Lindsay Lohan’s birthday party was a cash grab

Lindsay Lohan was apparently paid $70,000 for her swimsuit birthday party at the Wet Republic which guests report was a blatant cash grab for the broke actress. Page Six reports:

At the event, which served as a promotion for her Sevyn Nine self-tanning mist, Lohan changed bathing suits five times before throwing on club gear and dancing to Michael Jackson songs for the rest of the night.
But friends of Lohan say the event was less of a celebration and more of an urgent attempt to pull in some cash. “None of her really close friends were there,” said our insider, who noted that ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson was also missing from the festivities. “The only person who was even known was Brittny Gastineau.”

Ha ha, their source thought Lindsay has friends. That’s rich. But, seriously, who the hell decided it’d be a good idea to pay Lindsay Lohan $70,000 for an appearance? Even if she promised to wear ten bikinis and OD naked in the pool, there’s no way I would’ve paid a dollar over twenty bucks. And, okay, maybe a can of Red Bull. I’m an old softie.

Photo: Getty