Lindsay Lohan’s baby bump? How in the…

May 12th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan arriving at LAX, and despite the rumors, there’s no way in hell I’m looking at a baby bump. There are 90-year-old women out there more fertile than Lindsay. Obviously, a flight attendant made her eat a sandwich on the flight. Or she swallowed a capibara at baggage claim. Either one.

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  1. K

    was bound to happen.

  2. Amy

    She’s such a Diva!

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  3. That’s just jizz bloat.

  4. PlushBarbieTits

    uh wasn’t jamie lynn spears supposed to be popping out her 2nd kid by now? people are stupid. lies!!

  5. michelle

    i agree with Janey… it is a jizz bloat.
    or… a weird angle.

  6. Darth

    I don’t know where that middle finger of her just has been.But i’ve my suspicions.

  7. FIZ

    The middle finger is so classy. But what’s up with the bandaged hands? Too much fisting?

  8. Mandy

    She’s not pregnant, she’s just… really fucking misshapen. That’s what you get when you live off of Red Bull & coke. Can’t this bitch just please move along?

  9. Randal

    Lindsay has always had an air of sexy chic around her and even more so now. You glow like an angel Lindsay and that’s because you’ve been blessed by one!



  10. belle

    she’s got a distended belly because she never eats. There is no way she’s that skinny and having periods.

    She needs to sort her life out. Or else her parents need to fucking help her. What a sorry mess.

  11. miggs

    The bloating is from an infection caused by a wristwatch Samantha lost up there.

  12. Anonymous

    Can someone please dickslap Randal?

  13. Norco

    I’m not here for Lindsay, who is getting boring, but for the subliminal advertising of the “chickdowntown” ad.

    Scroll down the page so the top part of the ad is covered, making the cut-off point right under the girl’s eye, and you’ll see what I mean.

  14. Eva

    *Mwah* :-*
    Love you, Randal!

  15. Norco

    Of course you have to keep refreshing to see the ad. Right under the “previous articles.”

  16. Dr. Phil

    Her body is undergoing the changes caused by a homosexual lifestyle. In other words, it’s getting uglier.

  17. Chatham

    That’s anorexia bloat. Same as Amy Winehouse.

  18. Sigh

    How in the world does this girl look pregnant? This girl’s bloated look is how people normally look. She’s probably bloated because she’s so skinny that 1lb will make a huge difference. Someone feed her something!

  19. Mike Hawk


  20. J-Dizzle

    @10 Randal

    You should down a bottle of radiator fluid and run face fist into traffic during rush hour.

  21. Jennyjenjen or J Cubed

    Looks like Lindsay’s plummet to a lower tax bracket is forcing her to shop at T.J. Maxx.

  22. miggs

    That’s just one horrendous paint-peeling eye-watering fart waiting to be ripped. Maybe two.

  23. loved`

    well i love lindsay and i thiink jt lik every1 if she wantes a baby then she could have one

  24. USMCmommy

    I like how she is flipping the photographer off in the first three frames – Hee!!!, very tastefully done!

  25. There would be no “bump” to be seen even if she was prego. Womens don’t show at 8 weeks.

  26. Kia

    There is no way she’d have a baby bump this early anyway…

    For someone that skinny and it’d be her first (that we know of!), you’re looking at week 20 before you’d see any recognizable bumpage.

  27. titsonsnack

    Her belly is bloated and distended from starving herself skinny, that’s all.
    Besides she’d have to be like, 4 months along to have a “baby bump”, pregnant bellies don’t just pop out the week after you get knocked up.

  28. yeah

    flippin’ off the paps…ever so classy…especially when you court them, Lilo…

  29. Ananana

    what’s that scar on her lower belly?

  30. Rich

    See, told you so. Sam Ronson is a male

  31. SoTe

    #11 is right! I was going to say that but belle said it first.

  32. K to the D

    Irregardless of why she looks prego Lindsey knows that people are talking about this and so she is purposefully playing it up to get more attention. What a coincidence that she happens to be wearing a belly shirt after these rumors come out! And seriously Lindsey eat a damn cookie. You look terrible!

  33. Boo

    She has starving child in africa disease.

  34. Guest

    @35…you stole my comment ;)
    that’s what happens to starving children.

    and @34…..”IRREGARDLESS” IS NOT A WORD!!!!!!

  35. Unub

    It’s not a baby bump. It’s a dumb whore cunt.

  36. say wha

    Her life must be so boring.

  37. pSue

    Looks like a turd baby.

  38. riz

    i dont get it. what is the subliminal advertising of teh chickdowntown ad?

  39. Lani

    Baby bump? I think not. Beer belly is more like it!!

  40. honey bee

    Its actually called ascities and can indicate liver failure among other things. You know those alkies that are about to keel over dead from drinking and they look pregnant? Her liver is probably failing from drugs, alcohol, lack of food and anorexia. that’s probably whats going here. Nice.

  41. There’s nothing there, that’s just the line seperation w/ the muscles…Christ, has anyone ever seen Pink’s muscles there? Same thing, just less formed

  42. janeyp

    Clearly NOT a baby bump.

  43. This is the last & desperate try to get some WORK?
    BUT, this action too, IS DESTINED TO FAIL ALSO, folks!!
    (nobody wants a cheater & liar anymore)

  44. Susan

    The “bloated” belly is just the malnutrition kicking in..

  45. marina

    chika own town!

  46. jennyjenjen / J Cubed

    THANK YOU 36!!! I can’t stand when people try to use irregardless.

  47. msmerymac

    She’s not pregnant. Plus, remember like 3 years ago when she had that abortion?

  48. Bo

    Nothing could survive in her withered, drug infested womb.

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