Lindsay Lohan talks to Ellen about break up

April 23rd, 2009 // 54 Comments

Lindsay Lohan stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about all things vagina and her recent lack thereof thanks to Samantha Ronson kicking her to the curb. E! News reports:

“I had no idea what was going on,” Lohan recalled of the days leading up to her admission to E! News that she and girlfriend Samantha Ronson were taking a break. “I just hadn’t seen her in like a week. She like, disappeared.”
But the split was not due to her roving eye or anything like that, Lohan said, as she began disproving her own comment about not being interesting.
“I don’t believe in cheating on someone.”

Here’s what I don’t understand about this situation, and maybe someone can explain this to me: How the hell is Ellen DeGeneres allowed to be the head of the Lesbian Guild yet she didn’t once challenge Lindsay to a game of golf to prove she’s not a fake lesbian? I mean, seriously, are there no principles anymore?

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  2. farty mcshitface

    wow, hohan found something to do besides cocaine and red bull with vodka!

  3. LPB

    Yeah, it’s not like Ellen doesn’t have any experience with “wasbians”.

    And what has LiLo done to merit any attention by Ellen?

  4. farty mcshitface

    hohan found something to do beside red bull with vodka and cocaine?
    why the hell did my previous comment not post?

  5. burg!

    OMG! I just wrote about this on the other Lohan thread! LOL35432))))))!

    Again, it appears to have humbled her, which can only be a good thing.

    Remember when she had meat on her bones and was hot? It was true for a time.

  6. BB

    She is a skeleton.

  7. VanillaFace

    I’d do her…. with 4 condoms on … but i’d do her.

  8. Tim

    So…that’s one of Ellen’s shirts, right?

  9. mark

    Say what you will about her crazy life, she’s not a bad little actress.

  10. #8 – It is! She got it from Ellen’s bedroom floor after Portia ripped her’s off.

  11. goober

    It pains me to say it, but i forgot how beautiful she is with red hair. She really is very striking.

  12. Beans Baxter

    @11 Chris Brown said the same thing.

  13. EWW

    I never thought I would find a bag of bones so attractive.. weird

  14. ashleigh

    her colored contacts look creepy. she looks like a fish

  15. Kelley

    Like, Sam Ronson and like, Lindsay, like, broke up ? Like …

  16. mikeock

    enough already with this skinny bitch! Honest to God, I think TheSuperfical team gets a boner at the mere mention of the word “lindsay.”

    Move on, boys. There are plenty of skanky no-talent celebrities out there.

  17. Karri

    there’s something really strange about her eyes in these pics.

  18. Lilo needs a reality show, I can watch her prance around and listen to that sexy smoky voice all day, skinny or plumped…

  19. abbz

    WTF. She got a job. she said so in the interview. She’s doing a movie in October. could she possibly be pulling out of this?? I have been expecting full on floppery but now the plot thickens.

  20. #19 – “full on floppery “? Stop talking about her tits!

  21. Mike T

    I mean she is just horrible and ugly.
    why is this bitch even relevant.
    You know the cooter smells aweful too…………………..

  22. Lain

    What the fuck? Is Lindsay brown-eyed or something?

  23. Zanna

    Yay. The. Black. Stretch. Pants.


  24. Wonder how many more pills I have to take to suddenly give a shit..

  25. smarg

    Lessee if I got this….a militant homosexual asking a bi-sexual drug addict about a breakup??

    Homosexuality is a filthy, disease-ridden practice explicitly condemned by God.

  26. I was hooked on Lilo, when she did a booty dance on the tonight show. that was a sight to see! Hopefully the seasoned super soaker name Helen will get her on the dance floor…

  27. STINK


    Skeletor with hair!

  28. Corina

    She’s vanishing.
    Holy shit.
    She’s like Paperfrickin’ Mario.

  29. Geronimo

    What a fucking stick. This whore needs to put on about 15-20 pounds and stop smoking. She reminds me of the 40-year-old bar hags that troll for men in the local bar.

  30. Natalie Portman has helped her through a lot???? I highly doubt that. Way to name drop Lindsay.

    That was such an AWKWARD interview… wow. She is right, she doesn’t know when to shut up. Inappropriate comments about how her dad cheated on her mom all her life, bitter comments about how she didn’t know that she was breaking up.

    Too bad, Lindsay really needs to grow up and learn how to carry herself professionally. Despite her intentions this interview came off as a plea for work – “Hire me hire me! I can show up on time!”

  31. Jenna

    How can so many ppl say she looks horrible?
    She´s smoking hot for gods sake!!!!!

  32. Jenna

    How can so many ppl say she looks horrible?
    She´s smoking hot for gods sake!!!!!

  33. NoTaBitCH

    Her eyes!!!! looks like the eyes of dead bodies… I hope we are not having a “shocking last minute update” soon…:(

  34. fornarina

    I’d like to see more Fornarina commercials

  35. lola

    She is pretty, but always looks conceited and immature. She does need to tone up (muscle not fat). I like a slim build, but that is ridiculous

  36. Haiku maker


  37. Randal

    Good for her to stick to her morals. Cheating is not cool and it’s good to know Lindsay holds this card close to her heart. As any big celebrity, Lindsay will bounce back, she’s too big not to.


  38. liz4sale

    yea wtf is going on with her left eye? its like clear on the pupil area. prolly just camera flash or…something.

  39. Galtacticus

    How is this one doing? She seems to be quite busy with talkshows and so on.

  40. J

    I don’t know what it is about her but she is still hot, Maybe I got a thing for coke hores

  41. Susan Smirn

    Are u mental? It’s the “community” supporting the “community” against barnacles like you. You make your money off of them when they are down or have sh*tty PR. No brainer,man. But I do enjoy your comments…they make me laugh. Something we need more of these days, something or someone to laugh at.

  42. Here’s an idea for a segment on Ellen’s show – Ellen, her car, Lindsay and Samantha wrestling in jelly. That i would watch.


  44. ashleigh

    #17, 38—–she has colored contacts on. hence “her colored contacts look creepy. she looks like a fish”

  45. ew

    Ew those contacts are so, so ugly. Are they like the wrong size for her eyes or something? WTF

  46. What else can she talk about, there is nothing teresting going on with her career

  47. Tom

    I can’t wait for her next movie to be a flop! Unless she’s playing a drug addict or teen prostitute it won’t work. Also why is she dressed like Ellen……….oh wait that’s how she got on the show, licking Ellen’s twat now too huh? Anything to get ahead, a true New Yorker!

  48. Heather

    I just wish people would just leave the girl alone already. I think she is awesome!

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  50. Hayden

    I don’t see people saying all their hate comments like they did with the Miss California post or is it only gay men that you people hate?

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