Lindsay Lohan takes little sister to bars

Lindsay Lohan and her little sister Ali have become so inseparable, the two have been going to bars together despite the fact Ali’s only 15. They were recently spotted at Crown Bar in LA, according to Life & Style:

“I couldn’t believe Ali was there,” one guest tells Life & Style. “They partied until after 1 a.m., and she treated Ali as if she were just one of her friends at the club with her. And Ali was excited to be there. She loved being out on the scene with her sister. It was as if she knew she belonged there.”
But Ali’s already in dangerous territory. Near the end of last year, she stopped going to school, and Lindsay took her in. “Ali is enrolled in a homeschool program,” mom Dina tells Life & Style. Now, despite an eight-year age difference, the sisters are like twins, dressing alike, looking shockingly skinny and sporting plumped-up lips. “Anything Lindsay does, Ali wants to do,” a family insider says.

So, wait, an impressionable young Ali is watching Lindsay drink, snort coke and pretend to be a lesbian, but she’s not being raised by Dina and/or Michael Lohan? I’m failing to see the problem here.

Photos: Splash News