Lindsay Lohan takes little sister to bars

September 16th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Lindsay Lohan and her little sister Ali have become so inseparable, the two have been going to bars together despite the fact Ali’s only 15. They were recently spotted at Crown Bar in LA, according to Life & Style:

“I couldn’t believe Ali was there,” one guest tells Life & Style. “They partied until after 1 a.m., and she treated Ali as if she were just one of her friends at the club with her. And Ali was excited to be there. She loved being out on the scene with her sister. It was as if she knew she belonged there.”
But Ali’s already in dangerous territory. Near the end of last year, she stopped going to school, and Lindsay took her in. “Ali is enrolled in a homeschool program,” mom Dina tells Life & Style. Now, despite an eight-year age difference, the sisters are like twins, dressing alike, looking shockingly skinny and sporting plumped-up lips. “Anything Lindsay does, Ali wants to do,” a family insider says.

So, wait, an impressionable young Ali is watching Lindsay drink, snort coke and pretend to be a lesbian, but she’s not being raised by Dina and/or Michael Lohan? I’m failing to see the problem here.

Photos: Splash News

  1. debbie

    First! Argh, enough of Lohan!

  2. chris

    she is looking old

  3. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester


  4. lbj

    quack, quack, quaaaaaaaaaack.

  5. Larchmont

    oh nos! TWO Skeletors??? By the power of greyskull!

  6. Lambda Lamda Lamda

    This is kinda like Hollywood’s Scared Straight Program. Where the force youths into a prison system style celebrity lifestyle. I know I’d never be tempted to go into the picture business if I knew my world could be Lohan-ized. With any luck this program will work and we won’t see that 15 year-old coked up, puking, and driving the wrong way down the 101 when she gets her license.

  7. Sara

    I adore that she is in her early twenties and already has wrinkles across her forehead. I also adore that she thinks collagen lips are still sexy.

  8. j m

    Lindsay does not take Ali out drinking.
    Does anyone ever check these things?

  9. Ali got nice thus (t9) though, no denying that.

  10. Mark

    Awe man, wish I’d been at that bar. Totally woulda picked up Ali Lohan.

  11. Get Help

    @ jm- JM, You always are on Lindsay’s threads. If you are Lindsay or know her please tell her that the guilt she will feel if anything happens to her little sis will ruin her for the rest of her life. Her sister looks up to her. Please get Lindsay some help.

  12. farles chew

    The Lohans should obviously teach parenting classes.

  13. kaylia

    all that tanning is killing her skin mean those wrinkles are after makeup :S
    between the 2 of them, based on the last pics i’ve seen, Ali is much prettier, Lindsay shouldn’t ruin her life too

  14. Hate to see this bitch at 30 (!)

    Then again – she might not make it at this rate…

  15. herbiefrog

    [we didn’t have sex nine times…

    not at the same time

    [][[[or… did we ? : )))

    [[[[[what? wrong thread ?>

  16. WHOREhan needs to disappear

    This has got to stop; someone has to call child protective services. WHOREhan is taking her 15 year old underage sister to BARS? First off, that’s a violation of the ABC code, and should result in immediate citations or closing of the establishment. Second, her sister is encouraging Ali to drop out of school? Homeschool program my ass; I’m sure she does NO work in it. Third, where’s white oprah in all this? She needs to act like a mom & not a best friend; she needs to pull her daughter away from WHOREhan & give her boundaries & expectations.

    I now know why this family is so fucked up; the children try to act older than the parents try to act…

  17. leopard in stripes

    @16 I really dont see what the problem is. I’m kinda looking forward to the sequel to Lindsey. “Ali Lohan: Lohan Redux-ulous, another coked up whore makes friends all over hollywood”

  18. Bar Owner

    Don’t close my bar! Ali said she was 21! All these Lohan bitches is crazy! My biggest night this year tho!

  19. msmerymac

    That bar is near my house. I still haven’t been. They probably wouldn’t want me and, to be honest, hanging with 15 year olds ain’t my thing. Sorry Crown Bar, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    (Oh, and I heard Sam Ronson used to spin there a lot. So why the hell is LiLo still going?)

  20. j_bryon

    Does anyone predict a Ronson/Lohan 3 way coming soon?
    And if not then…
    Ali Lohan whoring in 3…2…1…

  21. She should take the two of them to the dermatologist so they can get some of those fucking freckles lasered off.


    Yo, this i all bullshit. Anyone who lives in hollywood knows that Ali has ben crazy for years. In fact, Ali was prolly taking Lindsey out to the bar. I’m tellin you, Ali’s the crazy one. First time I met her we did blow off Lindsey’s cratering career I mean face.

  23. wretched

    Hate to say this but I am twice the age of Lohan and I don’t have half of the wrinkles in my face that she does. What is she, 23? Looks way older than that!

  24. gil

    lindsay has liver-spots on her face.
    lindsay has liver-spots on her face.
    lindsay has liver-spots on her face.
    lindsay has liver-spots on her face.
    lindsay has liver-spots on her face.

  25. Dan Dare

    Lindsay, please eat something, put on 5-10 pounds, so your face won’t look so… so… repulsive. She looks like trash in a $3000 dress, without any rhyme or reason to her appearance. She’s just so fucked up since she came out of rehab, what the fuck did they do to her in there, kill her spirit? Even Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse have some continuity and some purpose to the way they present themselves, as weird and crappy as they seem at times. This one looks like she just crawled out of bed and some one dressed her and drove her to the event. Bring back the red hair, dump the lesbians, move out of L.A., get new management for your career. And eat a sandwich, will you?

  26. KRS-One

    “it was as if she knew she belonged there.”

  27. Rhialto

    Since when did she turn blonde?!

  28. Gando

    Since when are 15-years old kids allowed in bars till 1 am?

  29. Nero

    I’d think that Lindsay Lohan’s direct presence could be more harmful to her sis than being in a (strippers)bar till 1 am.

  30. Nice breast cleavage

  31. toadcheese

    What’s the big deal about some teenager going to bars? I used to go into bars when I was about 11 to buy Snickers. You kids these days, whatta bunch of pussies.

    Now, if we catch LiLo and her sister going at it, that’s something different, although I will need hi-quality video before I can do anything, no need for background music, I’ll provide my own.

  32. Courtyardpigeon

    Lindsey is hand’s down the hottest 42 year old I’ve ever seen. Enough said.

  33. AWK

    Ali’s already got her ankles behind her ears. Nice job, cunt.

  34. ?

    why does she look 45 years old?

  35. See Alice

    Your Right ! She really does look 45

  36. ihaveadream915

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  37. farty mcshitface

    i don’t give a rat’s ass if ali was drinking at the bar or not. it is illegal to have a 15 yr old in the place period. that establishment needs to be shut down.

  38. looopy

    # 28 -

    Fifteen year olds are allowed in bars as long as they like if you tip the bartender really well. You must be really out of the loop not to know that!

  39. smokey

    # 31 -

    You used to by Snickers, you are really a pussy. When I was the same age as you, I’d go into bars and buy cigarettes.

  40. Sienna

    This is what abusing your body does to you, especially if you’re a natural redhead, they tend to age worse if they don’t look after themsleves. She really does look like she’s nearing at least 30.

  41. monkey

    She really does look like an old crackwhore… Woooow I guess her sister is on the same track in Lindsay’s hands!

  42. Boo Boo

    Why do you think Lindsay is pretending to be a lesbian? Why would anyone prentend to be a lesbian when it would certainly be much easier to be straight? She publicly declared her love for another woman on national television and in several magazine articles. She’s not pretending. At this point, her sexuality is the least of Lindsay’s problems.

  43. Ohgolly no ms lawdy

    I used to party with -and use my eight-year-older-than-me sister’s ID to go to bars and party with strange men til all hours of the night when I was 15.. Having flashbacks (Like Vietnam, not all flash-backs are good ones). NEWS ALERT:These girls are up to no good. Those good for nothing parents of theirs ARE to blame. Rot in Long Island Hell: ‘lil white oprah and the scumbag you rode in with( the father of your poor son .)

  44. herbiefrog

    protect y ou r e b o d y . . .

    i f you can

    so… you miserable bar stewards

    you take vcaaaaaaaaaaaaare of our baby…

    o kay >?#


  45. Pat C.

    Be interesting if Alli starts flashing her privates – paparazzi couldn’t take pictures without being guilty of C.P.

  46. ADRIANA***

    lol old news

  47. dan

    They can come over to my place and I can give them some semenshakes to drink, like you wouldn’t fuck Lindsay’s brains out still.

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