or anorexia? It’s sad to compare pictures of her from a few years ago to no. She looked like a normal healthy girl. No she looks like a crack addicted skank.

  16. Barack Obama

    Stop heppin’ me Bitch! Dis race tight as a muhfuh an’ I don’ need no hep from freaky-ass hos.

    But ah WEEL thug you wen ah gits elected. In da butt, of kose.

  17. General statement:
    although it won’t arrive at her, folks!!

  18. Volmit

    Hey Vol, that isn’t what your mom told me last night. Also, your dad is a black man. Thought you should know, you hick racist.

  19. devilsrain

    63. Are you an idiot or what. Keep dreaming shithead.

  20. JPRichardson

    John McCain is a nice guy???????

    He used to bomb other countries when he was younger (crashing war aircraft was his second hobby it seems) . He was kept a hostage for 5 years in Vietnam, how do you think that period marked his mind?

    He is totally pro-war, pro-weapons, pro-aggression. I would not call him a nice guy just because he can hardly walk or because of his friendly, grand father looks. He admittedly cheated on his wife, he verbally abuses his subordinates… How is he a “nice guy”? LMFAO


    WOW REALLY? I don’t understand who the fuck in their right mind would want to vote for Obama UNLESS they just want to run with the “in crowd” or are just PLAIN RETARDED!



  22. Barack Obama

    Pro-Life? Why you want mo’ babies bein’ birfed? Ah sez kill doze babiez. Ah alreddy speechificated on dis verra issue when ah wuz in Illinoy parriticks. Dat bitch aks me shood a baby be given treetmit if’n he birfed in a botched abortion. I sez “Dat’s anuthat burrier to a woman Bitch! Fuck dat baby, dey wuz tryin’ ta kill hiz ass in da first place!” If a baby can’t vote, den ah sez you can kill ‘em if you don’t want ‘em.

    If’n you can’t figga out how ta make ‘em vote fo’ a brutha, dat iz.



  24. djcorbijn

    Yeah, she’s entitled to say something. Only problem is whenever she opens that fishy orifice she calls a mouth she just proves she’s dumber than a left-handed screwdriver.

    Question: Lindsay, what’s two plus two?

    Lindsay: Jello!?

    What scares me more than people like her speak about politics are the people who think she has a point. She’s got to be fuckin’ Sharon Stone.

  25. djcorbijn

    Also, I’m white as fuck and it’s about time we had a President like Obama. McCain is two-faced politician who has not only folded on everything he’s said, his own party is folding because they are so desperate to get a republican in the white house. McCain has more history but look at that history and how tainted it is. The only reason why Obama doesn’t have a long history is because he shot to the top without mistakes.

    I think the song Obama should play is “By the time I get to Arizona” by Public Enemy. That song was basically about McCain back in 1991.

  26. Jobe

    jesus – September 18, 2008 8:28 PM

    obama is a muslim nigger. can’t think of anything worse except maybe a clinton.
    To your comment…your are a stupid, racist, motherfucking backroad hick. Obama isn’t a Muslim.

  27. dragon43078

    Follow this like you retarded Obama followers. It PROVES he is a fucking Muslim. He said it himself. The bomb our country and you idiots want to put a rag head in charge? Thats treason.

    It was a September 8th interview with George Stephanopoulos .,CST-NWS-faith08.article

    Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 9:14 AM
    Subject: Oops! Barack Obama says ‘my Muslim faith’

    In interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos

    Oops! Barack Obama says ‘my Muslim faith’

    Watch this video!!!,CST-NWS-faith08.article

    Damn, how do I copy links on this new computer? oh well. Type it ina and you will see. Obama IS a Muslim.

  28. Anon

    John McCain, John McCain (John McCain), John McCain, John McCain (John McCain), John McCain, John McCain, John, John, John… John McCain. John McCain, John McCain (John McCain), John McCain, John McCain (John McCain), John McCain, John McCain (John McCain), John John John… John McCain.

    Imagine that up there being repeated at you, in an audience, by about 7 people. Imagine that nobody was clapping, cheering, etc. since they weren’t interested in John McBush the Third taking the presidency. Imagine the 7 people on stage repeating that phrase over and over, louder and louder, until they start SCREAMING it at you in an attempt to get ANY McCain supporter to come out of the woodwork and start doing SOMETHING to show their support. And still, nobody is doing anything but staring and laughing at how pathetic and silly they look chanting “John McCain” over and over.

    Imagine this was part of a skit being performed by artists from The Second City Etc. at a college campus anywhere in the country. ANYWHERE. Do you think they would get a different reaction?

    Barack Obama is Muslim? ONOES! Let’s get out there and show our supporters just how bigoted and small-minded we REALLY are and alienate them from our campaign too. Kind of like a KKK supporter moving in next door, and finally walking outside with the white hood on to greet their new neighbor just to learn they’re from Nigeria. You think the neighborhood is going to rally behind a campaign whose motto is quickly turning into “WHITE POWER”? I sure as hell wouldn’t go for that.

    Never mind the people talking about World War III, that’s just silly talk. I mean, isn’t that right, McCain supporters? We’re going to be on WW IV by the time Johnny boy gets into office, right? Those people are the real ones living in the past, right? And besides, it’s not like there aren’t enough resources to keep this country going for the next 200 years, right? No? How about 100? No? 50?



    10? Really? No? Are you serious? What about 5?

    What about FOUR?

    If we change the shitheaded economic policies that are being spearheaded by Boy George? If we change our power crisis to focus on things like alternative energy? Solar? Wind? Bah, who needs that? Wait, we do. But what about the fact that the guy they want to put in is a Muslim? What? You’re saying I’m just being a small-minded wuss who’s afraid of change? I need to take a chance, or the same ol’ same ol’ is going to result in America no longer being a superpower with the Chinese and Russians leaving us behind in the dust?

    Tell me more.

  29. SIN

    If we can keep liberal out off power the country will get better. What litle money
    I make is mine. I am tired of some rich, affluent, never had a real job, private schooled liberal snob telling me I have to help out the poor. They take the working taxpayers money and give it to those who will NOT work but will vote for the liberals just so they can live on easy street and keep the liberals in power.. Do you see the rich liberals paying the same percentages in taxes us wotking class does? No, they are abusing the same tax loopholes they condem the Republicans for using.
    They talk about reform, just as long as they are not bothered by it.

    They want to tax us even more to give to social programs. Where do you think the money Obama want to spend is going to come from? the working middle class making under 50,000 a year. If you want something, go out and EARN it. Don’y sit on your fat ass and whine that so an so has something and you deserve it to. YOU DON’T. That is why this country is in dissarray. To many handouts to people who do not deserve them.
    I am not talking about Democrats, just liberals. The true Democrats have very good ideas and programs. They just keep getting subverted by the damn liberals in the party.

    Q: What do you call 1000 drowned liberals? A: A good start.

  30. el ces

    Daddy Lohan wouldn’t just be saying that, because he knows word’ll get back to Lindsay?
    Has she forgiven him? Is this mere butt-kissery?

  31. Has she forgiven him? Is this mere butt-kissery?

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