Lindsay Lohan’s breasts help Haiti. Somehow.

February 17th, 2010 // 65 Comments

PLANNER #1: What if we invited someone whose overall career and appearance resembles the current condition of Haiti thus reminding people of its plight?
PLANNER #2: Gary Coleman? No, wait. — Lindsay.
PLANNER #1: I’ll ready the coke buffet.

Photos: Splash News

  1. IKE

    She looks like a $2 crack whore. SMH.

  2. Melly

    She looks horrible, as usual. I don’t get why clubs and companies pay her to show up…. What kind of publicity are they really giving themselves?

  3. HLM

    Is it just me…Or is she trying to look like Megan Fox?

  4. Everlost

    Does anyone else think she’s trying to look like Megan Fox? And failing.

  5. wtf

    She looks so gross. Why doesn’t someone tell her she looks fucking RETARDED when she dyes her hair?!?!?!?!

  6. Larry Fine

    Looks great for a 40 year old mom of 10. I’d hit it.

  7. NewsOfTheWorld

    If she’s not still on drugs, then she’s talking ugly pills or somehting. I mean, she’s dressed up in these pics, she’s trying to look her best. I feel bad for her, no career left, a laughing stock, she’s famous for being a train-wreck. The only thing left is to O.D., sorry to say…

  8. beep beep

    That dress makes her look absolutely HUGE around the middle and saggy in the bustline. And normally she looks like a freakin’ skeleton.

  9. ariasage

    damn she looks busted

  10. Zee Brat

    She’s really trying to channel Megan Fox in picture #4

  11. panda scare

    I like her double-chin in picture #5 where it looks like shes trying to drop a load in her pants.

  12. Carissa

    Yes we all know she’s a train wreck but she is still very pretty and if she cleaned up i think she’d get it back. those eyes are killers.

  13. Alex

    Holy shit… she looks like shit!

  14. Ht

    definitely megan fox. same hair, same lipstick. same pouty arrogance.

  15. discontent

    megan fox ripoff and a shitty one at that. just die bitch

  16. Looks like shit and definitely high!!!!!or on ugly pills!!!!

  17. Looks like shit and definitely high!!!!!or on ugly pills!!!!

  18. Mr. Nice Guy

    Here is how her Tits raised money. I saw the headline, decided to Text Haiti” to 90999 just to show that her Tits did raise money. Any other women want to step up!
    $10 text message donation initiative (text “Haiti” to 90999), do it and post here! Let’s raise $100.00 for Haiti!

  19. Ambrose

    Who the fuck dyes her hair? She must do it herself at home. It is whore-anus! Can she not dye the widow’s peak? FUUUUUUUCK – She’s fugly.

  20. glace neuf

    i’d hit it, then hit megan fox and her stubby thumbs, then compare notes, then hit both at the same time

  21. Ego

    At this point, she looks too tore up to have a career in porn. What a waste.

  22. Those fake green eyes are the bomb, aren’t they? This one has brown eyes just like Paris Hilton and could never deal with the fact. What the hell is so bad about brown eyes?

  23. Randal

    Talk about an explosion of beauty! Lindsay continues to change her look, keeping her in the spotlight as many great actors are able to do time and again. Those stunning green eyes lure you in and those full lips speak of endless loving kisses.


  24. Ming Lee

    Dearest Randal,

    Your posts are always very thoughtful and considerate. You are such a compassionate man, and have an amazing way with words. When I read your posts, I get so turned on, that my white cotton panties turn into a sopping wet mess. I wish you would jump in your camaro and speed over to my apartment right now and stuff your throbbing, blood-engorged pork sword into my quivering, goo-filled sausage wallet. I just washed the folds of my fupa with a rag-on-a-stick, so my ‘lady business’ no longer smells like rancid Parmesean and boiled carp strained through a dirty sweat sock. I duct-taped a beard trimmer to a yardstick and shaved my ass too. I’m sooo ready for you, dear Randal. Come to me, my love. *sigh*

  25. Ugly pills. Good one. No folks, even w/her new mouth she isn’t pretty. She dyed her hair dark & doesn’t have the bone structure to pull it off. You were fooled by the red & blond light hair. When someone can pull off the dark hair & turn heads, then you know. She can’t. Both of her parents aren’t lookers, along w/her siblings so why are you surprised? We all know that butterface w/the bleach dye job who turns heads just b/c people want to see the face that matches the blond, pray it is a looker. Come on, you all know the bleached blond butterface, the hot body butterface and my all time favorite, The Asian Butterface!

  26. My God Randal, you are so easily fooled and must come from a family of BUTERFACES!

  27. Giorgio!

    You people are idiots, she is a pretty girl. A mess but still a beautiful girl. Nothing like ugly fat jealous women and gays bitchin on a gossip board because they are fat, ugly and have no life.

  28. Dave ain't here man

    … and those sublime effervescent nostrils conjure visions of the four pounds of blow it took to get her out of the house today.

  29. SithRage

    Bruce Willis doesn’t look very happy with her in pic #1.

  30. Ben

    Is it just me or is Bruce Willis working security in the background of pic 1. I know Surrogates tanked but come on Bruce, it’s not that bad yet.

  31. herbiefrog

    poor dress choice ?
    does she have a stylist? fire her…
    lipstick doll ?
    w t fuck ?

    even we are disappoineted…

    still… made some cash for haiti?

  32. Sport

    She looks like a 45 year old crack whore.
    I guess I nailed it except for her age.

  33. death warmed over


  34. Nate

    She earn over 18 million in 2009 . So yea keep hatin while she laughs all the way to the bank.

  35. herbiefrog

    thats wot we like to hear : ))

    annoying pesky things…

    [brush them off...]

    dooo tell… )

  36. Lalala

    I love that other people agree that she is trying to look like Megan Fox. First thing I thought when I saw these pictures.

  37. I call 'em as I see 'em

    In pic #1, as she bends over, you can see that one of her tits (her left) has a “ripple” in it. And don’t tell me that it’s just hanging away from her body. Look at the edge- that shit is NOT normal.
    Unless your tits are fake, that is…
    Ladies and Gentlemen, they are not real.
    She had me fooled.

  38. gross

    My God, she looks ESPECIALLY disgusting in these pictures…horrific. She looks 50 years old. YUCK

  39. gross

    My God, she looks ESPECIALLY disgusting in these pictures…horrific. She looks 50 years old. YUCK

  40. styles

    What’s Bruce Willis doing in the background?!?!

  41. Crabby Old Guy

    Hey look – it’s Eva Peron! Lookin’ good for an old dead broad!

  42. herbiefrog

    when you have $800 mm to spend let us know

    or figure something out ?

  43. still pretty

    Trying to look like Megan Fox, obviously =(
    But c’mon she still is pretty, you can tell she has nice features under that 4 inches of makeup

  44. Rasputins Liver


    That’s Lindsay fuckin’ Lohan?!?


    Damn! Bitch is beat to shit. Chris Brown get a hold of her or somethin’?


  45. peanuts

    those boobs are lumpy…. bad job or something more serious going on….

  46. Brooke

    Holy god, I didn’t even recognize her. This is honestly the worst I’ve EVER seen Lindsay Lohan look. And that is saying something.

  47. GravyGoodbread

    I THOUGHT MEGAN FOX TOO! She’ll never be as hot as megan.

  48. GravyGoodbread

    I THOUGHT MEGAN FOX TOO! She’ll never be as hot as megan.

  49. i like this girl, she has a genuine smile. very petty too.

  50. Gueibor

    She totally looks like a cross between Marilyn Manson and Heather Matarazzo on #1.
    DISCLAIMER: No offense was intended through the above to either Ms. Matarazzo or Mr. Warner.

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