Lindsay Lohan still a really hard worker

March 7th, 2007 // 83 Comments

  1. fatso

    her legs look great

  2. fatso

    first and second muahahaha

  3. Bigicedaddy

    2 bad the rest of her sucks!

  4. Buffalove

    I love L.L. I don’t care what anyone says.

  5. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    Even though she still a pig in my book I have to say she looks a hell of a lot better. There’s nothing you could do about that face though.

  6. polypam

    Give the girl a break. In those first two shots, she’s just practicing her Moonwalk. Dur.

  7. Chouli

    Hate to see a pretty girl turn into a self destructive booze/attention guzzling tramp. Save that shit for the ugly girls like Paris and Brit.

  8. HollyJ

    ‘Worthless as a nasty cum depository.

    Oh.. wait… she IS a nasty cum depository =/

  9. Imagine what this bitch is going to be like at age 30, I think the word awesomeness would describe it. If she doesn’t OD we’re going to have years of entertainment

  10. Tehlilmuffin

    She’s good looking and all, but her obnoxious factor takes her down four notches.

  11. schack

    i don’t know… the lack of ass makes her legs look like they just grow right out of her back like tree trunks

  12. doogleberg

    I think “cum depository” is too classy for her — let’s try “jizz dumpster” or “sperm burper”. I’m just glad I can’t smell her from here…or can I? No, a homeless man just farted, my bad.

  13. PatreeseD

    Wow, she looks better than I’ve seen her in a while. Maybe the rehab did help a little. I can’t wait to watch that movie with her and Jared Leto. What is it, Chapter 27?

  14. Donkey

    What a camera whore!

  15. Gerald Tarrant

    I’d hit it.

  16. schack

    yo- alex… i went to your website again, which is really a nice little website- diversified stories, good photos, etc.

    but typekey STILL requires me to verify my comment before posting it by copying the 6/7 digit code in the grey box, which “prevents automated robots from posting.” i’m not sure if the website is a career or a hobby, but if you want anyone at all to post, you’re gonna have to fix that soon.

  17. What an idiot!!

    I fucked her after she found out my cousin runs

  18. hotguy

    yay lindsay! i’m actually becoming a fan of the lil sweety. Its almost as if every fucking day we decide to post some shit about how great she is. GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD, ARE THERE ANY OTHER CELEBS OUT THERE? I’m gonna go bathe my cat.

  19. Binky

    Good to see more variety posts on this site – I’ll be back… (sorry)
    (And Antonella – Don’t forget to speak into the microphone)

  20. pookiedoo

    She has a damn nice set of gams.


  21. New York Pundit

    Two Disney Whore posts in a row???

    First Pisstina, and now Blowhan?

    WTF is this, Eisner suck & swallow day?

    C’mon now… How much $ U gettin to expose the overexposed?

    Don’t tell me, lemme guess the next post…

    Slitney Smears update?

    Smellary Muff’s bra stuffed?

    Justin Piggerlake’s break up with the Dentu-Grip gal?

    Good Gawd! Please don’t dig Hagnette Spewachello out of the grave…

    We need some nude Mickey Mouse Club pix of Keri Russell Yo! That whore has stayed pretty low profile…

  22. Oh ya, and Nikki Deloach too!


  23. licklick

    Good legs are a dime a dozen.

    What kind of distracts from Lohan’s is knowing that there is a really stinky twat between them.

  24. Had her Mom not blown every exec at Disney, this little bitch would be working at an Applebees for about 6 weeks until they fired her ass for being a lazy brat.

  25. RAMistheMAN

    She has amazing legs. Wow.

  26. LilRach

    For once she’s not looking like a skank, not wearing a bikin, and not trashed. I’m happy for Linds. She looks great and so cute having to tippytoe to see over the counter! Good on her. It’s good to see there is hope for these crazy celebs.

  27. LilRach

    Oh yeah and her legs looks great

  28. Thomas the Wrapper

    For some reason I picture her with a big orange beat up meatball.

  29. Dory

    i want a body like that… its perfect. not to skinny not to muscly

  30. NicotineEyePatch

    She should have been looking at herself in the mirror laying on her back with her feet near her ears, because that’s where those shoes are going to be showcased most often.

  31. anothershityear

    she is really cute.

    really cute, and really dumb.

    that’s a nice combo.

  32. anothershityear


    i don’t know how the fuck i just did this, but i think the previous is a high-koo (haiku?)

    i swear i just wrote the three sentences and then added periods at the end of them

    it goes 5-7-5 right?

    weird, lindsay makes me create poetry
    shitty, pointless poetry

    her aberrant brainwaves might have started affecting ppl writing at this site!!!

  33. common_sense

    On the third photo you can tell she powdered her nose a little too much.

    No matter what she does she still manages
    to look like a trashwhore.
    Give her some credit people.

  34. pana1718

    shes hot but still whorish

  35. TashaVin`

    I think shes hot…

  36. dumbbrunette

    I love Lindsay. her hair always looks hot. and her legs are hot. i want her.

  37. sea

    I’m glad rehab didn’t spoil her enviable work ethic.

  38. Manistoned

    uh-huh, those legs look great until reality sinks in and you see the fake tan and the gazillion freckles on them, and you realize that she really is just waste of skin.

  39. RAMistheMAN

    I think this is the first time I’m going to masturbate to legs.

    Wish me luck guys!

  40. RAMistheMAN

    Five minutes later and I’m done. Took me a little while to get it up but I did and I feel great about it! :)

  41. asscrack

    Say what you want; the camera loves her. She does have her moments!

  42. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Those poses aren’t a bit contrived.

  43. omelette ze roar

    I hate to admit it, but her legs look fucking killer.

  44. JESUS CHRIST, when is she going to fucking get a dye job! She looks like she just walked outta the fucking trailer park!

  45. CodeNameWench

    She is the load her mother should have swallowed.

  46. She’s looking for Toto. And drugs.

  47. SuperChic

    LL is just doing what anyone with money and fame would do, boozin, sexin’, partying and a whole lotta other stuff. I think LL would be rather boring if she didn’t give us something to talk about, the photos of her standing on her toes (gasp), looking at the camera (oh my), and wearing the buggy sunglasses (shocking). Seriously…

  48. metaphor

    I notice the usual Lindsay haters on here have gone quiet. You people who think she’s ugly are crazy. For the guy haters, in your dreams you would get a girl this hot and for the girls, you would kill to look this good and you know it.
    And man those legs are a work of art.

  49. Ardee

    those are just god UGLY SHOES!

  50. Yes Ardee… take it from a fetishist, those shoes suck!

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