Lindsay Lohan’s warrant not exactly warranted?

March 16th, 2009 // 29 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s arrest warrant seems to be the result of a misunderstanding and will be resolved quickly today, according to TMZ:

Here’s why an arrest warrant was issued. Lindsay was in an alcohol ed program for more than a year and was in full compliance with her probation. Sources say not too long ago she decided to switch programs. She either was late or missed one of the classes at the new program — she says because the paparazzi made it impossible for her to show up on schedule. So the program director sounded the alarm last week to the court. And that’s why the judge issued a warrant.

And just to show how awesome she’s doing, I included pics of Lindsay trashed outside of Jack Nicholson’s house Saturday night. Is fellating a 70-year-old actor one of the 12 Steps? If so, sorry, liver. Hope you like gin.

Photos: Flynet

  1. lisabeller

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  2. devilsrain


  3. Jrz

    Uh oh. If she’s hangin with Jack she ain’t sober.

  4. It's Me Fuckers

    I’m not sure what is worse… gagging on Jack Nicholson’s weathered old cock or chomping on Sam’s skinny diseased cunt. Or being Lindsay.

  5. sin

    What would happen to us if we violated parole? I hate these so called celebrities. Thay are no better than the working class and in most instances, they are much worse. Why does the police give these people special treatment? All they do is play pretend. They contribute nothing to the nation that we can’t live without.

  6. beata

    A girl’s gotta do something to get photographed… it’s not like her career is earning her any attention, critical acclaim or money.

  7. devilsrain

    I liked the original line “If so, sorry, liver. Hope you like gin.” Oh well youre the writer. .

  8. GuyHolly

    Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, poor Jack.

  9. joho777

    Sorry, but you have it wrong, Superficial. Lindsay’s PR release has led you down the wrong path.

    Lindsay’s problems are a little more serious than missing or being late to an AA meeting.

    Lindsay is restricted by the terms of her DUI probation by the Superior Court to NOT DRIVE except to and from work. And as everyone knows, she hasn’t worked for over two years.

    But Monday night, she drove to Las Vegas on a whim to see Sam at a DJ gig. After a couple of hours of hard drinking, Lindsay threw a hysterical screaming temper tantrum, ran out and got in her Mercedes and drove back to LA.

    She was so upset she left her bodyguard on the curb in Las Vegas.

    And that is why she has to explain herself and her behavior to the Court.

    Her new lawyer is really going to have to be a magician if he thinks he can make this disappear.

  10. Davidww

    She’s hot!! what do ya say? huh?
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  11. Anu Patel

    She was glorious in Confesion of Shopaholic movie and I look forward to her next motion picture.

  12. damn…tasty tasty tasty.

  13. vanessa

    her liver? this girl is coked out of her mind.

  14. Valerie

    Dude, I KNOW how to party and there is no way she’s just on coke and booze in these pictures–no one laugh like this at 4:30 am from partying all night unless she’s on ecstasy and acid as well. You can disagree with me, but y’all don’t know SHIT.

  15. Jrz

    Hey all ya’ll…..Valerie here KNOWS how to party. She knows her fuckin shit, man. She KNOWS! We all don’t KNOW! We just don’t fuckin’ KNOW man.

    *rolls eyes* asshat.

  16. Hey, you leave Valerie alone! She’s remembering her 20s, and the Seventies weren’t exactly an easy time to be in your 20s.

  17. #16…agreed Valerie may be a asshat or used tampoon


    she got a point.

    Sir Charles don’t make me smiley like that at 4:30 am and anyways…nobody leaves a good charley party until the plate is dry. It certainly aint drying up at 4:30 am at Papa Jokers house. Party is only starting at 4:30am

    My bet is E.

  18. Jrz

    NO they were not RichPort. What with all the quaaludes and inexpensive weed flying around………

  19. Jrz

    Maybe she’s just plain old fashioned retarded.

  20. Holyfuck

    Damn, #13, you are such a Rebel frequenting a celebrity gossip site. Real tough and manly. I am sure all your KKK buddies would be impressed. Fuckin poser.

  21. #13 – Is that you Wally? If so, please, PLEEEEEASE, swallow a hand grenade.

    And pull the fucking pin you retard.

  22. Jennyjenjen

    Re6el can’t help it. He was born a loner, a re6el, a traitor.. the re6ellious spelling should have told you that much..

  23. HITLER

    Why won’t she die???


  24. SoTe

    Oh my my… she looks seriously fucked up in these pics. This bitch should dissapear… soon plz.

  25. dudewithabigcock

    Losers do drugs

  26. Doc

    While she is sooo f**ked up, it wasn’t 4:30am when those photos were taken… it was 1:20am. Just have to look at her watch. How many of ya’ll been that messed up at that hour? I have.

    Is she bipolar? She acts like it…. and the drinking and drugs fits as well.

    As for the rest? She is hot, but becoming more of skank with each passing month.

  27. RaraAvis

    Did anyone else notice that she blamed missing her treatment on the paparazzi? That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all night. If she gets stopped and asked to show her license, does she say that TMZ ate it?

  28. The glorious Confusion film lovers, shopping, and I look forward to a picture of her next move.

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