Lindsay’s bracelet went off

June 8th, 2010 // 38 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet reportedly went off Sunday night at an MTV Movie Awards after-party, according to People:

It remains unclear whether alcohol was detected in her system or if the device was tampered with. Either one would alert authorities.
Lohan, 23, could face jail time if the judge in her case rules that the actress violated the conditions of her bail – which include abstaining from alcohol and submitting to random drug testing. Judge Marsha Revel is expected to receive the SCRAM report soon, the source says, and could order Lohan in for an immediate bail revocation hearing.

As much as I want to see Lindsay tossed in jail, I think we all have to acknowledge it’s a pretty amazing feat she made it this long. I mean, shit, it’s been what two, almost, three weeks? That must’ve been like 500 years to her. She probably watched movies about the Holocaust and went “What do they know?” before chewing on her ankle.

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  1. Wander


  2. Taz

    in this pic she looks like she had something to drink

  3. chupacabra

    she’s just not… wearing pants here.

  4. Stephanie

    She used to be so pretty…what the hell happened?! I miss the non-drug addict, non-50-year-old-woman looking Lindsay…What a shame! And as a fellow ginger…she looks better as a red head!! No more blonde…

  5. I’m also surprised at the length of time she went with just painkillers. To my knowledge, there’s no medical reason someone would need to metabolize ethanol. However, this will either end up as a glitch (most likely) or an errant reading of the painkillers. Too many powerful people in Hollywood still bleed for this tramp. The judge has no control over that. She’ll be disbarred if she pissed off the powers that be.

  6. its me fuckers

    they will find some excuse for it to have gone off. Someone ‘spilled’ a drink on her and it either splashed on her SCRAM bracelet or splashed down her gullet… that will be like the coke in her system, someone in the room was doing coke and someone else turned on a fan and it all just FLEW up her nose. True story.

  7. Bye bye, WHOREhan

    Uh, Alex (#5), try to think first before you post. The only way that a judge can be disbarred is through a violation of the cannon of ethics (typically lying or financial misdeeds). That’s not going to happen here, as judges are not in a position to be disbarred like a normal lawyer. Especially because of “pissing off the powers that be”…

    Regarding WHOREhan, I say toss her stupid ass in jail. The only thing this bitch reacts to is getting smacked in the face (figuratively and literally), so toss her drunk ass in jail & she’ll finally get the word.

  8. Katie

    What excuse do you think she’ll use?

    1. Someone spilled a drink on my ankle.
    2. I was drinking Synergy kombucha.
    3. I used Listerine.
    4. Someone shook a champagne bottle everywhere and I was innocently in the line of fire.
    5. Wardrobe malfunction, I was trying to change my outfit and my boot pulled off the bracelet when I was removing them…

    The list goes on.

  9. Deacon Jones

    Is it me, or are Scram bracelets a modern day miracle??

    I have to stand in a 10 foot area in my house just to get a cell phone signal, and this bitch is in another city with a bracelet that monitors here blood levels real time?

    How the fuck do these things work?

  10. JChief


    The bracelets don’t “work”. They are just empty plastic doohickies. All the authorities do is look at this skank and say:

    “You’ve been drinking last night and the night before. You also did coke and banged three random men. The bracelet says so”.

    She probably smiles to herself thinking that she “got away” with the stuff they don’t mention.

  11. ®usty

    If I saw that crackwhore on the streets I’d throw my beer at her or pour it on her leg. Just to get her bail revoked! Ha! We should start a campaign to pour booze on Lilo & get her bail revoked.

  12. Borat

    My bad, I spill gypsy wine on her ankle while looking at scram bracelet.

  13. Jen

    @11: I like how you think

  14. Katie


    Like she needs any help. Please, give the girl the credit she deserves as an adept fuck-up.

  15. l

    Double chin…. “Nice”. She’s starting to look like a blonde Elvis. Watch those twinkie bars while you’re detoxing, girl.

  16. Jim

    The bracelets measure your sweat for alcohol every hour, at random times. Then they upload the data via a wireless modem every evening. If she was drinking the readings will slowly start going up, then slowly go down as she metabolizes the alcohol. Sometimes you can get a single bad reading, and that will be ok. But if you are actually drinking you will get a series of positive readings.

  17. Annie Rexia

    The bracelet went off?

    Looks like Samantha Ronson has to stop douching with Jak Daniel’s.

  18. chi chi

    She has probably been taking oxy as a pain killer for her tooth extractions, has a script for Adderall and who knows what else. She can get any doctors to prescribe anything, and the courts cant do anything about it.
    Just because there’s no booze involved means nothing and what about her new botoxed forehead? It took years off her old appearance, the oldest looking 23 yr old I ever saw btw.

  19. Deacon Jones


    Hmmm. I guess it would pretty hard to walk around with a portable fridge attached to your leg while you’re partying….I’m sure someone’s found a way to beat this thing.

    I dont even have one and I get pissed thinking about having to wear it.

  20. bimbamboing

    Yes that’s right,long-term chained dogs start to chew as well on the chain.

  21. cellphone

    Did she spill some cocaine on this bracelet?!

  22. Nero

    To avoid this is going to happen a second time.Aren’t there any SCRAM bracelets with sharp pointy spikes?!

  23. Throw the book at this cunt. Preferably at her head.

  24. whatever...

    she tweeted that someone put a light-up bracelet in her boot. SCRAMs aren’t an alarm for the general public, they’re just to monitor to see if she has had a drink at somepoint, not catch her in the act.

  25. Mooby

    At least we now know what non-cartoon Velma looks like…

  26. Captain

    Quit posting these stories unless it is 100% positive she will end up in a Turkish prison. You get my hopes up and then she walks. C’mon if you can give journalistic Blue Balls then I got em.

  27. Poor Lindsay….will she ever win. And no, that line of coke on the coffee table was not hers.

  28. Mike Litoris

    Lindsay looks really good with the coke bloat.

  29. Urbanspaceman

    She’ll LILO her way out of this one, as usual.

  30. I’d throw one in the Velma lookin’ broad in the Metallica shirt walking behind her.

    That is all.

  31. captain america

    unfortunately her sick brains are still there!!

  32. Badger Bob

    If the bracelet went off it means alcohol — it doesn’t monitor for drug use. So she lost $100,000 in bail? Wow. How the hell she can come up with that much money without a job is difficult for me to fathom.

  33. Marlyn

    This just goes to show how bad off she is. She can’t even control herself under tight supervision of the court. Hi, I’m Lindsey Lohan, if I drink, I’m busted…oh well, screw it, gulp gulp. She’ll be lucky if she makes it to 40.

  34. Marlyn

    @ Heavy Street

    Right, right, it wasn’t hers! It was her assistant’s. That bag they found in her pants a while back wasn’t hers either. She was wearing her assistant’s pants and her assistant just happen to forget she had a bag of coke in the pocket. Don’t coke heads usually keep track of their bags and uh, snort it til its gone? She’s such a moron and anyone who believes her is too. How can one person possibly get away with so much?

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