Lindsay Lohan Is Topless

June 4th, 2010 // 145 Comments

So apparently before, or even after, posing for black and white photos with her sister, Lindsay did a little topless action and I really hope Ali took notes. Because this is how you get off drugs, build a movie career and generally become a productive member of society. All this stuff.

Oh, except for the hair covering the nipples. That just leads to hooking.


  1. Jon

    @14 You wish.

  2. the story is that this was taken when they were hanging out either at a hotel or lindsey lohan’s place, partying, doing drugs, etc etc. I guess they thought it was supposed to be funny/sexy and now they just look crazy.

  3. eric

    i’d titty fuck that crack whore

  4. Anonymous

    It’s really her tits that make her these days. If she was flat as a board, nobody would even pay any attention to her. She would just be another Disney cast off.

  5. April

    This photo has been completely airbrushed. She looks disgusting in real life.

  6. turd da third

    Those aren’t tits, they are really flesh colored booze boob containters. That way she can be packing a couple of quarts wherever she goes and whenever she wants. Stick a curly straw in the nipple and you are good to go, sippin tit all day long. I heard she tried to put pop in the other tit but it swelled up to twice the size and got rock hard from all the carbonation. I think there was a pict of that on the superfiial about 2 months ago. Now you know why her tits look like they are totally different sizes in all these pictures. For many chicks boob size is related to “that time of the month”, for blowhan its related to “that time of the day”! Fill er up………… but.. remember Don’t Tit and Drive…

    Invetigative reporting, courtesy of
    da TURD

  7. Rush Hour II

    I’d hit it. only because I don’t get laid a lot. and I think I’d have a chance with her.

  8. my man;
    oldeready she nice,


    Klip izle

  9. ahh me…,

    she good ki..

  10. Champ

    She has the most disgusting skin ever. Even Photoshopped.
    Shit I love tits just like the next dude but you wouldn’t bang some old hag with knockers – just like none of us would hit Lindsey unless it was with a closed fist.

  11. gozo

    She’s skinny but has sexy breasts, which is HOT, you go girl!!!!!
    Not like Moronda Kerr who is all bones with no ass and no boobs. And with a gross Frog Face.

  12. ToM

    Miranda Kerr is funny looking, I don’t see the appeal, kinda frumpy looking really.

  13. Blonk Eyed Wack

    It makes me sad that things have got to the point where I see “Linsay Lohan is Topless,” I just assume someone chopped off her head.

    That said, I’m all for it. If it wasn’t for coked-up, alcoholic faux-hookers with obvious daddy/self-esteem issues, I’d never get laid.

  14. Isabel

    She looks surprisingly healthy. Maybe this judge and her anklebracelet have saved her life, once more. Here are two pics where la Lohan is in shorts, but has discovered some kind of partially open shoes that hide her alcohol tester thingy. Who knew that this would still not be over in 2010, with Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, and Michael Jackson gone?

  15. Where is ass? :D

  16. masaman

    i hope the old big titted well fed lindsay is coming back…

  17. Frank Wunder

    I’m actually turned off and feel insulted that magazine editors would think that this is something to pass off as attractive.

  18. What a dumbass

    Attention “those are nice tits” idiots: Those are FAKE tits. Bitch had titty implants when she was 18. They sag because they’re too big for her frame. Like everything else in this bitch’s life, she made a mistake by having them done.

  19. Melissa

    At least her nasty ass fingers aren’t in her mouth this time… I don’t know why she thinks that that’s a cute look. It’s not.

  20. i would like to fuck her

  21. she is so pretty i wish she was my mom

  22. Blonk Eyed Wack

    Hey what a dumbass, seriously, even if they are implants, they’re still nice. How the hell are implants “fake” tits anyway . . . what are they, a hallucination? If I prick them, do they not bleed (or bounce, depending on what I mean by “prick them”)?

  23. I think Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus should both consider a career in professional wrestling and join the WWE. watching those two fake beat each other up would be entertainment gold.

  24. Tony Gabone

    i miss the days when she was a redhead……she looked damn good in Mean Girls and that one episode of That 70s Show

  25. adrienne

    with all the trouble Lindsay has put herslf through, she still possesses a beautiful body, legs, face etc. and I wonder why I have never heard mention of any of these attribute that she has. She i s also a good actress and should work on getting back to that place when she was admired and respected. I, for one, hope she does this for herself and for noone else.. Lindsay, there’s a beautiful world out there just waiting for you to reemerge. Some of these young stars have gotten waylaid for one reason or another and I believe their families had a lot to do with it.

  26. Barkerman

    @44. I’m 41 years old. I’ve fucked more tits with fake tits than you’ve even seen.

    Blow me.

  27. turd da third

    @76, how many of those weren’t blow up dolls, one, maybe two…? ROFLMAO

  28. mango lover

    @76 WAIT!!! can i please blow you BEFORE 44 does? you sound HOT, and my sense is that 44 is a slut. i’ve just come out and starting putting dude’s cocks in my mouth and am making up for lost time. SLURP!!!

  29. Stephen Hawking

    1) Nice fucking tits
    2) Yes, I’d bang her
    3) I’d fuck that ass
    4) I’d give her a baby batter shower she’d never forget
    5) She’d gag on my love stick
    6) She’s still a talentless whore

  30. Mama Pinkus

    another Randal fan here – I absolutely love Randa’s sense of humor :)

  31. SO RIGHT

    Sorry – there is virtually nothing Lindsay can do to be sexy.

  32. Lenny

    That boob looks hard as a rock. But would love to see her pussy if she didn’t shave it and see all that red hair.

  33. Jérôme Grannier

    Those shots have to be very very old as she doesn’t sport that fugly trout mouth she has now.

    I’d bang her then, now she just makes me wonder why on earth did she ruin her once almost perfectly shaped lil’ face.

    What a waste.

  34. Matrim

    I’ll bet she sucks cock like a champion.

  35. Vinnie The Chin

    Those tits are enormous. I can live with the crazy ass life just to suck on those sweet mammies.

  36. AL

    coke does a body good

  37. lady from WY

    She looks like she’s been ridden hard and put away wet. And where are here nipples? Totally fake boob shot.

  38. tc

    With the life of excess that this young lady leads, one can only wonder about what kind of condition her vagina is in.

    And what it smells like.

  39. thank you so much

  40. great it is perfect

  41. Master Spook

    I’ve seen something.

  42. DT2

    These are OLD pics from 2007. I don’t know why they were just released. Ali is in the same photoshoot in some black and whites and she’s about 13 or 14. Anyway, now 16 going on 17, Ali is just fine, sorry she isn’t the train wreck people hope she’d be and I think Lindsay is a good sister to Ali.

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