Lindsay Lohan turned down The Hangover

July 8th, 2009 // 54 Comments

If there’s one thing I never expected to hear, it’s Lindsay Lohan turning down acting work which would subsequently fuel her drug addiction. But apparently that was the case with The Hangover which has been a box office juggernaut this summer. Us Weekly reports:

A source tells Us that director Todd Phillips approached Lohan to star in the hit flick — which has raked in $205 million so far — after their mutual agent campaigned on the actress’ behalf.
“The agent tried hard to get Phillips to consider her,” says the source, “and when he finally agreed, Lindsay said she didn’t like the script!”
The role went to actress Heather Graham.

Okay, I want to believe this story, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around two things: 1. Lindsay Lohan reading. And 2. A director considering her for a role over Heather Graham. That’s like someone asking what you want for breakfast and you saying “Well, my first choice would be face cancer, but I guess I’ll settle for a stack of delicious pancakes that still has awesome breasts at 39. If I have to.”

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  1. qwerty


  2. Considering that Heather Graham played a stripper/escort in the movie, LL probably turned down the role due to the fact that she already does that on a daily basis.

    She could’ve at least played the role of the tiger tho. That would’ve been classic.

  3. pasteve

    Lindsay is a natural for the part of Ed Helms’ psycho bitch high maintenance fiancee. Healthy looking stripper with a heart of gold? Too much of a stretch.

  4. Fuck that…LL would have ruined that role. HG was perfect for it…

  5. Inmate #2648927

    Bruno ad is such a sell out. Someone flush that turd.

  6. Inmate #2648927

    Bruno ad is such a sell out. Someone flush that turd.

  7. I saw that movie, a primate couldve play that part. Im pulling for you lilo, roll the dice again….

  8. uh

    Christ I hate that Bruno ad too. I’m not going to that movie now and I’m actually a fan of Cohen, but there’s just too much of that shit.

  9. Deacon Jones


  10. i m not dina u fat pigs

    I love the Bruno ads. It will make people finally accept us and realize how silly they are to block prop 8.
    Thank you Saska. I love when you turn to the camera and make that face. I hope you do it every five minutes in the great movie on Friday July 10th at a theatre near me.

  11. Hough Jass

    I might think that she’s repulsive and repugnant publicly, but I’ve seen her act and she’s pretty damned good at it. too bead she’s a snooty bitch and would rather save her… um… what? Her reputation? Haha.

  12. Anu Patel

    I too love the accentuation of Bruno’s turning to the camera and making that face that is like what no one else makes for a camera. It is like an exclamation point !!!
    I hope too that there are many in the upcoming cinematic feature!
    !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!

  13. dave

    I thought Heather was perfectly cast.
    I thought the movie was crap.
    But, it has grossed $268M with a $35M budget. Can you say: Profits!

  14. Maybe she thought she was turning down a “roll”… you know, being that she doesn’t eat and shit…

  15. Do FreeBird

    I’ve had it with both sluts (Lilo and Bruno), but I have to admit Bruno does seem to have the nicer ass.

    As far as the movie offer. Both the director and Lohan have the same agent. The agent begged until the director sent her a script. The stupid bimb turned it down.

    I guess she was waiting for Spielberg to call with that Acadamy Award part.

    What a stupid cow.


    (breath) Can’t… stop… laughing at… your pic…


  17. #16. umm, and?? would you like a reward for using CAPS or something?

    i’m not understanding the comment, or that *(breath)*…its “breathe” dumbass, and how about you NOT.

  18. J

    Thank God she was not in it. She could not play the part Heather Graham has more sincerity in eyes than LiLo could ever have.

    on the flip side she is an idiot for not taking the role, it is not like they are lining up to sign her for a movie deal.

  19. old bones

    What is that white bone thing behind her, it looks like the jaws of Satan to me.
    I guess that would also explain everything about her.

  20. MONDO

    This is coming from the same moron who agreed to be the lead in “I Know Who Killed Me.” You know what Lindsay? Just do the Castanza thing and do the opposite of what you would normally do and you might just be okay…. probably not though.

  21. ragman

    Is she wearing a black straight-jacket? She must have escaped from that damn mental hospital again.

  22. danielle, it’s actually “breath”, because to “take a breathe”, much like your link, your comments, and your unfortunate existence, makes no sense.

    Thanks so much for playing scholar… it brightens my day when Trigs like you attempt snarky commentary.

  23. FACE

    Why does she always look like she stinks?

  24. spanky

    in addition to being an Adderall snorting Long Island self absorbed skank ho , shes also a genius…nice move..go help the starving….

  25. the context in which you used it: “HAHAHAHA (breath) HAHAHAHA etc etc…” it actually is “breathe” ….you idiotic retard.

    Because to laugh and then subconsciously tell yourself “breath” makes no fucking sense. To subconsciously tell yourself to BREATHE makes more sense.

    So go do something resourceful, like dance in the middle of rush hour traffic instead of trying to play teacher, ya douche.

  26. Do FreeBird

    #13 I do believe that wihte bone is not bone at all.

    I think it’s one of her old Intrauterine Devices (IUD). She no longer uses it after the surgery to have 3 rows of great white sharks teeth installed in her Oozie Cuzzie..

  27. danielle, sir, you’re really not very bright. It’s a shame, because you bring down the average for the rest of us… humor, unlike deep fried double fudge oreos, is just lost on you.

  28. Delgo

    It seems she’s borrowed Paris’ knees.

  29. the infamous danielle

    bitchport, thing, you’re really not very bright your damn self. you should really quit trying to pass yoursellf off as an intellectual. and please do not ever type ‘humor’ again. because that is something that you are seriously lacking. well, that AND brain cells AND the ability to fuck people who aren’t your cousins. but that’s something you and your therapist can discuss.

  30. Meh… I give that like a 4 out of 10… and that’s only because I was raised to be kind to idiots. But please bring the picture back… I’m having a long day at work and it’s been helping me laugh my way through it.

  31. when is your dumbass gonna post your own pic? one that you didn’t google, or steal from someone who isn’t hideous, eh?? i need to throw up this apple i just ate. lets have it! XD

  32. the infamous danielle

    i guess that would be a never, sirdicksunderdeveloped. :P

  33. I’m not surprised. The movie would have had to been called a “documentary” if she had been in it.

  34. Danielle vs. RichPort's corny website name

    you guys are so cool

  35. More cleverness danielle? You must be fun at parties… with a burqa, of course.

  36. the infamous danielle

    what’s with you answering every half hour? too busy at that ‘job’ of yours? sheesh.

    phone sex operators.

  37. LPB

    My “Todd Phillips respect factor” just plummeted.

  38. This proves that this crack whore is nothing else if not highly intelligent. Honestly, who gives a damn about this skeezer?
    The Rake

  39. Operator #6, 1-800-FUCK-OFF

    #37 Considering you’ll never have sex with anyone you don’t pay, don’t knock us. And your card was declined again.

  40. PoBoy

    Danielle, don’t worry, girl, RichPort’s Ghost typically tangles it up with posters here. He’s gotten his ass kicked a few times but he holds his own, and he seems to have a lot of free time. He only needs one hand to masturbate, the other hand is free to either type or give a handjob to his faggot-ass boyfriend.

  41. Nathiest

    The Hangover sucked all the funny shit was shown in the trailer. I say good call Lindsay.

  42. Renee

    Damn she is so fucking stupid. She needs all the movie roles she can get and she is acting like a little spoiled bitch that is “above’ it all.

    well serves her dumb ass right for tunning down a script that made millions.

    If I had a coke addiction- I would take the role for the cash. Dua.

    That is why her funky ass steals everything. Everytime I open a mag, I am hearing stories about her broke ass stealing and not being able to pay for her own dinners. Pathetic- get your shit together Lens and stop looking like an idiot ! ! !

  43. veronica

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  44. Darth

    If you knew it all afterwards.We can’t blame her.

  45. Nero

    Damn! It would have been a huge come-back for her!

  46. captain america

    I heard she smells terrible out of her PUSSY, folks.
    ………………..all this time.
    YAK, YAK, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Gando

    Instead of this dream come back she did find her lesbian true-self.She probably doesn’t regret this.

  48. Galtacticus

    Maybe she’s gonna make her come backy in her next movie.

  49. Jibbly Biggins

    Lindsay – you’re one step above porn. You shouldn’t opt out of any script you can get. In 10 years you’re going to be a washed out leather dyke either 50 pounds overweight or dead from constant drug use and Red Bull. Take what you can get.

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