Lindsay Lohan tells all

November 1st, 2006 // 76 Comments

  1. Flip21

    Sex and the City didn’t change my view of women. I’ve always know they’re all whores.

  2. Azazel

    I just vomited all over my keyboard. Second?

  3. RichPort

    Pajamas? This ho cuts straight to the chase doesn’t she… Everyone else came in body suits that covered their faces and exposed their cocks. Good ol’ Lindsey. Love the initials AP… average pussy?

  4. 86

    Honesty is at least refreshing.

    But she will regret how stupid she sounded in that interview one day.

  5. jrzmommy

    So now is she going to say that the reporter took all of her statements out of context like she did with the VF article, which, by the way, said the same fucking exact shit IS THIS NEWS?? NO!

  6. slantingthroughdarkness

    Wow. I didn’t know Lindsay knew that many words.

  7. Look’s like the Mexican behind her is next! Wonder where she found him? Late night stop a Taco Bell? In the first picture, he kind of doesn’t look to sure that he wants to go fuck her…..

    *Scratches face*
    “What am I getting myself into holmes?”

  8. commissioner

    Candace Bushnell will be so happy she could help this young lady.

    Too bad nobody reminded this sweet young thing the women portrayed by Ms. Bushnell were in their mid to late thirties.

    New diagnosis for promiscuity; Sex in the Cititis.

  9. jrzmommy

    Breaking News: Angelina Jolie returned to her self-mutilating ways by cutting herself across the jugular after reading that Hohan made a comparison between the two.

  10. heisthejuan

    She needs guys that don’t drink, smoke and have really broad shoulders so they can carry her home when she passes out.

  11. Courtney

    Does anyone else find it mildy suspicious that she has a british accent in this interview? Because either she was faking a british accent the whole time, the author translated from American to British (which is ridiculous), or the author made the whole thing up and doesn’t know how Americans talk.

  12. News of the World is about as reputable a newspaper as RichPort & jrzmommy are funny.

  13. PunjabPete

    Only this worthless little whore could say she wants to bang lots of random people and call herself old fashioned in the same paragraph… Amazing. Why won’t she die?

  14. jrzmommy

    Thanks Brain. Who came in your milkshake this afternoon?

  15. Skip Smith

    look at that fat face! maybe she’s taking this “thin is unhealthy” thing a little too far.

  16. fearsarewishes


    The answer to your question is obvious.

    LL knew that News of the World is British, not American owned publication. LL knew she would need a translator, so she called Madonna who was gracious enough to cover the interpreting for the interview.

  17. jrzmommy, just a little superficial humor!

  18. I’m still just stunned that there were other girls wanting Wilmar Valerama. If that guy wasn’t famous he would still be a virgin.

  19. “The guys I am really attracted to now don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t do anything else”

    I’m pretty sure that “anything else” would include sleeping with whores who do drugs and have countless disorders and diseases. Good to see she has a standard to strive for.

  20. biatcho

    So basically she can go out & fuck as many people as possible but the guy she is with at the moment must remain monogomous. Did I read that correctly? She’s basically an old fashioned mafioso. Instead of killing people with guns & violence she uses her vagina as a weapon.

  21. sexybitch

    So is she like Angelina and so in love with her brother right now?

  22. jrzmommy

    Brain: oh, okay. resume regularly scheduled bullshit.

    “My body did not have enough strength to take a shower.”

    Of all people to not bathe……ew.

  23. biatcho

    and it’s THE hospital, not hospital. Dumb limeys.

  24. PrettyBaby

    She tried pot and didn’t like it? Yeah and she failed to mention she tries coke everyday and loves it. I have seen many pics with her nose looking nice and powdered.

    And… nothing wrong with taking lovers, but only if you don’t previously have creepy-crawlies.

    Also… She starting to get this vampirish thing going.

  25. HughJorganthethird

    And then the one time I was like, in the hospital, and this orderly insisted on like taking my temperature anally, like, 30 times a day, and the thermometer like, vibrated and stuff and he said he had to like film it each time so the doctor could like, look at it later or something. Yeah, it was like kind of weird but I did let him do it, cause he like looked kind of cute and stuff.

  26. Brain Embolism

    ********* BREAKING NEWS ********

    The Angry Ferret is on the move again.
    His new house didn’t work out to his liking (something about too small a basement, I don’t know)
    When he gets his new house, which he will be paying for out of his own pocket, you people had better visit and post. I loves all of you (even you Sarah-Jean,(we know you’re still here)).

    Here’s his “old” new address:

  27. polypam

    I love how at first, she brags about sleeping with tons of people with no strings attached. But then she says, “if I’m going to give my body to someone, I’d rather them not be with other people. It’s very old-fashioned”. How does this make any kind of sense? When is she just going to SHUT THE FUCK UP?

    By the way, check out this month’s readers letters in Elle Magazine. They printed my anti-Lindsay Lohan letter. Someone warned me she may come after me. A girl can only hope, eh?

  28. Brain Embolism

    …”He” loves all of you.

  29. PrettyBaby

    Sure he does (or is it you?)

  30. It should have read:
    “I’ve tried pot, I hated it. But coke on the other hand, well now that’s a different story.”

  31. Ferret, Brain, and any other young folk: help.

    I’ve just started my first-ever blog! I’m so excited that my giney feels all tingly! How the fuck do you add pics? Want to put a Pixies pic to complement my scintillating first-ever post, but alas, I am old, and I suck.

    Attack at will, but take pity on this poor, challenged soul.

  32. Sheva

    Lindzer, you magnificent bitch whore!


  33. CCClub

    If you actually read what she’s saying carefully, she’s only asking that you be monogamous for the duration of the relationship. Which , it seems would likely be one evening. Heck maybe she likes to keep a schedule to make sure she’d getting all the penis she can. In that case we’re talking maybe 15 minutes of monogamy. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

    Does this mean threesomes are out?

  34. Missallanpoe

    Jesus tap dancing christ, now we all know thats a TOTAL lie about the drugs. The bitch snorts more coke than 5 30 year olds at a rolling stones concert. As for sex…yeah I bet the bitch has had 7 million sex partners…then again if I had the money that she had I’d be a whore too =) But I dont so…gotta be careful about that HIV!

    PS: mmmm candy

  35. LoneWolf

    Sex And The City…..

    Isn’t that that show about the three sluts and their mom?

  36. jrzmommy

    ” 5 30 year olds at a rolling stones concert.” Thirty year olds go to Rolling Stones concerts? Do they go with their parents? That’s not funny. Now if you said she snorts more coke than all 5 Go-Gos put together, then you’d have something.

  37. JoannieBalonie

    Is she still driving?? BTW, I love her Christian Louboutins……so shiny!

  38. This pretty much just confirms what everybody already believed

  39. 31 mrs.t – I don’t know anthing about starting a blog. I can barely log on to the ones I visit!

    I hope my information helps?

  40. NotANiceGirl

    @#37… Sorry to be a nag but those aren’t Christian Louboutins. While Hohandjob does have a bunch…these aren’t. No signature red sole that stretches down the inside of the heel. I work for CL and the stupid wench gets more free shit than I do!!! She’s such trash!!!!!!!!! But you are wonderful anyway!!! Good call-they look like the cork sole ones she has…you’re a girl after my own heart!!!

  41. UntitledPerson

    I hate to burst your bubble, but thats just a compilation of quotes from other magazine interviews, not an exclusive News of the World Interview. The one about her not having arms (actually Superficial, you even quoted from that interview when it came out, or at least whoever was writing for you back then) The Sex and the City quote is from her September 06 Elle interview, and I believe she said she’s NOT like Angelina Jolie, taking lovers. Regardless she’s still a raging ho.

  42. #1

    Right on the nose.

    Aaaand there goes my comment.

    Uh… crap…

  43. Lindsay is typical in many people’s thinking today when it comes to sex, she is trying to remove the emotional aspects of sexuality when you simply can’t do it.

    When most people think of society today, they typically consider that we are more open about sexuality than ever before. I disagree.

    Extreme Superficial Sexuality

    I think that we are more daring with nudity, and bold through sexual display, however, it is a superficial type of sexuality. It is more often than not coming from a place of ego, insecurity and rebellion when it is displayed.

  44. RichPort

    Why do I have a hankering for cupcakes?

  45. NotANiceGirl

    I personally think she’s a whore who desperately needs attention b/c not one person in hollywood wants to work with her… so she’ll pull a train, I mean a Paris Hilton and just be famous for being gossip fodder and showing up at events.. with no movie offers..someone has to find a way to pay the coke dealer…

  46. SumLikeitHoTT

    41 is right these quotes are from various magazine issues…”ELLE” & “W” i believe…if you did read the ELLE interview she went on to make herself look like a 13 year old girl…but i think she did say she was taking on lovers and also she continued to say she wants to do some work in africa like angelina…& her shoes are gucci

  47. UntitledPerson

    Oops, meant to write that the one about her not having arms is from Vanity Fair.

  48. BarbadoSlim

    this bitch is getting stoopider with each second that passes.

  49. el_princess

    She doesn’t like pot because no-ones taught her how to chong a fat biffda properly.

  50. 86

    Didn’t you guys hear? Angelina Jolie is the new black!

    Why must everyone try to be like her? She is a demon freak from hell! Sure she does great charity work but trying to do the same only makes everyone look soo Johnny-come-lately.

    OHHHH, I think I’ve got it!! Maybe Lindz, Jess, and Madonna are all thinking that they too will be able to steal ANY man in Hollywood away from his wife if they all start adopting orphans and hanging out in Namibia!!! Genius.

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