Lindsay Lohan’s bikini- holy crap, WHERE ARE HER BOOBS?!

Lindsay Lohan went for a dip while partying in Cannes over the weekend. Is anyone else terribly disappointed by these pics as I am? I mean, you’d figure Lindsay Lohan in a bikini would look jugs-rific but not so much. So basically, Lindsay Lohan naked = meh. Lindsay Lohan in a bikini = meh meh. But Lindsay Lohan rocking the push-up bra = WOO-HOO!!! Remind me to send her a gift card to Victoria’s Secret. And some super glue.

EDIT: Speculation is high that this isn’t Lindsay Lohan, so I added some more shots. Personally, I’m having my doubts. No boobies, no freckles but the face and body look like her. Also the shots were taken in Eden Roc where Lindsay is staying. This will be one of the greatest debates of our time – until later when I post some wicked ass Kim Kardashian pics. Bam! I just popped you with a teaser. You should really wear a cup when visiting this site.