Lindsay Lohan stole coke from Steve-O

September 27th, 2007 // 43 Comments

In case you were wondering how much Lindsay Lohan loves coke, she’ll stoop to hanging out with Steve-O to get it. And by get it, I mean steal it. Steve-O was on Howard Stern yesterday and told listeners about Lindsay’s heist. Page Six reports:

Lohan took what he called the “Boog Suge” from him after she forgot her wallet in his bathroom and came back to his place to get it. There’s even proof she was there – Lohan had to sign a release while at Steve-O’s house for a DVD he was filming at the time.

I just thought of a brilliant idea. CIA, listen up, you’ll want to hear to this: Somebody should tell Lindsay Lohan that Osama Bin Laden has a stray bag of blow hanging around – prime for the snatching. She’ll find him in five minutes flat. Bam! Terrorism solved. Whatever few Al Qaeda members are left, I’ll handle. When they come for Osama, I’ll simply flex and the sheer shockwave will send them careening into the cosmos. I really hope someone at the Pentagon is writing this down.


  1. Pud


  2. whatever

    already saw this on perez

  3. fudgie

    If that hoover-ass bitch ever stole my shit I’d knock out those recinded rat teeth of hers.

  4. steve

    cocaine’s a helluva drug

  5. liz

    does anybody actually care???

  6. Judy Greer

    Terrorism solved.

    HA HA HA HA!

    Lame comments as usual.

  7. Don Boogie

    Wait a minute…you mean to tell me that Lindsay Lohan does drugs?!?!? Holy shit, that is one shocking piece of news you guys have broken on your site here.

    If you think about it, she was probably so anxious to retrieve her wallet from Steve-O’s bathroom because it contained her own stash…she just took the extra blow as “payment for services provided.”

  8. Me

    Just to let you know, I only read this site cause you crack me up. You are hilarious! FYI #2 Perez Sucks.

  9. Judy Greer

    There are no scoops here…

    … just ripped off gossip from other sites and lame commentaries by an idiot.

  10. Eat my shorts

    If I told her there was some crap on my carpet, she could clean it up with her nose. ha ha.

  11. Riotboy

    Friends don’t steal other friend’s drugs, man.

    /not suprised.
    //hey, hey, hey, smoke weed everyday

  12. miss

    Awww poor Judy. No sence of humor? Its okay, let it out girl you will feel better.

  13. robbyrob

    Is this before or after Rehab?

  14. what the fuck

    What the hell is going on?? The superficial guy must be on vacation cuz whoever is writing this crap sucks. It hasn’t been funny for awhile now!

  15. Super is my hero

    Re #14….Maybe you have lost your ability to laugh, or to recognize good humor. The Super has never stopped being funny. I laugh out loud every day. You need to get your funny bone checked.

  16. Kristen Dei from LA (Louisiana that is)

    Judy Greer is a lame bitch….ha! ha! ha!

  17. Kristen Dei from LA (Louisiana that is)

    ps….The Super is my hero, too! I love the way that whoever rights this is soooo funny and sarcastic! Right on #15!!!!

  18. Super+Me=Love

    You go #15!!!! Super rocks my socks!!! #2 and #9 can suck a big fat penis. And when I say suck a big fat penis, I mean die.

  19. freakwad

    perez DOES suck. i hate him. lohan is a nasty whore. look at her sucking down that red bull… she’s the ugliest piece of trash i’ve seen in a while.

  20. whatever

    i hate perez too, but at least he posts more than four times a day, bitches.

  21. jacknasty

    Who cares about Steve-O anymore? I mean nobody ever really gave a shit about him, but his fifteen minutes are so far over its not even funny.

    How is the fact that she signed a release proof she stole anything? It’s proof she was at his house, and I’m sure she did steal coke…but he can’t prove it and is only saying this crap to get the PR he is desperate for because nobody cares what he staples to his ass anymore

  22. TEAM PEREZ!!!!

    TEAM PEREZ!!!!

  23. Rip Rectum

    Team Perez! Poop-shute lovers unite! Let’s all be breathlessly gay!

  24. ssdd

    Hmm … wonder who Mr. Ed stole it from??…

    Perez Hilton?… Are you kidding?…. To hell with that low life fat fucker Perez.

  25. Judy's a loser, too

    Judy, since you think the site and those of us who post comments suck, why are you here? I’d like to point out that YOU post here, too, so you must also suck.

  26. cookie monsta

    isn’t this one coming out of rehab this weekend? thanks the lawd, I’m so fkn sick of Britney’s fkups, it must be Blowjobs turn !!

  27. FishOK

    The Fish dude is ok. You, however, Miss Judy be aware: I have told Lindsay Lohan that you hide coke up that crack you pee through. Please be aware that some time tonight while you are sleeping you may be woken up by a female snorting at your slit. This girl is not kinky she thinks she’d gonna get high. So enjoy the tender moment and then LEAVE.

  28. lil princess

    perez is a fat fucking creep with horrible hair and a fucked up face. if you all love him so fucking much… by all means… please go to his site and stay the fuck off the fish.

  29. diddleysquat

    I’m no psychic, but I’m guessing that we’re going to be seeing a story about Steve-O getting busted for coke possession pretty soon…
    Way to go Steve-O, admit that you keep a stash of coke laying around…DUMBASS!

  30. Danklin24

    Did Steve-o just totally make up that term on the spot? Ive never heard it before. Didnt anyone ever tell this guy to secure his blow, especially when blow-han is over.

  31. MikeyB

    How does she even get casted in a movie? I mean seriously, she’s a blow slut, and it really shows. I guess she’s banging every exec in town, of course I feel sorry for the exec’s cause they would need to sandpaper their schwang after.

  32. Step 1: Purchase cocaine

    Step 2: Get in rehab with Lindsay

    Step 3: Have freaky circus sex in bathroom stall

    Step 4: Sell video from hidden camera and get rich

  33. she looks like a 30 year old woman!

  34. starscanfrighten

    I agree with #5 – liz.

    Does anybody care about this skank?

  35. sirius

    Did anyone catch this interview on Howard Stern

    Steve-O is insane and talks about partying hard/ being up for days on pcp, meth, and whipits N2O

    awesome interview

  36. hlcno

    Wait whats more surprising, Lohen stealing coke or that Howard is still on the air.. hoo hoo robbbbbbbbbbinn

  37. Matthew

    Hohan is at it again

  38. herbiefrog


    we had to drop some powder on the carpet
    in order to hoover it up

    why ?

    to eliminate lowlifes : )

  39. Tom

    This whore is only good for sucking up drugs and sucking dicks anyways. I probably wouldn’t let her herpes riddled tongue near my cock, but I’d probably still titty fuck her if I had the chance.

  40. Nick

    Someone should leave a small bag of Dr Scholls laying around her house and see what happens.

  41. john

    howard stern is a great american and the best radio personality i have heard
    besides peety green

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