Lindsay Lohan’s nipples aren’t art either

December 8th, 2009 // 178 Comments

Some more shots from Lindsay Lohan’s Muse photoshoot have made it online and this time they’re full of nipple instead of non-existent ass-things that make you curse God for giving you the gift of sight. Also they provide a glimpse into how Lindsay manages to almost find employment only to end up lighting a hotel mattress on fire because she’ll most likely chain smoke her way through the birth of her giant ash baby. “He’s so beautiful. *exhales* Wait, where’d he go?”

Pics link to NSFW versions.

EDIT: And now there’s a video.

Photos: Muse

  1. Rick

    AWESOME. If banging a hooker in a dirty motel room while doing herione is awesome…

  2. Rick

    AWESOME. If banging a hooker in a dirty motel room while doing herione is awesome…

  3. L

    You think they just said “Okay Lindsay act natural”?

  4. Aaron


  5. Rick

    Apparently a homosexual boy banging a heroine addicted hooker in a dirty motel room is now considered to be hot….

  6. Dutch

    Dude has his arm grabbing her and the other grand grabbing a pile of mashed potatoes?
    This is art? Eating in bed with nipples hanging out?

    My lunch is ruined

  7. marc

    first first first first first first

  8. JR

    Well, thanks for showing us this, Fish. I’m going to go throw myself into an active volcano now. Kthxbai.

  9. Dutch

    marc and aaron = fail
    Rick, 3rd time’s a charm

  10. Rick

    Sorry dipshit. You were seventh seventh seventh seventh

  11. mitch

    …can’t gay models ever NOT look gay? Especially when they’re supposed to appear straight or at least look like they’re enjoying touching a booby.

    She looks gross by the way. Not edgy or sexy or whatever it is they were going for. Her entire body is deflated.

  12. Flower

    ….because nothing says “sexy” like photos with a commode as a backdrop.

  13. JohnnyB

    How long until she does Porn? The Over/Under has to be 12 months. First a little soft core straight to video, and then the big stuff. It’s coming, what a freakin’ train wreck this skank is….

  14. Armando

    I wish she would make the jump to porn – it would be great to watch Shane Diesel pluggin this skank. Face it Lindsey your face was made to get painted in jizz.

  15. Rick


    Thanks. I was going for fixing my spelling error when it just hit me. Why leave the homo out of the comment?

    What has happened to this chick. Is there anyone besides, maybe, Amy Winehouse that thinks Lohan is still even remotely attractive? I’d rather rub my dick on the floor of a porno theatre then stick it in Lohan.

  16. Courtyardpigeon

    She’s what, 46 now?

  17. sunshine

    OH, I get it now, the gay guy is wearing her dress and playing with a disco ball in bed.

  18. lilu

    Gross, gross, gross. What makes her any different than the hookers on Hollywood Blvd? Oh yeah, they’re paid less.

  19. lilu

    Gross, gross, gross. What makes her any different than the hookers on Hollywood Blvd? Oh yeah, they’re paid less.

  20. steph

    why does she have a damn cigarette in almost every picture!? i can’t stand her

  21. Nanotyrannus

    Tonight on Access Hollywood, Dina will tell us all how beautifully artistic these are and Michael will tell us how sexy they are and oh my god I just threw up in my mouth a little, not unlike that boy, whose penis has no doubt melted off by now…

  22. charles dickens

    I have never seen a 22 year old who looks like such an emaciated old crack whore. What the hell are they putting in cocaine these days?

  23. Jrz

    Nothing says Happy Holidays; I Hate You for Being Horrible Parents more than a pictoral spread like this.

  24. Crabby Old Guy

    Looks like a project submitted by a Soph at NYU. You’d see more “life” in a manikin’s eyes

  25. JC

    Is this photo journalistic photography documenting one of Lindsay’s nights out?

  26. name required

    Because every time you smoke you don’t have sex, but every time you have sex, you smoke?

  27. dogface

    disgusting cunt !!!!!!!!!! I bet daddy is so proud that she’s showing everyone the shit he’s been doing for so long…..

  28. chris

    She looks awesome on that bed. I would marry her in a heartbeat!

  29. Rubber Glove

    Tossing a gay twink on a bed and adding a decaying corpse is hardly art. Looks more like some chump trying to fuck a one time starlet, so he convinces her corroded brain to “pose” for this tripe and then she takes a gnarled hand and jerks him off.

  30. Unless you're homo..

    pics 2 & 3 are hot.

  31. Advertiser

    You don’t have sex everytime you smoke, so why do you smoke everytime you have sex?

  32. 80's kid

    And them big mmtittays slidin off to the side are real.
    As real as the Real Ghostbusters.
    You know, the one with the gorilla.

  33. Donnie Brassballs

    She does look in pic 3. I think doggy is a natural position for her.

  34. B

    Where’s the areola? Just a spot.

    I gotta admit though, I’m pretty sure I’d still enjoying taking the place of the guy in the second pic.

  35. cc

    Should a women of her advanced years be having intercourse with a high school freshman?

    That being said, if she wrapped her legs around me like in pic 2, I’d get a boner. And stick it in her. I couldn’t help myself.

    Good to see her career is following it’s natural progression into porn.

  36. Sport

    Stay classy, Lindsey.

  37. John

    Aren’t Lohan’s privates public domain by now?

  38. pimp

    why is the fag always touching the potato’s or looking like he wants to cry or vomit? and let’s be real, i ain’t got no bitch on my dick at this minute, so yeah i’d hit it…

  39. Mal Gusto

    #3 nailed it. I mean , not Lindsay…that would be gross.
    If she survive the next 3 years (I doubt it) and then sobers up (highly improbable) she will be able to look back at these photos as if they were Glamour shots of the “Heroin Days”
    Reality will look something more like Trainspotting or Requiem for a dream

  40. jiz

    I’d stick my tongue deep up her ass. (just kidding)

  41. faker

    Fake tittays confirmed. Pic #2. Real boobs don’t do that. Those are anatomically shaped, silicone, under the muscle implants no matter how much she claims they’re real. I still feel bad for her, though. She’s just a lost little girl.

  42. darcy

    how come nobody can spell heroin?

    It should be on high school spelling tests, apparently.

  43. Woody

    I’m turned on.
    I’d hate myself for the rest of my life, but I’d do Lindsay.

  44. Birdy


    I don’t know, you guys. Doesn’t the porn industry have, like… oh, I don’t know… STANDARDS these days? I don’t think she’d make onto a set. She’d get booted as soon as she tried to pass an STD screening (which would, of course, result in the immediate need to sanitize the entire clinic where the STD tests were administered by fire bombing it to the ground, medical staff and all.)

  45. Vanessa

    God, I can’t tell you how much I hate that b*tch. I usually don’t talk like that (and I’m pretty loyal), but that Lohan girl is just beyooond disgusting. Why is she still doing such photoshoots?Why she still in LA? This girl is an embarassment for America. She should either be out of this business or die .

  46. another display of career failure as we inch closer and closer to full penetration and loads on her face.

  47. Max Planck

    Smokers are assholes.

  48. darcy

    Oh, in picture #2 she has some nasty cuts on hew wrist that nobody edited out. Also her arms look like those of a forty or fifty year old.

    I still defend Linsday; I think her life is a complete mess. She always had the potential to save herself so long as she stays alive.

  49. Christina

    She’s the definition of classy.

  50. Jim

    Dude better get tested.

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