Lindsay Lohan’s coke ass for your edification

March 3rd, 2010 // 184 Comments

Lindsay Lohan flashes her ass and other body parts in this Terry Richardson photo shoot for Purple magazine, and to me, the sexiest part of these shots is the horrific gashes on her knees followed closely by the self-inflicted razor cuts. It’s almost as if they captured the very essence of hepatitis but with just the right amount of sophistication because Lindsay’s so fancy. Sort of like looking at the inside of Buckingham Palace, through a used condom.

Photos: Terry Richardson/Purple

  1. jude


  2. bar room hero

    I’d snort a rail of her @ss…

  3. bar room hero

    …total slag though.

  4. Boxy Brown

    Another white girl suffering from “noassatall” disease.

  5. Marko

    Smoking is still soooo sexy!

  6. cdmmmmm

    no buttttt lol!

  7. Yummy!

    Kind of makes me wish I would’ve been her Dad and railed her when she was 16 and still totally hot.
    I’m sure if I was her dad i’d still be hittin’ it now.

  8. hateyoufornoreason

    You know you are beyond help when even photoshop doesn’t do any good.

  9. Bob

    these shots aren’t NSFW. Come on!! i’d still bang her so hard my dick would burn for 3 days!

  10. Ripper Owens

    N.A.S.T.Y. ASS

    Give it up dirt bag! Your a rotted crack whore!

  11. Rasputins Liver


    Wow. This new format realy sucks.


    Particularly the extremely irritating sidebar to the right and all the goddamn bounty hunter shit.


    Trust me. This is NOT the way, this pissing people off on here with this shitty grossly overt advertising shit, to get me to watch some tv program!


  12. Ripper Owens

    BTW I guarantee Michael Lohan is “pulling his goalie” to these pics of his daughter.

    He’s probably doing a few lines and drinking beers. Sweaty upper lip and all, “cranking it” to his daughters pictures after every line or two of coke.

  13. Nate

    Being in ‘Purple’ is a huge freaken honor you have no idea.

  14. Dank

    Holy airbrushing Batman! Even her freckles and age spots disappeared. Not even natural looking nor sexy.

  15. ohhhyaeeeer

    mmmmmmmmmmmm slasher girl. mmmmmmmmmmmmm she makes me want to vom and then fuck her with a wrench.. (?)

  16. The O

    I don’t know, maybe I have a dirty girl fetish but I’d hit it.

  17. sweetessie

    Something about her face In the 4th pic she reminds me of the “double-dildo” scene in Requiem for a Dream (where Jennifer Connelly’s character has lesbian sex with a double sided dildo for drugs).

    Mostly though, these photos just make me sad. She looks so tiny.

  18. Rasputins Liver


    Oh, forgot to comment on the actual post, that’s how irritated by the new look of The Superficial I am. So, on that note…


    …that hag pictured above still looks like an at least 39 1/2 year old meth addict. All the airbrushing in the world can’t change what we all already know and have seen.


  19. Doug

    That star is so over-used

  20. your mom

    Is she taking a shit?

  21. salsa

    Works for me!

  22. Rossco

    Oh yeah, baby, show me those liver spots! *vomit*

  23. a2650415

    You guys are idiots. She’s put some weight back on, especially on her boobies, and I think she looks great. All of you with such high standards can, in actuality, only dream.

  24. blt

    @ 10 Ripper

    ‘your’ means a form of possession. e.g. your grammar skills suck and as a troll you ought to be better.

    ‘you’re’ means ‘you are’ in contracted form. e.g. you’re a shitty troll

    tips for your next post.

  25. RebelMinion

    They sure did manage to pack a whole lotta crazy into that girl.

  26. Twinkle

    Here’s an idea, instead of posing in magazines, posing to be a model. Why not lay low and actually try to focus on getting movie roles? Such an attention whore.

  27. Giorgio!

    Say what you want but she is a beautiful girl and has a heck of a nice body(she has gained some weight), looks good. Just hate the blond hair(thank god she is back to darker hair), hate the fucking smoking and I am not a fan of the poses, anyway she needs to stop with these magazines already and concentrate on getting her career back on track. With all that being said she is beautiful and anyone who denies it is either a girl or is gay.

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  29. Mr.Peanut

    Nice airbrushing/photoshop on her @ss. That thing had to be either really saggy or have some serious cottage cheese. Either way, FAIL!!

  30. dodecaheedron

    fuck her slowly with a chainshaw already…

  31. merilhepburn

    Nicer body than most of the fatties I see on the street. Cocaine is probably the answer to the obesity problem of America.

  32. Those clever garments hide the fact that aside from her droopy breasts, she’s pretty much built like a sausage: no hips, no ass, no curves at all.

  33. We like crazy

    There’s nothing like watching a human crash & burn that gets us rev’d up. We would hit that

  34. Clamhammer

    My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

  35. She’ll always be that shanty Irish kid who went to Catholic school even though her parents really couldn’t afford it.

  36. Gary

    I was thinking she looked pretty good, but then I saw the cigarette. Gross, filthy smoker.

  37. Gueibor

    Deviated septum.
    Also, overfreckled boobsum.

  38. Will al the shit she have put out lately

    I almost almost forgot she has great boobs…

  39. mfbinc

    i’d bang her….

  40. erik

    I love all the insults about her looks. In reality, she actually looks better than 75% of women her age.

  41. She is so beautiful, and i like her, she looking so sexy and so hot in bikini, and watch her figure and her boobs,, that is so attractive,

  42. I’m hotter than this cunt. And less of a cock tease (being gay and posing naked for men?? Just cruel… when I pose, I mean what I say…)

  43. coco

    I feel sorry for her in this…no really, poor girl, she is completely lost.

  44. k

    really, the cigarette is the turn off in most of those. she’s got some nice cleavage or something going on and then BAM you see she’s smoking and to be honest thats such a fucking turn off…

  45. I tell you what. She is a little hottie :O)

  46. HLM

    Really?!? You had to put the pink star over the side of someone’s ass??

  47. They photoshopped her enough to make her look under 35, and you mean to tell me they couldn’t do something about the scabby knees and bad nose/lip job? Complete fuckery. She looks better here than she does usually, but if she didn’t have such a great boob job, we would have stopped talking about this cokewhore years ago. I wish she’d just leave the hard drugs alone (everyone loves a drunk Lindsay), dye her hair back red, and start being hot again already.

  48. HLM

    And wtf is with the scab on her knee?!? They can airbrush out her freckles but not a scab??

  49. wtf

    I can’t even take her seriously when she does photoshoots or interviews. She’s gotten really pathetic.

  50. Superbiggerevil

    I can smell her filthy ashtray cunt from here.

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