Lindsay Lohan talks to Ellen about break up

Lindsay Lohan stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about all things vagina and her recent lack thereof thanks to Samantha Ronson kicking her to the curb. E! News reports:

“I had no idea what was going on,” Lohan recalled of the days leading up to her admission to E! News that she and girlfriend Samantha Ronson were taking a break. “I just hadn’t seen her in like a week. She like, disappeared.”
But the split was not due to her roving eye or anything like that, Lohan said, as she began disproving her own comment about not being interesting.
“I don’t believe in cheating on someone.”

Here’s what I don’t understand about this situation, and maybe someone can explain this to me: How the hell is Ellen DeGeneres allowed to be the head of the Lesbian Guild yet she didn’t once challenge Lindsay to a game of golf to prove she’s not a fake lesbian? I mean, seriously, are there no principles anymore?

Photos: WENN