Lindsay Lohan wears see through shirts

August 8th, 2008 // 103 Comments

Lindsay Lohan was spotted around town wearing a see through shirt without her bra on. You know, if I had giant breasts I probably wouldn’t wear a bra either. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even wear a shirt. No, I imagine my days would be filled in front of a camcorder rolling around in a tub. And that tub? May or may not be filled with Jell-O.*

*It is.

NOTE: Pics link to either NSFW or LSFW versions, depending on how good your eyesight is.

Photos: Flynet

  1. bubba gump


  2. sherbert

    she needs to go out in the sun more often

  3. poop


  4. poop


  5. Mr. Tuttle

    Why does that Reel Big Fish lyric come to mind: “I’d even cut my penis off for you”? I guess she has a girl friend now.

  6. Heather

    She is still a really pretty girl… but she won’t have much longer the way she has headed downhill so fast in the past few years… her real boobs were much cuter on her than the plastic tits are.

  7. John Edwards

    I bet that freckled freak is wild in bed. Nice areolas, bitch.

  8. venomhed

    God she is so fucking ugly! Typical white girl, gross, uneventful, repulsive. Its either her skinny ass or another white girl that is a fat tub of shit, none of them are attractive in the least.

    I guess I have been completely spoiled since I went to South America and Brazil in particular.

    Gentlemen, I present you perfection: (US Girls, get a clue)

  9. CashAK

    No bra, and no Ronson hag in sight either.

    I was beginning to worry LL had picked up some kind of Fedora wearing parasite or something.

  10. 1 MILF Hunter

    Sorry, don’t want to see a lesbian’s tits. If that’s the case, better be casing out Ellen DeGeneres and Martina Navratilova.

  11. Walter

    Does Lindsey have braces on?

  12. Lindsey is the Crack Poster Child

    Stupid Crack Head! Just wait, I’ll give her a year, and then she’ll run off to the Bunny Ranch and become the Ho of Babylon.

  13. spiritkittykat

    I like how she is hiding her elbows and hiding her wrists with that stupid thing…Wonder why?

  14. LizzT

    Looks like her augmentation left her areolas asymmetrical. *Shivers*

  15. LizzT

    I’m sorry I’m pushing this, but I hate it when no one sees the obvious. They’re fake, lulz. If you remember her phases of ‘thinspiration’, she lost a ton of weight, including her breasts. (Pictures of her w/ her Macbook) And then she “re-grew” her breasts. Without gaining weight. (Not her initial weight) Google “Lindsay Lohan side boob”, and you’ll find a picture with a scar.

  16. mike

    She looks like she smells like white trash and dirty ashtrays.

  17. Kim Lardassian

    The H on her belt stands for Ho?

  18. blow me

    In pic 8, that chick behind her is beatboxin. “Yo my name is Lesby, and I’m the best. All the djs want to feel my breasts…eh uh eh uh eh uh eh uh…”

  19. JaySB

    At least she’s wearing the ring on the correct hand and finger today….

  20. rough daddy

    i dont know, i dont get excited as i use to for this confused chick…but that shirt make me wonder if her pink noodles are saturated with freckles…

  21. tee

    ahahahahahahaha wow.
    ahahahahaha lol.
    ewwwwwww. ewwww.
    her left booby looks trippy…
    ewww eww ewww
    pastey bitch.


    Old pic! She has braces and No Hat !!!!

  23. Cleetus Bob

    The H on her belt is for Holy Shit I have sweet ass titties

  24. Kate

    Eh…..I think her boobs are the one thing that is attractive about her….but you know, the fac that she’s Lindsey Lohan ruins any and all sex appeal because she’s just so fucking annoying and the media’s consistant “in your face” with her doesn’t help. Blah.

  25. FIRST

    oh come’on, no one’s said it yet :)

  26. Ferdinand Narcos

    Wow,the fake lesbian rust-spotted albino who looks to be every bit as old as her mother shows off her prematurely sagging tits and I’m supposed to be impressed?

    Sorry,but this bitch has always been a fug in my book.

  27. Andy

    yeah she really makes me sad. this whole lesbian thing seems desperate and lonely.

  28. Annie

    Have news guys. In St. Louis, forty African Americans attacked several people on the metro link platforms in the city. Apparently at least seven people were injured. One critically. The local media makes light of it, and they don’t even list it on thier websites. I’m concerned. I don’t know any details (the local media won’t release them), but I do know that these victims were all white. I basically want to know why this is not acknowledged as a hate crime. Anyone have any information? I take the metro and I believe I should be informed (especially if I’m white) if I should take any more precautions for my safety. Local news is useless. Thanks.

  29. Edwards' Ho

    #11 – Whatever. I lived in South America for a few years and there are plenty of fuglies there too, and you know as well as I do that after 40, Latinas have to work really hard to maintain a good figure. Also, they can be hairy and any of the “hot” ones you see are usually heavily augmented, not to mention the sheer skank factor so celebrated in Latin America. So, if fake and phony and attention-needing is your thang, then yeah, Latinas might suit you. Oh, and don’t even think about getting a hot one if you aren’t loaded with cash.

    That said, I married a Latino and I am happy with him, never found a decent American man I wanted to marry.

  30. Donald Trump

    In order to wear a see through shirt you need nipples.

  31. joey joejoe

    man i’d love to slip her the sausage, her body is still banging


  33. Anibsl


  34. Clay

    I’d drink from those jugs any day.

  35. leesestyle

    poster #16


    i saw on tmz or extra, can’t remember which show, that she’s gotten a new tattoo on her inner wrist and that’s why she’s wearing a bandage, with that wristband covering it..

  36. Lola

    The comments here made me very sad, I seriously thought her breasts were natural.
    Anyway, I just noticed she completely lacks a backside, poor girl, she has nothing going.

  37. joho777

    Lindsay is the original no-nipple girl. Those photos taken last year with Calum Best show that her nipples are so pale and insignificant that you can’t see them even when she is nude.

    She must have caked them with makeup (or lipstick) to make them visible through this legging material for these shots.

    Lindsay is SO desperate to be in the news, I wonder what’s next.

    Maybe we should start a rumor that she will be famous if she is photographed screwing a three-legged giraffe.

    Do you think she will take the bait?

  38. kent

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club “”"”"”"C e l e b M i n g l e . c o m”"”"”"”, I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a hot man ?is that true???

  39. Erica.

    REPORT THIS FISH. Oh, I forgot you take off weekends. Lazy.

  40. sophie sticated

    who cares about this bitch. and number 11, i’ll stick my typical white girl’s foot up your ass. oh…this racism is killing me inside…..

  41. so so real

    did you all hear that bernie mac died? very sad news for real.

  42. So Sad

    I know. So sad. He was only 50. My condolensces to his loved ones.

  43. Dear Annie

    It really no longer matters how may poor white Americans are attacked and fucked over any longer because the plan of the elites is to eliminate white dominance in this country. We are going to be browned down as they say. So yeah who gives a fuck about whitey?
    I hope one day we wake the fuck up and take our country back before it is too late. We need an other civil war here folks.

  44. Zukyia

    Joe Jonas is hot!!!!!! Just 6 more days until he’s A MAN BABY!!!!!

    About Lilo:
    She has great boobs. Oh, and I like her song “Rumors” because the be is awesome and her breasts look phenomenal in the video. She would look so much better in a crop top and a pair of hip-huggers. I am not a fan of skinny jeans. “Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in a Line for the Bathroom)” by N.E.R.D anyone? LOL

  45. Zukyia

    Correction: They used to be :((

    Condolences to Bernie Mac’s family and friends. He will be missed.

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