Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend is hot

May 9th, 2006 // 147 Comments

I’m 90% sure the clown in the hat isn’t Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend, but when an anonymous source makes wild allegations backed up by absolutely no facts whatsoever who am I to question? Honestly though, I’m not even sure the guy is a guy, or even Lohan’s friend for that matter. He’s dressed like a homeless man and his shoes look like they belong to Forrest Gump. Buy, hey, maybe he is Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend. She went out with Fez, so an effeminate looking homeless boy shouldn’t be that much more surprising.

UPDATE: Mother of God, that really is Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend and he’s actually a model. His name is James Burke and he was most recently linked with Kate Moss. Apparently cocaine causes blindness now.


  1. sundaybl00dysunday


  2. sundaybl00dysunday

    She is giving free sex to the homeless! that is what I call charity! and the free sex also comes whit free herpes!

  3. honey

    her new boyfriend is michael jackson?

  4. How dare you insult my boyfriend? I think I have the world’s most exquisite taste. I can’t get enough of Emilio Estevez for example.

  5. killerkat

    OMG!! who picks her clothes!????!!
    why she keeps dressing uglier and uglier?? as if she hasn’t all that money and could’n buy something that doesn’t make her look like somebody taken out of a trash container or a homeless shelter!!!!

  6. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    He looks like another incarnation of Johnny Depp. And WTF is up with those godawful leggings? Were they having a $1 sale at Forever 21?

  7. wolverette

    She has HOLES in her LEGGINGS.

    What the fuck.

  8. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    And look at the saggy places in them where they look like they were yanked down really fast. Which isn’t a far stretch of the imagination as far as Ho-han is concerned.

  9. mutterhals

    So now she’s dating Winona Ryder? (WTF is that thing?)

  10. GAH-dy

    mmmm, i want to lick his shoes clean

  11. MotherOfPearl

    Has 80s fashion returned? I know coke was big in the 80s, so maybe she’s trying to bring back all things 80s?

  12. Is she a member of the Celebrity Fuck of the Week Club? Every time I look at the cover of US Weekly she’s sucking some new cock. Her mom needs to stage an intervention before her herpetic and syphilitic puss drops off or develops a life of its own (if it hasn’t already). Fucking her has got to be like fucking a glass of water. On a clear day I bet you can smell her cootch from a mile away.

  13. waterranger

    Wow that outfit way uglier than the one she is wearing on Go Fug Yourself. Like, ew.

  14. sweetcheeks

    All she needs are some hypercolor t-shirts and an acid washed denim jacket. And she needs to crimp her hair. GOD the eighties sucked.

  15. And as for the new guy, if he isn’t the living definition of “half a fag” I don’t know who is.

  16. He looks a lot like Taylor Hanson. Mormons gone wild??

  17. Is that other chick Chelsea Clinton? No really, I’m serious.

  18. killerkat

    and the three of them seem to desperately need to take a bath!!! just look at the yucky cheesy hair ewww and the ugly darker roots in all of them ewww

  19. BigJim

    This is a true story about her fucking the homeless. I know because LL dropped by my cardboard box the other day and asked if I wanted a charity lay.

    I said, “No thanks,” and went and fucked a sewer pipe instead.

  20. lucycharms

    He is probably her drug dealer.

    Can someone please tell Lindsay that if you must wear leggings…. you should throw them away once they have runs in them.

  21. snarky_girl

    Okay, I can get past the ugly clothes, almost. But they are TORN!!!!! Does she not have peons to go get her a new pair???

  22. PandoraKnight



    Lindsay Lohan shares a public

  23. Land-Man

    That isn’t Lindsay’s boyfriend, It’s my Land-Cock. I dressed it up like a retarded guy to remind Lindsay of Fez.

  24. hurley


  25. polypam

    You can always tell when Lindsay Lohan has consulted her stylist and when she is just winging it on her own. White leggings with lace cuffs?!! And they’ve got such “edgy punk rock” runs in them. Did she dumpster dive for those gems? MY EYES! MY EYES!

  26. miss_paris

    i think he is her drug dealer.

  27. heifferzzz

    #7 clearly you meant, ‘Pojnd Nhyep’ or some other arrangment of those letters and mistakingly came out with ‘Johnny Depp’ because Johnny is devine and dirty sexless creatures in whitetrash outfits are called pojnd nhyep/dnoy jne php/jepod hnpny…

  28. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    But Johnny always looks so scruffy, so unkempt…so FRENCH.

    But I do love Captain Jack Sparrow. See? It fits him–scruffy, dirty, weird.

  29. If she’s taking hand me downs from Kate Moss, you know what’s next – Pete Doherty.

    Excuse me while I head off to Times Square in a robe, so I can hold up a sign saying “The End of the World is Near”

  30. Jacq


    That guy looks like he’d be Kate Moss’s type, but I can’t see his teeth or his track marks…

  31. Jacq

    The guy who mows my yard and barely speaks English had cleaner tennis shoes.

  32. killerkat

    ahhh bastards!!!
    some innocent homeless people must want their hat, leggings, shoes and pants back!!!

    thet live in cardboard boxes for God’s sake!!! stealing clothes from the homeless, you’ll go to hell!!!

  33. SheasGirl


  34. 86

    He looks like her twin sister.

  35. Spacedog

    Kinda looks to me like they got carded at the R-rated movie and don’t know what to do next.

  36. fblau


    What better way to say you both suck and Suck.

  37. badfishstan

    I swear, it’s gotta be Jesse Camp!

  38. gogoboots

    He’s hot actually, but I can’t see his face. He does look like a girl and like Linds twin…ugh!

  39. 86

    Wait no, it’s Jacko.

  40. 86

    HA! @37

  41. pinky_nip

    Is he trying out for the remake of Benny & Joon?

  42. Cisi

    And someone please tell the hail-a-cab assistant that oversized-shirt-over-leggings is NOT a look to emulate. Ugh. A Lindsay wannabe – HAHA! That’s funny. Oh, and scary.

  43. pinky_nip

    Man, this chick will fuck anything that isn’t nailed down.

  44. PeteMcLochness

    fuck, fuck, motherfuck, fuck… where’s Silent Bob.

  45. newbondsux

    @18 – I’m 90% sure that’s chelsea…

    Which brings to mind a joke…

    What do you get when you cross a crooked politician and a crooked lawyer?

  46. playahater101

    #27, I agree. Those lace leggings with the runs in them are sickening. What I’d like to know is when the fashion world decided that great 80′s look is something they want to revisit. Flat shoes and leggings under oversized shirts with a big belt?? If I’d known that was coming back I’d have kept all my stuff from the 80′s including parachute pants, sweater dresses and jelly shoes. I’m sure they all paid a fortune for those clothes when they could have just gone garage sale hopping.

  47. gogoboots

    Those leggings are gross, they’re white and lacy…the two worst fashion combinations I can think of…!

  48. playahater101

    That is SO Chelsea Clinton.

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