Lindsay Lohan supports Britney Spears


Lindsay Lohan attended Britney Spears’ 12-minute set at the House Of Blues yesterday. And Britney? Well she was spotted around town wearing what appear to be Eskimo moon boots. I just can’t figure out if this is a step up or a step down from her cowgirl boots. If this trend continues, by next month she’ll be spotted wearing giant slices of salami on her feet. And after that? Who knows. The sky’s the limit! She could, I dunno, glue live turtles to the bottom of her feet or something.

britney-spears-candids-pink-dress-01-thumb.jpg britney-spears-candids-pink-dress-02-thumb.jpg britney-spears-candids-pink-dress-03-thumb.jpg britney-spears-candids-pink-dress-04-thumb.jpg britney-spears-candids-pink-dress-05-thumb.jpg britney-spears-candids-pink-dress-06-thumb.jpg britney-spears-candids-pink-dress-07-thumb.jpg britney-spears-candids-pink-dress-08-thumb.jpg