Lindsay Lohan turns herself in

July 20th, 2007 // 120 Comments

Lindsay Lohan quietly turned herself into the Beverly Hills Police Department station late yesterday afternoon to be officially arrested for her DUI back in May. She was held in custody for about an hour and then released on $30,000 bail. TMZ reports:

Lohan was charged with driving with a blood alcohol level greater than .08 and misdemeanor hit and run, this according to the Beverly Hills PD… The actress was released on her own recognizance, routine for a first time DUI offense. For now, Lohan is scheduled to be back in court on August 24.

And what does any of this have to do with these shots of Lindsay Lohan walking around braless with her massive boobs in a tank top? Probably nothing. But maybe everything.

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  1. lindsay

    I it just me or does she look preg in the last photo?

  2. Blohan'sDeviatedSeptum

    If that’s the worlds sexiest woman I fucking hope global warming hurries up.

  3. apples

    Am I the only one that noticed that her boobs are really saggy, especially considering she’s only 21? Since everyone in here seems to be raving about them, am I to assume that saggy boobs are hott now? I better start working on that!

    I can tell you right now, her boobs are 100% real. The only reason they LOOK so big is because she has a lot of extra skin up there, increasing their size. It’s what happens when you gain and lose weight to such an extreme over and over again like she has – your skin’s elasticity gets worn down. You end up with extra skin that can’t reshape or reduce itself because its been stretched in and out so many times – it’s like a rubberband. Her boobs were big before (remember Mean Girls?), but now they look even bigger, because technically they are. But in a gross floppy way. Funny thing is… plastic surgery is the only thing that can save those boobs now.

  4. wedgeone

    #71 – schack is on fire with the trolling. Got me too in #67.
    Looks like up to 12 simultaneous trolls. A new site record.

  5. elrick

    oh cum on now they are fake but fake big ones is better than the ones she had. dont you ppl read she got implants when she was 17 and that is sexy and us weekly noticecd and printed photos they looked really bad back then but now they look good.. she musta got diffrent one put in in rehab cuz those\ aint the same ones she went in with mayb thats why she was away soi long. i was her biggest fan and i know theya re fake but who cares anyway they are getting saggy i agree. sd i met her in real lfe but she didn’;t even look my way and she was walking really fast and with no bra and they hardly moved and actaully i dont think they did move. they are fake asnd she is not reall nice to her fans at all at least she wasn’t nice to me cuz she didnt even look in my direction.

  6. Sprite

    boobsr like soawesome

  7. Oh Krazihottkelli, you haven’t been participating as much as you used to. What’s going on? Your contributions never go unappreciated.

    P.S. Whippets are still the bomb.

  8. Natalie

    How can she be both released on $30,000 bail AND released on her own recognizance?

  9. jessy

    those boobs are real… i don’t know why everyone keeps saying they are fake… if they were fake they wouldn’t be sagging down…. they would be at attention at all times

  10. AmeriCanadian

    Holy crap she is only 21 but she looks….older in a bad way. Just proves partying like a moron ages you. I’m 33 and I swear I don’t have nearly as many wrinkles etc on my face as she does. :O

  11. miss oblivious

    Those are some big FAKE droopy ass titties for a 21 year old. This girl is not going to age well at all, considering she’s only 21 now and looks 35. I believe she had her mega silcons taken out a while back, and then had some somewhat more modest ones put back in, and the whole procedure stretched her out, thats why she’s droopin’. Don’t buy for a second that those are real. Either way, they’re sloppy ass titties.

  12. adeliza

    You have a very filthy mouth.
    I love it.

  13. Andy

    Is she auditioning for a National Geographic Film with those things so low?

  14. Does she seriously have a unibrow?

  15. I mizzed U guyz….no one
    hatez more then
    U dickbrainz…I’m tired
    from the zun….

    now Lohan iz zo ugly becoz
    I can ztill zee her face..

    can’t wait to laugh my azz
    off if zhe goez to jail…?

  16. Jen

    Damn… say you want about this chick, but she has style. I like every fucking outfit I ever see her in.

  17. ed

    are those really her boobs? yuck

  18. dave mustaine

    These dumb whores need to see some state prison time. I guarentee that will rock their fucking world back into reality real quick. Fuck this county jail shit.. send them to DOC for awhile.

  19. Barkle

    Those boobs ain’t THAT big!!

  20. one word: PORKTITIES

  21. Biff

    Damn! That broad sure got some puffy-assed areolas on her titties!

  22. lets talk about whippits

  23. #94====Zo, tell me about Whippetz….

  24. KamikazeDancer

    Is there a new writer…because you have nothing insightful to say…I’ve stepped on things with higher intellectual capabilities.

  25. fool


  26. red2181

    her boobs aint real? umm…

    but i always adore her. she’s sooo hott!

  27. Is she trying to be Paris Hilton?

    Btw, her boobs are nice, are they real?

  28. Anonymous

    Witness the skankiest piece of trash to litter Hollywierd.

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  30. STFU

    they are real and they are SAGtacular!

    little red riding whore.

  31. STFU

    kelly claims to be on the beach all day, but she sure posts alot. i bet she is a 500 pound lard ass who sits on her ass eating cheetos all day and making comebacks.

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    I like to get to the beach at noon..when the zun iz the hottezt..
    but I’m guezzing that U R 300lbz. and love cheetoz….
    Oh yea, I’m the type of perzon who can eat anything and not
    gain one pound…it runz in my family….U hate that don’t cha
    Fattfuck…..go zwimming for a fuckin change…maybe your loze
    a pound or two…I doubt it….keep hating…thatz what I love.

  33. She really needs to start wearing a bra NOW!!!!! before the chafe her knees.

  34. TamiJ

    For her boobs to be fake, they sure do hang LOW!

  35. mmmmeow

    you should really start wearing a bra, LINDSAY LOW-HANG

  36. I’m tired of Lindsay. The only way she can relieve my fatigue is to make a sex movie. That’s what washed-up young actresses like her do.

  37. sunshinestate

    104 Enjoy the skin cancer you dumb twat.

  38. STFU

    no, I’m actually 127, aboutn 5’5, and a size 6.

    lmao@fuckface fucker. really classy there kelli

  39. tre

    hey haven’t you guys ever seen fake ones before? i have on strippers and hos and lindsay has got some real FAke ones. come on everyone is there so much tit jobs in hollywood you can’t spot a totally fake pair?

  40. 109///110///FOR YOUR 411=Z:
    I won’t get zkin cancer…only ztay in the zun for a tan..not
    a burn like U dumbazz Znowbirdz..who come down here and
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    Zunzcreen..U azzholez R and U think U have to ztay out there
    all fuckin day..what azzwipez…In 90 only take 45minutez
    to get burned…..alzo the Zun iz good for Vitamin D…long az U don’t
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  41. LOL

    Since when are B-cups massive?
    LOL, dumb kiddies I guess.

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  45. jackoffer

    her tits are so big, and so shapely. lindsay lohan has BIG TITS!

  46. andy

    her freckles are absoloute perfection!She is soooooooo hot.

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