Lindsay Lohan wants to die Marilyn Monroe-style

August 3rd, 2009 // 77 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s last two photo shoots where she posed as Marilyn Monroe might not be coke-fueled delusions of grandeur. Turns out she has an unhealthy obsession with the late actress to the point that she wouldn’t mind dying young surrounded by pills, according to Betty Confidential:

“If you saw my house … I have a lot of Marilyn stuff,” she told New York magazine when she did the Bert Stern shoot. Lindsay even purchased an apartment where Marilyn once lived and owns a huge painting of the actress, who is pictured with a bottle of spilled pills next to her. (Lindsay has been to rehab three times – is her life imitating her artwork?)
Friends say the 23-year-old has a dangerous preoccupation with Marilyn’s life – and death. “Lindsay is obsessed,” says a pal. “She loves Marilyn’s short life and looks at all of it as glamorous, even her death. Lindsay wants to be just like Marilyn and she doesn’t fear dying young. She sees beauty in the tragedy of Marilyn’s life.”

Hopefully, Lindsay’s not waiting until she’s 36, the age of Marilyn’s death, because she probably won’t have a career by then. Or next week. So it might not be a bad idea to speed things up a bit. But, hey, that’s just me trying to help. I’m a giver.

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  1. Toolboy

    “Oh yeah just sit there and be a fucking ass!!!”
    I was standing. How about everyone else?
    “I mean seriously encouraging people to die isn’t a smart thing to do, could also end up with your ass in court buddy!!”
    No one was serious. Thanks for thinking of me as a friend though. Now that we are buddies, let’s go fishing! Just don’t talk about my ass anymore…it’s creepy.
    “What if she read your article then killed herself?”
    Then her parents could say something at the funeral like: “we were so proud that Lindsay could read”
    Or someone else for that matter?
    Then her parents could say something at the funeral like: “we were so proud that Lindsay could read and swing an axe”
    “Figured well hell if they want me to die then I will?”
    Is that all it takes nowadays? See if you can guess what we want right now…I don’t see no chocolate cheesecake yet…
    “Thats something you could actually go to prison for… Geeeze… Come on people.. Lets grow up a little bit here ok?”
    We could actually go to prison for wanting someone to off themselves? Were you alive during the last presidency???
    Lighten up Francis.

  2. el ces

    I want at least one martial arts movie from her before she kicks.

  3. WHOREhan

    “Lindsay Lohan wants to die Marilyn Monroe-style” – And we should let her. Good riddance to bad trash.

  4. Sport

    She is a scabby, disgusting bitch.
    Get your adjectives in now before Randal arrives to say some gay shit about her worthless ‘career.’

  5. idiot


    You are a doo-doo head.

    If she kills herself because of something that was said on the internet then she was one foot in the grave already without the comment. It’s called a mental imbalance.

    I don’t think people are actually meaning that they wished she would pickup a chainsaw and cut her head off right now….they are saying that if she just so happened to have an inopportune chainsaw accident and she went the way of Michael Jackson then the world would make a collective *sigh* and go on with life.

    If I asked you right now to please go kill yourself because I find you a waste of space would you actually do it? No you wouldn’t because you have a grip on reality. It doesn’t matter what someone else says because you understand that another person does not, or should not, have that type of control over another person.

    If there is a person that listens to other people then decides to take their own life because of it…..because of words, then I say good riddance. It’s the darwin way of life. I saw a turtle today trying to cross a 6 lane highway…most likely was going to be squashed. Selective thinning of the herd…cleansing of the gene pool. Sometimes it just has to happen.

  6. TJM

    GOOD! Drop dead ASAP! One less waste of space to inhabit this beatiful world.

  7. MM

    What the hell is taking her so long. The world will be a much better place, and she can go get poked in the ass with pitchforks all night long for all I care.

  8. Chatham

    Instead she’ll end up dying like Elvis, on the toilet with her bowels losing control all over herself.

  9. TMefjdg

    I’m sorry but she already has one foot in the grave why not put the other one in to

  10. TMefjdg

    I’m sorry but she already has one foot in the grave why not put the other one in to

  11. TMefjdg

    I’m sorry but she already has one foot in the grave why not put the other one in to

  12. Lemur

    If she admires Marilyn so much, she should gain like 10 dress sizes. Marilyn had a BODY!

    + does she really consider herself as adored as M.M.? As famous? As timeless?

    “cocaine is a helluva drug”

  13. KRock

    This post and these comments make me sick. Making fun of someone is one thing, but you cross a line when you call for someone’s suicide. It’s not funny, it’s disturbing.

  14. will

    @19 – Yes.

  15. Fati

    Miss Grundy – Please meet me this afternoon and fuck yourself repeatedly. I bet my ass you can’t spell half as well as I do in THREE languages. So you know.. shut the f up :)

  16. Fati

    #45 – Since when does one spelling mistake constitute a real need to learn how to spell? Are you perfect in every way? Then get over yourself, you moron.

    If you, losers, got nothing better to do than correct people’s mistakes on the Superficial, you should put a shotgun in your mouths.

  17. 456654

    55- you kinda turned me on with that comment, i love smart people!

  18. Making fun of someone is one thing, but you cross a line when you call for someone’s suicide. It’s not funny, it’s disturbing.You know she just break with a handsome military man on “Militaryflirting.c o m”,so be sympathetic,my people.

  19. HoLy

    The differences between them
    Marilyn was at the top of her game when she died.
    Lindsay is for from being at the top of her game

  20. dude

    most girls i know love marilyn and have tons of mm stuff big deal. if lindsay lives to the same age she still has many years to come. hopefully she finds something more inspirational than bangin a president and his brother..
    lindsay can act, something mm never could do. get to work bitch pay the rent!!

  21. Bo

    Sigh…she really think she’ll find greater fame and love in death doesn’t she? Just plain sad…I hope people in her life wake her up to the fact it’s just a waste of life and stupid.

  22. One Two Three

    Why the want to die prematurely of pill overdose? Life is greater than great so long as your brain is working well enough.

  23. Lindsay will have to invent time travel to go back and die tragically at her peak.

  24. heartless

    That is one of the saddest things that I have ever read. Someone who wishes for a tragic death is obviously depressed, and for her friends to allow her to flirt with disaster is even worse. I cannot believe how mean some of the people commenting are, either. Shame!

  25. robert

    Lindsey Lohan offing herself would finally get her the fame she craves… Given her acting (in)abilities, it’s about the only way she is going to get it.

  26. marilyn monroe is way more beautiful lindsey is the uglyest human being of hollywood and a lesbo stalker lmao she can never be marilyn hollywood can dream on but never will they take marilyns place or her look!!!!

  27. anonymoose

    cause of marilyn’s death: murder.
    LL wants to be murdered?

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