Lindsay Lohan wants to die Marilyn Monroe-style

August 3rd, 2009 // 77 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s last two photo shoots where she posed as Marilyn Monroe might not be coke-fueled delusions of grandeur. Turns out she has an unhealthy obsession with the late actress to the point that she wouldn’t mind dying young surrounded by pills, according to Betty Confidential:

“If you saw my house … I have a lot of Marilyn stuff,” she told New York magazine when she did the Bert Stern shoot. Lindsay even purchased an apartment where Marilyn once lived and owns a huge painting of the actress, who is pictured with a bottle of spilled pills next to her. (Lindsay has been to rehab three times – is her life imitating her artwork?)
Friends say the 23-year-old has a dangerous preoccupation with Marilyn’s life – and death. “Lindsay is obsessed,” says a pal. “She loves Marilyn’s short life and looks at all of it as glamorous, even her death. Lindsay wants to be just like Marilyn and she doesn’t fear dying young. She sees beauty in the tragedy of Marilyn’s life.”

Hopefully, Lindsay’s not waiting until she’s 36, the age of Marilyn’s death, because she probably won’t have a career by then. Or next week. So it might not be a bad idea to speed things up a bit. But, hey, that’s just me trying to help. I’m a giver.

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  1. lisa

    dear god

  2. Jimmy


  3. Corky

    She wants to be murdered by the Kennedy’s?

  4. Erin

    God just get it over with already…ill donate the pills

  5. Go Away

    @4 – you dontate the pills and I will try and put together a batch of ICE. I have never tried to make some before but I am certain I can throw something together that will suffice. Maybe instead of smoking it we can get her to just eat it.

  6. potato_owl

    Is it just me or does she look like you could shine a touch through the back of her head and see it on the over side? Her skin looks like paper pulled over her forehead.

  7. ames

    purely crazy

  8. Someone needs to alert the country of Columbia of this news asap or they are gonna lose a valuable customer in the cocaine business with their sales numbers dropping with as much as coke she does…

  9. Oh please. Go ahead. As if.

  10. Really

    Encouraging someone to die or off themself isn’t funny. Major thumbs down.

  11. bored as hell

    The most shocking thing about this story is that Lilndsay allegedly owns a home?!?! I thought she slept on Sam Ronson’s couch! Either way, with all the shady drug dealers in LA, couldn’t one of them motivate and slip this bitch a bad dose???

  12. Anon

    Marilyn died at age 36, not 32.

  13. I'm So Helpful

    Psst…Marilyn was 36.

  14. Fati

    This is one of the rear times I support SW. This idiot should croke and stop wasting our oxigen.

  15. rapunzel

    Can you say histrionic personality disorder?
    I’m really no doctor, but she doesn’t fit the profile for a suicidal person as much as someone with a Cluster B personality disorder.
    Sort it out.

  16. Scrooge

    If some would rather die, let them do so and decrease the surplus population!

  17. Miss grundy

    Fati- Please see me this afternoon for remedial spelling class!

  18. lynn

    Ah come on people….Do we have no compassion for life? We may not like her lifestyle or some of her cries for attention but we are talking about a seriously troubled young lady that is wishing to die. She is in serious need of help…she doesn’t need people wishing her dead!! Are we encouraging suicide?!?

  19. psst again

    corrected the age, forgot to correct the math.

    23 + 9 =32

    23 +13 = 36

    nine years seems possible, if improbable. thirteen is OUT OF THE QUESTION.

  20. cureholder

    Corky @ #3, you beat me to it! I came here to point out that Teddy is the only Kennedy left to pull this off, he’s got brain cancer, and they probably won’t let him drive anymore. Would have been a great way to mark the 40th anniversary of Chappaquiddick!

  21. libz

    Those shoes!! For the love of all that is good in this world, Lindsay, STOP WEARING THOSE GOD-AWFUL SHOES!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

  22. Tyra

    She’s got a fivehead that’s as big as mine

  23. Cerra

    The difference is, people cared when Marilyn died.

  24. JO JO

    Lets all push her off a cliff Thelma and Louise stye!! thats Glamorous too right

  25. amy

    She looks sober, good for her. Where is jfk, the mob, sinatra, dimaggio, and a shrink. –

  26. wallyfink

    Marilyn had three things Lindsay does not have:

    1) talent
    2) curves
    3) Billy WIlder
    4) JFK’s cock in her mouth

    Okay, four things. I’m with Fish. Become an hero, Lindsay!

  27. joe m

    Beautiful Lindsay should be careful.
    Some of these perverts on here are so full of hate
    that they might try to kill her.

  28. Don Boogie

    She’s got a lot more in common with Anna Nicole Smith than MM.

  29. spaceyQQQ

    could she please? and soon?

  30. cathieb

    except Marilyn Monroe seemed to like men more !!!!

  31. except Marilyn liked men more !!…seems this girl is more into a girl !!!

  32. Brandy A

    The sooner the better, if you ask me.

  33. Ing

    How dare she insult a wonderful American Icon??!

    LINDSEY LOHAN… you’re not the face of America, you’re the face of a back alley in west Hollywood. No, the valley.

    #29 – Spot on. Both wanna-be martyrs, both classless and full of desperation.

    This is common in actors and actresses, they get off on the suffering and think a “glamorous” suicide is the only way they can prevent themselves from looking like a complete JOKE to society. … it’s just another way for them to be obsessed with themselves.

  34. Brandy A

    The sooner the better, if you ask me. But really, she hasn’t got the level of class, so despite her efforts, it will be more Anna Nicole Smith than Marilyn.

  35. Casey

    I love you Corky-I thought the came thing. lol I really hope she means she wishes to die a beloved star…but I’m just not sure. I hope she’s willing to turn her life around.

  36. Toolboy

    On behalf of the gene pool, relevance, and society in general, we couldn’t be happier.

  37. inspectahdank

    she is QUITE the hot mess. and to add to all of this, the girl has almost slept her way through hollywood. just look at her list of hookups-

  38. Mark

    The chief difference being Marilyn had a few good movies.

  39. moe

    What the heck? Regardless of who she is , or how you feel about her, that last paragraph is the most cruel thing I’ve seen in a long time. That is wrong, and there is no call for it.

  40. fiona

    OXYGEN….I pray each of you wishing or suggesting that this hurting , lost young woman die or take her life don’t have children . Believe it or not , you do reap what you sow ; and these are seeds of hatred and ill will .

  41. Mizz Bunneh

    Would she please hurry up and get on with it?? And to apologize for all the drama she has caused ,she can take Paris Hilton and Britney Spears with her.

  42. Joe

    Haha, comparing herself to Marilyn again, what a joke.

    Nobody will remember or care if this bitch dies tomorrow.

  43. Iamfinallyme

    Oh yeah just sit there and be a fucking ass!!! I mean seriously encouraging people to die isn’t a smart thing to do, could also end up with your ass in court buddy!! What if she read your article then killed herself? Or someone else for that matter? Figured well hell if they want me to die then I will? Thats something you could actually go to prison for… Geeeze… Come on people.. Lets grow up a little bit here ok?


    All joking aside now. What happened to this young woman? I remember her early movtes where she was cute and energetic, “Mean Girls”, one of the funniest movies ever! What happened? Is this the work of coke? We have certainly lost her. What a waste!

    PS. Fati, you really need to learn how to spell. See Miss Grundy.


    All joking aside now. What happened to this young woman? I remember her early movtes where she was cute and energetic, “Mean Girls”, one of the funniest movies ever! What happened? Is this the work of coke? We have certainly lost her. What a waste!

    PS. Fati, you really need to learn how to spell. See Miss Grundy.

  46. Kelley

    I with #42 … and #44 ? Lighten up … it’s that type of site, celebrity gossip. She’s a useless piece of trash, a whore, a drug addict, a selfish cunt and a thief. It’s called a waste of space.

  47. jr

    Shoes are not her only style mishap. Heard that this no talent media diva was actually judging professionally trained designers on Project Runway 6, many of them with fine arts degrees. Lohan’s lack of style and training should have precluded her from dialoging with any of the designers!

  48. Come on! I like Marilyn Monroe too but this is pathetic! First, Marilyn Monroe was quite a comedic actress and personality and she didn’t sound like she chewed and gargled pieces of glass.

    Give me a break! You are NO Marilyn Monroe. And I also don’t understand the starlet obsession with the woman (ehem…I’m also talking about you Megan Fox!).

  49. lola

    Those shoes look like gorilla feet. Hands down the nastiest things I have ever seen.

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