Lindsay Lohan would make a great Playboy Bunny


Director Brett Ratner, who dated Lindsay Lohan briefly, had some words to say about possibly casting her in his Hugh Hefner biopic. E! Online reports:

“She’s very talented…if she’s sober,” he considered, in response to our Q on whether or not the rehabbed hottie could hack it. “She would be great as a Playboy Bunny.”

Let me get out my scorecard here. Okay, so Lindsay wants to overthrow Britney and steal all her press. What has Lindsay done today: Gave a lame interview to Ok! Magazine and got her name dropped by a douchebag director no one likes. Not very good, but she did just get out of rehab, so it’s a start. Now what has Britney done: Passed a drug test, visited her kids with a court-mandated supervisor and flashed her crotch. Wow. That’s how you get press, baby! Lindsay, some advice, and I’m not even sure this will help: Do you think you can maybe squeeze out two biological kids of your own by tomorrow? I’m not exactly knowledgeable on the whole pregnancy thing, so is that do-able? How about by Friday? Let’s shoot for Friday.