Lindsay Lohan replaces Britney Spears, few notice

Lindsay Lohan will host the Scandinavian Style Mansion gala next week. Britney Spears was originally scheduled to host, but organizer Claus Hjelmbak put the kibosh on those plans after Britney’s second trip to the hospital. He issued the following statement, according to E! News:

“As a friend, my primary concern is for Britney’s well-being and giving her the love and support she needs.”

That must’ve been a tough decision. How do you choose between Lindsay or Britney? You know either way some vagina is getting flashed, so it’s more of a choice between spicy and extra large. If it was me, I’d choose to let a snake bite me in the eye. But only because I know how to par-tay! WOO!

Photos: Splash News