Lindsay Lohan whoring around with Keanu

tn_lindsay_premiere_cr.jpgNow that Lindsay Lohan has moved down to Keanu Reeves on her list of people to bone, she’ll likely be knocking on Pauly Shore’s door by Valentine’s Day. This is either another sad attempt to make Wilmer jealous, or the latest twist in downward spiral that ends with Lindsay sprawled out naked in my garage under a pile of “Herbie the Love Bug” DVDs.

Both stars were dining with friends, and just happened to get up at the same time to use the washroom facilities. They made eye contact in the lobby, chatted, complimented each other’s work and finally asked the front desk for pen and paper to exchange numbers.

Yeah, yeah, it sounds innocent enough, but let’s not deny that she probably cornered Keanu in the parking lot and forced him to tell her that she’s prettier than her sister. Keanu, take it from me, Lindsay will vaporize your soul faster than an R. Kelly golden shower. Run away now!