Lindsay Lohan to release third album


Her movie career isn’t going so great, but insiders say Lindsay Lohan is set to revive her music career and is letting Universal Music execs know she’s ready to do the third album she owes them. Rush & Molloy report:

Lindsay is certainly less of a gamble as a singer. “A record by Lindsay Lohan costs almost nothing to make,” says one exec. “She doesn’t need a big band. You just give her some songs and session musicians. And, God knows, she already has name recognition.” But lately, relations between Mottola and Lohan are said to have cooled. (He didn’t return our calls.) And others at Universal Music are approaching her cautiously. “As much as she wants to make another album,” says one insider, “the feeling is she needs to get herself cleaned up. Then we can talk about it.”

She had two albums? Really? I knew she had one out there, but did anybody know she had a second? And now they’re giving her a third? I should sue the music industry for being giant ass clowns. When the judge asks me to present my case I’ll show them this story as Exhibit A. Then everybody will gasp, the judge will award me millions of dollars (because I deserve it) and then the mayor will give me the key to the city. Based on my extensive research watching TV, that’s usually how court cases go.