Lindsay Lohan turned down The Hangover

If there’s one thing I never expected to hear, it’s Lindsay Lohan turning down acting work which would subsequently fuel her drug addiction. But apparently that was the case with The Hangover which has been a box office juggernaut this summer. Us Weekly reports:

A source tells Us that director Todd Phillips approached Lohan to star in the hit flick — which has raked in $205 million so far — after their mutual agent campaigned on the actress’ behalf.
“The agent tried hard to get Phillips to consider her,” says the source, “and when he finally agreed, Lindsay said she didn’t like the script!”
The role went to actress Heather Graham.

Okay, I want to believe this story, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around two things: 1. Lindsay Lohan reading. And 2. A director considering her for a role over Heather Graham. That’s like someone asking what you want for breakfast and you saying “Well, my first choice would be face cancer, but I guess I’ll settle for a stack of delicious pancakes that still has awesome breasts at 39. If I have to.”

Photos: WENN