Lindsay Lohan: Dina is booking Ali a flight to Crazytown

Lindsay Lohan is deeply concerned about her mom’s new reality show Living Lohan. Lindsay is certain that Dina is going to turn 14-year-old Ali (above) into another fiery-vadged booze robot from the planet Slut-u-tron. The Chicaga Sun-Times reports:

According to a longtime Lindsay associate and friend, the star thinks the show has the potential to be ”really toxic” and is also convinced Dina’s manipulation of Ali’s career will mess her up — as she thinks her own life has been.
Lindsay supposedly has tried to talk to her sister about all this, but Ali has stopped taking her calls, unless she promises not to dis their mom.

So, I wonder who’s the worst parent: Britney Spears or Dina Lohan? Maybe we should have them compete in a parenting contest. Actually, scratch that. Fucking terrible idea. I forgot that’s the recipe for conjuring Satan. Or is it Dead Baby Gumbo? Either way, let’s let sleeping dogs lie – or, in this case, psychologically damage their offspring so badly that Sigmund Freud would shit a cow. Then claim it’s his mother and have sex with it. That guy was weird.

Photos: Splash News