Lindsay Lohan’s dad fires back at Barack Obama

Michael Lohan called out the Barack Obama campaign after they passed on Lindsay Lohan’s offer to host events for young voters. A source in the Democratic candidate’s camp told the Chicago Sun-Times that Lindsay “”is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us.” Michael had the following to say to TMZ:

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion and so is Obama and his staff. Then again, you know what they say about opinions. Unfortunately, for them, to make such a comment about my daughter was a big mistake … Look at Angelina Jolie and the wonderful things she has done in her life, and now watch how Lindsay does the same.”

There’s only two logical conclusions I can draw from Michael Lohan’s statement: 1.) Barack Obama is a secret asshole. And 2.) Lindsay Lohan is pregnant with no less than fifty children. (I could’ve said Lindsay is about to become a respected actress but HA HA HA…)