Lindsay Lohan still really stupid


Lindsay was interviewed over her Blackberry for the latest issue of GQ and her responses came back insane.

When asked about playing poker
“I just emailed my friend sara pantera saying I’m going to start playing poker again! I bought two puppies today!”

On the topic of cats
“Cats scare me. I just think of bad luck from black ones like I had in Just My Luck! I need a boyfriend. Geez.”

When asked what the happiest moment of her life was
“Gotta think sex scene today” and never wrote back again.

If you’re gonna interview Lindsay Lohan do it in person, not over a Blackberry. She has the attention span of a puppy on cocaine. They’re lucky they even got actual responses. I’m surprised she didn’t forget what she was doing halfway through the interview and start ordering Chinese food.

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