Lindsay Lohan turns down $700,000 offer from Playboy

September 5th, 2008 // 65 Comments

Lindsay Lohan has turned down a $700,000 offer to do an eight-page spread for Playboy. She doesn’t want to do the whole nude thing again because, clearly, she’s a terrorist. Someone had to say it. Page Six reports:

“If there’s nudity, then the answer’s no . . . She’s not going down the [New York] magazine road again,” Lohan’s rep told Playboy’s creative consultant, Hal Lifson, referring to Lindsay’s naked Marilyn Monroe tribute last winter. Lifson said he hoped to have Lohan do a tribute to ’60s sex kitten Ann-Margret and her film “Kitten With a Whip.”

I guess Lindsay is content with her freckle-laded Marilyn Monroe shoot and doesn’t want to look, I dunno, awesome and airbrushed. Why do you hate erections so much, Lindsay Lohan?! Oh, right, you’re a “lesbian” now. Ha ha ha! But, seriously, why do you hate them?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Thats a shame

    She REALLY should have taken the offer. Invested the money and retired. Her career is completely over.

  2. teh cock

    i’m surprised her mom wasn’t all “oh you should totally do it lindsay, and you know what, i’m gonna be in it too, oooh, even better we’ll be in a spread together and pretend we’re lez”.

    cuz her moms a big slut who lives vicariously thru her. duh.

  3. devilsrain

    53. You said it….But knowing that pimp of a mother she probably said “dont do it lindsay its not enough money, hold out! Call their bluff!”

  4. devilsrain

    i mean 52, shit im going to get my eyes checked now. I looked at Lindsay once and Im fucking blind now.

  5. Mama Pinkus

    can they airbush skankiness?

  6. herbiefrog

    ok get get you control the numbers
    were trying to do this quickly
    [we dont have long…
    [imagine dragging a huge bear with you ?

    soooo anyway…

    > do you say things to me cause i may have
    > tricked you into saying them????

    very likely…

    …would that bother one ?

  7. sam

    oh no!!!!!
    gooooood thing
    she turnd it
    down she one ugly bitch!!!!!!

  8. Lindsey Lohan is making classy, upstanding decisions about her career and her body….

    I’m scared. Someone hold me? Preferably someone with the body of Caroline D’Amore

  9. Anonymous

    Never thought I would say this…..but a big THANK YOU to Hohan for not posing nude. We don’t need to see that shit.

  10. el ces

    ooh, I’d hate to be the sales rep. who bollocked that up.
    I mean, she already has appeared in the buff, so thats not the issue.
    Probably the approach, trying to play hardball, make her feel trapped or pressured.
    Or maybe not.

  11. ummm...yeah

    WHO FUCKING CARES?????!!!!

  12. Mims

    I dont understand how her boobs can be the size of fucken basketballs , yet you can see your fucken chest bones protruding out of her skin?????

    Oviously fake no one that skinny can have real tits that huge.

  13. what harm wld it do to her if 5 more ppl see her naked freckled body than usual

  14. Will she finally cave and do the playboy deal ? Track & forecast the preduction right here on Nostradamical –

  15. why buy the cow when the milk is free? she’s already showed us everything she has. plus there are some new pics of her and it looks like she has a wart growing on her bits… (totally NSFW)

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