Lindsay Lohan’s dad called the sheriff on her

April 22nd, 2010 // 42 Comments

And it’s time for another Michael Lohan media stunt.

Just this afternoon Lindsay’s dad, under a surprisingly legitimate premise, managed to convince two sheriff deputies to go with him to Lindsay’s house to check on her sister Ali, according to TMZ:

We’re told Ali was in the apartment and deputies spoke with her. Deputies left and Ali was allowed to stay with Lindsay.
We’re told Michael is now going to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, per the advice of the Sheriff’s Department.
Sources say Michael made a “compelling case” to Sheriff’s deputies — we’re told Michael told deputies Ali was in Lindsay’s car on the way back from Coachella and the car was going over 100 mph.

In the meantime, Lindsay has been tweeting the whole thing. Of course:

i have no choice but to make this public, due to my sister’s safety, as well as my own, “my ex-dad” just WALKED INTO MY APT like the devil’s advocate with officers….
let’s not forget, that my father KIDNAPPED me from a COURT ROOM when i was 4 years old and is CRAZY
he has NEVER paid child support, and is marrying a tabloid writer and can barely spell his own name due to his “brain” that has been ruined due to HIS drug use.

While not letting Lindsay raise Ali makes all kinds of sense, giving Michael Lohan custody makes your brain want to rip itself in half from the pure absence of logic. Unless vagina kicking is somehow an effective way to keep kids off drugs, then I’m on board.


  1. Que

    Que but no debuty?

  2. Richard McBeef

    That sister is goddamn dog.

  3. Kill them all!

    Can’t someone just kill all of them? Pretty Please?

  4. bribios

    Ali used to be kind of cute, now she looks like a worn out bar fly twice her age. Sad what happens when you party too much.

  5. rex kramer

    It’s like a before and after picture.

  6. rex kramer

    It’s like a before and after picture.

  7. xylus

    The Lohans are less appealing than the Manson family….

  8. j m

    Supermodel Ali is fine.
    Mike & Lindsay need to to talk.

  9. LJ

    Lindsay needs someone around to hold her head while she vomits in the toilet.

  10. Sean

    I hate to say this. I think they are both right.

    Lindsay should not be anywhere near a teen aged girl. Or any human really. Ali is a victim of extreme parental neglect at the very least. The father has a right to insure his child is safe.

    However, Michael Lohan is among the bigger assholes alive. Pimping his kids for fame and drugs. Like his ex-wife. He also only decided to get involved in this for his publicity.

    I think perhaps sterilizing the entire family by force is the only solution. Perhaps sending them off to a deserted island to spare the rest of us. Drop them food and blow once a week.

  11. Tek

    Geez this REALLY must be a slow news day…

  12. TJ

    HOLY SHI* THAT’S LINDSAY’S YOUNGER SIS???? She looks twice her age!!! She’s what 15? 16? Looks to be pushing late 30′s…and like an above poster said…a worn our bar fly! TO say the least. She looks like she downs the bottle nightly along with 2 packs of cigs a day.
    SAD, SAD, SAD. They could be good lookin’ girls.

  13. abby

    Why doesn’t Lindsey and her mom get restraining orders against Micheal for the whole family?

  14. Bob

    @ 1, did you mean “deputy” because if you did… well didn’t you hear, he’s dead… shot.

  15. justifiable

    Well, one thing’s for sure – we know now she has absolutely no idea what “devil’s advocate” means.

    I, for one, am shocked.

  16. SO RIGHT

    I think Lindsay Lohan has an issue or two, BUT, her father has a few hundred issues. Michael Lohan strikes me as either a narcissistic jerk or a total sociopath. Can’t quite figure out which one, but — either way, everything he does is for himself. I think he sits and thinks of ways to make money off his children and to try to make himself look like a far better man than he is. This man would sell his own kids to make a buck. Make no mistake.

  17. Wow. These chicks will be dead by 2011 no doubt. She was at this party smokin something green last week.

  18. Deacon Jones

    Lindsay looks ok too..

  19. Sara

    This bother’s the hell out of me…I am a mother and I sure the hell am not going to make some televised media ordeal out of my child having issues! Whether it be drugs or alcohol or even depression. If you are so freakin worried about your child then get her the fucking help she needs and stop talking to the media.. It is called get her conserved and help her.. Don’t they not realize that everytime they tell stories and bring the media into her personal struggles it makes her worse.. Ignorant ass ppl.

  20. whatthe

    Ali looks like a troll. If she wasn’t Lindsay’s sister, she’d have no career.

  21. Billy Baloney

    Whoa Nellie, that’s one haggard-looking sixteen year old right there. Did her surgeon leave enough space between those sad little titties or what? She looks like she needs a few good meals and an afternoon or two in the sun. I’m sure whoever she’s blowing for her half-grams tells her how pretty she is, though.

  22. Summers Eve

    Those sandals Ali is wearing should be outlawed. Fuuuggglly!

  23. Summers Eve

    And Lindsay’s footwear are even worse. They must be high to look like that in public.

  24. Mr Obama

    Come on Lindsay, I have you in my death pool…..

  25. SATAN

    Jesus, these are the parties Lohan has been forced to stoop to? in the first picture that woman on the far left looks like either she’s straight outta the Great Depression or she’s on her way to the market to barter for some magic beans.

  26. small asian penis

    Watch Michael Lohan interview from this afternoon!!

    He looks short, that is why his chair is jacked up.

  27. justifiable

    #19 Actually, you need to amend your statement to “I’m a good mother” – and also realize not every sperm donor comes with that impulse. Lohan isn’t ignorant, he’s callous, self-absorbed and as useless as tits on a boar. He simply cares about himself, money and publicity before anything else and doesn’t give a shit about what being a good parent means.

    No parent who’s worth a damn would think of feeding his/her media whore jones first before he tried to help his child. Lohan’s priority is the attention first, and if the kid listens, well, that’ll be nice, too – because then maybe he can cash , either by guilting her for some bucks when she turns her life around and starts working for a change, or else by working the ungrateful-child angle.
    Of course the fact that he’s doing this in the spotlight makes his daughter more resistant to doing anything – his actions come with a built-in excuse for her to reject them and deny she has a problem, so they hurt her more in the long run. Think he really cares about that? I don’t.

    Michael Lohan is a useless sponging parasitic fuck who only cares about his kids because of what they can do for him. Lindsay would’ve been better off being born an orphan.

  28. dee

    those knees are lookin rough

  29. Anonymous

    These Lohan sisters are obviously in their mid-Forties by looking at them. Still surprise that daddy has so much influence over their lives.

  30. small asian penis

    Yes he is a sociopath.

  31. gross

    She is such a mess


    She is soooo NOT interesting


    please come up with some better celeb news… she is old hat

  32. She want to media Attention every time that s why they do such kind of thing.It is another kind of publicity by lidsay lohan.

  33. Rhialto

    I suggest that mr. M. Lohan should do anything what’s in his power to get miss Lindsay Lohan in rehab (or behind bars).

  34. Nero

    Doesn’t LiLo like these free methadone shots in rehab?

  35. forties by looking at them. Still surprise that daddy has so much influence over their lives.

  36. captain america

    this stuck up hasn’t got a boyfriend, nor a job, nor kids of her own.

    well, don’t count on it………….

  37. Michael Lohan is complaining about excessive speed? How about the fact that LL took Ali to Coachella? Anyone who’s been to a concert like that knows it’s booze, drugs and sex (not necessarily in that order). It’s not like they went to “enjoy the music.”

    And why isn’t Ali in school like a normal teen!?

  38. Peter Griffin says...

    The “devil’s advocate”??? WTF does she think that phrase really means???

    Maybe Lohan should go to college before she tries to use big words.

  39. Psycho

    Both of ‘em forgot to take off their nut hospital ID bracelets.

  40. Julie

    Hahaha. Lindsey should’ve stayed in school.

  41. Nefarious

    Lindsay’s face says it all. In fact, it says several things. But I’d rather not repeat them!

  42. Both of ‘em forgot to take off their nut hospital ID bracelets.

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